Why Voltage Drops When Ac Compressor Starts?

Why Voltage Drops When Ac Compressor Starts?Voltage drop is the depletion in the supplied voltage when the current flows through a circuit containing various elements.

Voltage drop depends upon multiple factors.

If the resistance across the circuit is higher or the current flow is greater across the circuit.

It can also be caused by more extraordinary lengths or lower cross-sections of conductors.

Thus, the voltage drop can occur due to various factors in different devices.

In the case of AC compressors, there are circuit elements, conducting wires, and other factors that can directly cause the voltage drop in it.

Voltage Drop in AC Compressor

AC compressors come in a category of devices that are high inrush (flooding in) loads.

The voltage drop across the AC compressors depends on various factors more than the compressor itself.

It also depends on the stiffness of the voltage source and the type of starter used.

There is always a percentage value of voltage drop in different devices, which, if exceeds, causes malfunctioning.

When the AC compressor starts, it draws a large current instantaneously in the circuit when the power is supplied to control the load.

As the voltage drop is directly related to ohm’s law, increasing the current in the circuit causes the potential drop to increase.

The resistivity of the conductors may also play its part in voltage drop.

This is because if the resistance across the circuit is higher, according to ohm’s law, the corresponding voltage drop across the device increases.

The resistance in the circuit may depend on many other factors that can directly play their part in dropping the voltage.

The source of voltage can also have an impact on the voltage drop. If the source voltage is greater, the voltage drop will also be more significant as a result.

Normally, a 25-50%voltage drop in AC compressors is acceptable and is not a cause for concern.

But if this value exceeds, there must be something wrong that should be fixed. It can be a long circuit or a small diameter wire.

The greater voltage drop will eventually affect the performance of your AC compressor.

If we consider the innate circuitry of the AC compressors, we see a lot of wire connections, windings, and electrical components, which cause a great load.

So, the factors mentioned above directly have an impact on the voltage drop of the AC compressor when it starts.


We see a variety of factors due to which the voltage drops in the AC compressors.

As voltage drop increases, the voltage loss also increases, and thus it is not a good thing for electrical devices.

To control voltage drop, there is a need to control the resistance and current flow across the circuit. Various starters can also be used to decrease the voltage drop.

If you want good performance from your AC compressor, you should consider the factor of controlling the voltage drop across your device so that it works efficiently.

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