9 Types of Heavy Equipment Used in Construction

Construction has got easier with the help of heavy equipment. A lot of jobs can be done on a large scale with the help of heavy equipment easily.

It is important to know about this equipment because you might need to rent construction equipment in the future.

Here are nine types of heavy equipment that are commonly used in construction.

1. Cranes

Cranes of numerous purposes are used in construction. It can be an excavator, lifting crane with boom, overhead crane, etc. They have multiple jobs to perform, and most of the cranes are used throughout some construction projects.

2. Scissor Lifts

Scissor lifters are very convenient for work-at-height jobs. You can tie your safety harness and start working on the desired height with confidence. Scissor lifts can be indoor or outdoor, depending on the usage. So, if you do not have an idea about scissor lifts, you should get to know them because they can be pretty useful.

3. Compactors

To enhance the density of the material and reduce its size, what you need is called compactors. Whether it is about waste material compaction or road construction, compactors are of great use. So, it is one of the important types of heavy construction equipment.

4. Dozers

Another important and helpful machinery used in construction is termed a dozer or bulldozer. If you find some big vehicle with robust and big wheels, it will probably be a bulldozer. It is used to push the material. Like in road construction, the material is pushed with the help of dozers to achieve the right thickness and strength.

5. Tractor

The tractor is a very common type of machine that is used in construction along with numerous other purposes. In construction, if you are looking for higher torque with slow speeds, then you will need tractors. You can change the attachments according to the scope of work and achieve the desired results.

6. Dumper Truck

Who can forget a dumper truck? In construction projects, you have to displace material. A prominent purpose of a dumper truck is to dump the waste material off-site. But it is of great purpose overall and can help in making your job easier.

7. Belt Conveyor

Conveying material from one place to another becomes a piece of cake when you have a belt conveyor with you. You have to install it on the route, and it will do the job. There are belts driven by motors, and you place the material on the conveyor belt. Not just in construction, conveyor belts are widely used in process industries.

8. Telehandlers

For quick shifting of material from one place to another, you need something. That’s where telehandlers come. They are pretty useful in making that job easy for you. You sit in a telehandler (if you can operate it) and start collecting the material and dropping it somewhere else on the construction site.

9. Concrete Mixer

Then comes the concrete mixers. You might have seen small rotating (at some angle) tanks with an opening. Well, they come in various sizes. There are bigger ones as well installed behind trucks. The concrete container on them keeps on rotating constantly, and the material mixture is then used once prepared on the concerned spot.


Here are some FAQs to answer your general queries.

What is considered heavy equipment in construction?

Any motorized vehicle that is not a commercial vehicle or considered as a vehicle is termed as heavy equipment. It has some specific tasks to perform.

How many types of heavy equipment are there?

With the advancement in technology, the number keeps on increasing. But you can have an idea by this that there are around 27 types of heavy equipment.

Does forklift count as heavy equipment?

Heavy is not associated with weight. So, if we talk about the purpose of a forklift, it is categorized as heavy equipment.


There are numerous types of heavy equipment that you will find in construction processes/projects. It would help if you had an idea about them because you may need one of them in the future. If you want to further explore in detail, then you should keep on searching because it is not just interesting, it is also pretty useful to know about such equipment.

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