What Happens If You Don’t Fix Foundation Problems?

Home foundation, or you can say the foundation of any kind of building, is a crucial part. You can not just let it go because it can come with consequences.

There are foundation replacement companies out there who either replace your foundation or repair it accordingly.

So, you should know about the significance of this matter if you are a proud owner of your house/ building because the following eight problems can arise on ignoring it.

8 Expected Problems on Ignoring Foundation Problems


One of the most prominent issues that you can face is your foundation sinking. Your foundation can go lower and lower with the passage of time, and you will face a lot of problems due to that.

So, the more you ignore the fixing of your foundation, the more it will sink. So, it would help if you never compromised on it.

Plumbing Issues

You may know that there is a plumbing system usually installed under your foundation. Once the foundation starts getting bad, the consequences propagate towards the plumbing system.

A sinking foundation can cause the pipes to break. So, keep in mind that a lot of plumbing issues can be encountered due to foundation issues.

Insects Influx

A bad foundation can become a home to insects and rodents. Because if you do not take care of your foundation. They will crawl inside, and then they will multiply in their number. This can be not comforting. To avoid it, you should focus on getting your foundation problems fixed.

Mold and Mildew

With the passage of time, in unrepaired foundations, mold and mildew can occur. After that, they can start deteriorating the wooden members under your pier and beam home. Thus, you should get this issue resolved to avoid any mold and mildew in your foundation because the situation will get only worse.

Structural Damage Spread

As you know that structures can get worse with time due to deterioration. Just like that, your foundation can get bad. But if you get things repaired at a good time, you will not face bad consequences. But if you neglect or ignore the early deterioration, it will spread at a larger speed.

Declining Property Value

The value of your property is defined by its maintenance. If you have not maintained it properly, you may observe a decline in the value of your property.

Because when buyers see a bad foundation, they will consider it as a future cost on their shoulders. They will therefore offer a lot less than the worth of your property.

Escalating Repair Costs

When things get worse with time, the cost of repairing them also keeps increasing.

So, if you decide to take care of the foundation after some time and neglect it until that, you will see the repairing cost rising because the issue will keep getting bigger and bigger. So, to avoid escalating repair costs, you should get the foundation repaired ASAP.

Water Damage

If you have a wooden structure feature in your home, then it is obviously vulnerable to water damage. So, if the foundation gets bad, it can come in contact with water and cause serious damage to the structure. So, it is better to repair it timely to avoid any inconvenience.


Here are some FAQs to answer your general queries.

What can I expect after foundation repair?

If you see cracks even after the repair, you should wait for a few weeks. You may see new cracks, but you can fill them once the foundation is settled.

How long does it take for foundation repair to settle?

Well, on average, it takes around four to six weeks for a foundation to settle. So, it would help if you waited for this much time to see any results and proceed further.

Can foundation problems be fixed permanently?

It may enhance the cost, but you can have a foundation that would work for a pretty long time.


So, you can see that fixing your foundation is pretty important, and you should get done with it as soon as possible to avoid any bad consequences. You should hire the best foundation replacement and repairing company for this job for a seamless experience.

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