21 Unique Kitchen Countertops Ideas

Kitchen is the palace where you craft your thoughts and make the most out of them. A tidy beautiful kitchen is all that you need if you look to cook and present.

The following unique kitchen countertop ideas are perfect for all the kitchen lovers.


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A deep white marble top blends perfectly with the wood colored walls giving an impressively modern look to the kitchen.


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These clever design ‘The Cut’ has units that can take the form of slide away tables and can be concealed in an inconspicuous cut in the center helping to save space.


Photo By: naihanli.com

This portable metal crate can skillfully conceal the countertop allowing you the feasibility to cook anywhere.

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Photo By: thinkglass.com

An average looking dark kitchen can be beautifully embellished by adding a glass countertop which reflects light and gives an illusion of a stream with fresh flowing water.


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To add more uniqueness to a kitchen, one must consider installing LED countertops which create an almost a magical view.

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Countertops with backlit white crystals provide a glittery illumination to the kitchen adding to the beauty of the interior.


Photo By: pkarch.com

Countertop with intricate and beautiful art with steel stools beneath can add strangely yet an appealing beauty to the kitchen.


Photo By: lukasmayr.com

Simple woody countertop with a double faucet basin can provide a large space for the cook to cut meat and chicken into pieces.


Photo By: sf-arc.com

SF Arch has very skillfully merged a raw and woody countertop with modern and contemporary units.


Photo By: thekitchn.com

An absolutely average looking woody countertop has been made a bit dramatic by inserting a cute little trash chute right into the countertop.


Photo By: urbangardensweb.com

A built-in herb planter installed by Les Gallinules within the countertop can be a great convenience for the ones who love to cook.

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Photo By: elmarcucine.com

What could be better than a countertop than the one which has a woody table and that too which van very flexibly change sizes.


Photo By: da-k.co.il

2 in 1 dining-cum-counter by Da Cucina Kitchens can be appealing to many users and suitable for a small family.


Photo By: maynardarchitects.com

A countertop with stairs leading to it by Andrew Maynard Architecture has taken creativity and design to a next level.


Photo By: team7.at

Team7 has very innovatively designed a countertop with drawers that can accommodate your gadgets.


Photo By: .toncelli.it

Tonicelli has beautifully designed and olive wood countertop that slides away to reveal the cooking zone, doubling the working area. Additionally, the movement of the countertop is sensor controlled.


Photo By: m7-muenchen.de

Finally comes a countertop whose height can be adjusted- good news for short people or rather bad news???


Photo By: dupont.com

Corian worktop by DuPont has successfully installed a wireless charging point in the countertop.


Photo By: zaha-hadid.com

A countertop that integrates 2000 LEDs, a built-in membrane to keep the food warm and 3 scent dispensers that periodically release aromas is simply crazy.

However, a countertop with extensions that provide screens which enable the users to watch TV or surf the internet can just be available in the dreams but not anymore.


Photo By: imgur.com

Embellishing the countertop with golden pennies can give the beautiful yet reasonable look.


Photo By: cnet.com

Replacing the pennies with alphabetical keyboard keys can be just as innovative. What do you think?

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