Why is My Paint Spray Gun Spitting?

A painting technique in which a tool is used to spray paint, varnish, or ink on a surface with the help of air is known as a paint spray gun.

The spray paint gun takes the help of air to atomize and direct the paint particles in a certain direction or way.

Spray guns are an evolution of airbrushes; the difference is that the spray guns because they are more up-to-date, are easier to store, hold, carry and use than air guns.

How does a paint gun work?

Before you understand how a paint spray gun works, you should understand what it consists of. The spray gun comes with parts that are basic and can be easily found in the tool or the paint shops.

These parts include an air compressor which helps the gun to compress air, a nozzle (there are many different types that you can find), and lastly, a paint basin.

Now, coming forward to how a paint spray gun works, what happens is that when you pull the trigger of your paint spray gun, the paint gets merges quickly with the compressed air and comes out of the nozzle in the shape of fine sprays!

The consistency and the pattern of your paint will entirely depend on your nozzle. There are three main types of nozzles that are widely known and used among the spray painters

  • The full cone
  • Hollow cone
  • Flat stream

There are high-pressure air compressors and low-pressure air compressors, with different storage capacities, so again it would be entirely up to you to choose an air compressor that matches its abilities to your type of work.

Why is my paint spray gun spitting?

There are multiple reasons why your air spray gun could be spitting. I will be mentioning all the reasons down below so that you can identify the one similar to yours!

  • The most widely known reason for air gun spiting is when the air is going to the liquid, which is on the outer side of the air cap. An improper nozzle or a loose one that does not properly does its job of sitting on the tip makes the air enter the fluid part resulting in the paint gun spitting.
  • If your paint gun does not have an extension with the hose of your paint gun, then the chances are that you have clumps of dried paint in your filter that is keeping it from flowing normally. All you have to do is take off the hose, clean your mesh filter of any dried paint or dirt that you may find in there, and you will be good to go!
  • If your gun comes with an extension that is placed before the tip and it spits, it is because sometimes, the air gets trapped inside or in between the extension and the tip. To solve this, you need to take the tip off your extension, attached to the gun, and then pump the paint through without any limitations. Then replace the older tip with a fresh one, and that’s it!


In this article, we have briefly read about how a paint spray gun is an incredible tool to help you if you are looking to paint ink or varnish large surfaces, and that too with different types of patterns.

I have given you some brief insights on what a paint spray gun is, how it works and why your paint gun is spitting.

If you still have other questions or if you still feel confused, feel free to give this article another read. Good luck!

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