20 Small Living Room Ideas on a Budget That Inspire You

The living room is perhaps one of the most important rooms in your house. While everyone loves large extravagant living rooms, not everyone can afford them. But don’t be bummed out if you have a small living room.

You can make it quite beautiful, warm and cozy. Small living rooms are known for their coziness. All you need to do to make your small living room stand out and seem appealing is to follow the right tips and tricks.

You will have to focus on factors such as using the right colors, having enough sunlight, and you will also have to focus on the right way to place your furniture and other objects in order to make use of most of the space in the best manner.

Here are some ideas for how you can utilize small living rooms to be beautiful.

  1. The Airy Option

This living room has been utilized superbly as its couch is placed at an angle where sunlight shines right at you. Also, the white walls give an open and claustrophobic free appearance.

The wooden flooring along with the brown couch and table complement each other perfectly with changing shades of brown while giving a good contrast to the white.

  1. All White

Using white as your main theme, with a contrasting wooden floor is a great idea. The floating bookshelves are a key method to save space.

Additionally, the use of different textures, such as on the floor as well as couch and pillows is important for decorating a small living room.

  1. The Artistic Idea

This makes use of different artistic effects and designs to make the room appear larger than it actually is.

The contrasting colors and accessories draw attention away from the fact that the room is small.

  1. Living Room in the Attic

The skylight is provided sufficient air and natural light, while shelf which is inbuilt in the wall saves a lot of space for movement. The tilted attic walls give a unique touch to the room.

  1. Be Braving. Change the Trend

The wall painting on the back wall gives a bold look to the room which takes away attention from the fact that it is small. It also gives a good artistic perception to the viewer.

  1. Go Bright

Bright colors used in the right manner can give positive and friendly vibes. It can also take away the viewer’s mind from the fact that the room is small.

In this case, bright paintings, flowers, and fruits contrast the sober colored couch and floor, thus giving an image of a large room.

  1. The Bright and the Bold

The brave use of bright colors gives this room a large appearance. This literally creates an optical illusion of largeness.

The bright colors also give a warm, pleasant and friendly appearance. The patterns also give a huge help in doing this.

  1. Be Trendy

A perfect contrast of white, purple, green and the brown wooden flooring. The large door with a window allows a lot of natural light to pass through as well as air.

The textures in the rug and in the cushions give the room an exotic beauty, thus taking the eye off its small size.

  1. Use a lot of Color

The cubical way in which this room is arranged not only enhances the aesthetics but also gives a spacious advantage to the room.

The colors give the optical illusion of a large room, and the room also appears to be very interesting.

  1. Zebra

The high contrast of the brown wooden floor with the above black and white creates the optical illusion of largeness.

Side by side the black and white makes the living room have a modern style to it, one in which conversation would be fun along with some coffee and music.

  1. Be Creative

The smart and sober differences in color give the room a very chic look. The white flooring adds the space, while the large windows allow enough air and natural light to pass through.

The paintings on the wall give a brave appearance, while the modern couch and table add the 21st-century effect.

  1. Use Purple

The purple lampshades and pillows give a very cool and light look to the room, while the contrasting brown gives an optical illusion of largeness.

The painting on the wall gives an elegant look, while the table and television are placed in a perfect position to give an executive look.

  1. The Ultimate Efficiency, aka the Minimalist

This makes the best use of the least space. The high contrast by using the bright pillows with a charcoal couch and dark brown floor give the optical illusion of a lot of space.

This is very functional for having the look of a large area.

  1. Modern Idea with a lot of space to sit

Use texture and symmetry in the furniture as well as in the decorations, rugs, and carpets.

Use a black and white theme for a modern appearance. Use a painting or two for added modern effect.

  1. Be Vibrant

The awe-inspiring combination of bright orange and white is as vibrant as you can get. White walls, along with white furniture, along with the traditional brown colored floorboard.

What makes this vibrant are orange cushions you may choose to place on the couch, along with orange images and paintings on the wall.

  1. Urban

For this idea, you have to use different colored, one of which will have to be textured. Use a painting for added beauty.

Floating shelves should be in place to save space, and a blue rug will complement all the dark colors of the painting, curtain, and shelves.

  1. The Scandinavian Style

Again, the load of white adds to space. The inflow of white light from the window will give a very clean and healthy look to the room.

  1. Shabby

For this, you will have to have once again to use white for the modern, spacious look, with a lot of light flowing in. Use a flokati rug and other fluffy materials to give the shabby theme.

  1. Attic 2.0

Use white for space, complemented by the white light flowing in from the tilted attic window. But don’t just use the white.

Change the color. Half of you pillows should be white, while the other half should be beige.

  1. Rustic

This can give a very antique and classy. Black chairs, a small fireplace, along with white walls give an amazing look. Also, use textured furniture.


In a nutshell, you don’t need a huge living room to make it look sexy and amazing. Even a small living room is enough if you use the furniture, lighting, colors in the right way.

At least one of the above ideas should be able to suit your style.

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