15 Amazing Vintage Kitchen Decorating Ideas That Will Inspire You

Ask any interior designer and what they’ll tell us that a well-decorated kitchen can make or break the look of your house.

Subtle cabinetry, muted colors and a complimenting marble selection will always impart your kitchen a touch of elegance, maintaining a timeless style.

The painted walls, contrasting wallpapers, light-colored pantry, use of warm wood, along with a pop of color from the furniture or bold artwork will ensure that your vintage kitchen feels warm and inviting.

Here are a few vintage kitchen decorating ideas you should definitely consider.

  1. Charming, Simple and homey kitchen

Photo by: bhg.com

Turquoise color with the shades of grey gives this vintage kitchen a sophisticated retro feel. The brick wall adds to the antique feel and provides just the pop of color required to elevate the theme to the next level.

Sunlight from the open window blending with the chandelier and cutlery creates a soothing atmosphere you just can’t walk past without appreciating.

  1. I see your true colors, darling

Photo by: quintessenceblog.com

Fruit themed tiles, sparkling red marble and the mystic blue artwork on the wall fills this kitchen with brightness. The attention to detail in this room is truly second to none. An unusually delicious take on the design.

  1. Love for simplicity is love for all

Photo by: decoholic.org

One sure way to add vintage vibes to your kitchen is by using historical appliances. The mint green refrigerator stays true to the fact and makes sure it adds a nostalgic punch to the design.

Wooden pantry doors, old-school light-ware, ancient kettle and the carpet complete the look which the owner of this kitchen was hoping to achieve.

  1. The queen is in the kitchen, Alice

Photo by: beneathmyheart.net

Replicating designs from movies is a task very few can pull off, let alone be it for your vintage kitchen design.

However, the ‘Alice in Wonderland’ inspired tiles, unpolished wooden flooring, and the big black clock give the kitchen in the feature film a run for its money.

  1. Blue classics and wooden accents

Photo by: 79ideas.org

Natural shades of light blue harmonize perfectly with a texture of the wood in this vintage kitchen design. The white lavender and fruit basket deliver a fresh contract from the layers of blue.

The room looks inviting, fun and serene – people will love this kitchen just like the owner loves his coffee and ice cream.

  1. Mix and match the details

Photo By: iguang.tw

The monochromatic cabinets and kitchen counter do not look plain in this setup, thanks to all of the vibrant colors used.

Lighter shades of blue and pink are cleverly played with to give this seemingly boring kitchen a basic, yet appealing look. The vintage wooden stool fits beautifully in the corner, binding the entire theme, giving it a calm and subtle feel.

  1. The boldness of Red

Photo by: v-interere.ru

Not all wild experiments result in disastrous outcomes; such is the case with this vintage kitchen design idea. The bold uses of brick red combined with marble white color make the kitchen look passionate yet calm at the same time.

The deep sink goes easily with the cabinets, not throwing the entire look. The sleek modern appliances balance the entire theme.

  1. A dark grey and copper affair

Photo by: cocodsgn.com

Use of charcoal black color combined with the visible brick wall, wine collection, and a carefully chosen wallpaper is a brilliant take on contemporary kitchen styles.

Vintage water taps, classic cabinet handles, and the glazed wooden tops scream the word style. The interior designer should be proud.

  1. Yellow and baby blue, all vintage and new

Photo by: katebeavis.com

Baby blue wall tiles, lime yellow curtains, matching cabinets, and lights give this kitchen an open feel. The use of muted color tones makes the room appear larger than it is, making it perfect for kitchens with limited real estate.

The dark flooring provides the theme a black canvas so that the nursery inspired colors to shine.

  1. A blue, white, red amazement


Photo by: cocodsgn.com

Ideal for small kitchens. A combo of light shades like blue and white makes the cooking space look wider than it is. The double panel red doors are literally the cherry on top.

  1. The red polka dots on a white wall

Photo by: oldhouseonline.com

Playful, bold, and strong – this kitchen combines both classic and modern tastes without a single note being over-shadowed by the other.

Plain and extensive use of the matte red color stuns the viewer at first, but the effect is lowered due to the use of white here and there.

Polka dot wallpaper stands to hold a fake chicken, a bright red trolley, and white stove knobs truly gift this space a carefree look.

  1. All White, all bright

Photo by: ourboathouse.com

Shy green shades and a lot of white is what this kitchen is all about. The fruit baskets placed here and there, and the purple lilac beautifully fills in the void which the Victorian styled cabinets and pure white marble tops create.

  1. Play me an evergreen

Photo by: bhg.com

The vertical blue-white striped rug on the wooden floor stands out from all of the olive green which is going on in this kitchen. The mixed marble countertops, ancient water taps, and braided jute baskets take us straight to the 90’s.

Brown shelves holding the metal containers enhance the vintage feel, and the mustard table wraps up the entire conservative, yet elegant look.

  1. The red brick and blue wave

Photo by: houseofturquoise.com

Honeycomb tiles and waves of blue cabinetry provide this kitchen a cozy feeling.

  1. Give me your pinky

Photo by: homedit.com

Light pink wallpapers and white cabinetry makes the room look bright and sweet. The white showcase displays cute pink utensils, going well with the look.

Cupcakes, roses, and a scented candle are all needed to transform this kitchen into a romantic dine-in for two.

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