17 Sleek Kitchen Design Ideas with a Beautiful Simplicity

Simplicity is modern, artistic and chic depending on how you work with it. Kitchens, especially, work well with simplicity. The following 17 sleek kitchen design ideas show how simple kitchens can look eye-catching.


Photo By: behance.net/jordiraurell

A mix of dark and light wood, cool greys and dull whites make this kitchen well balanced.


Photo By: vudumotion.com

Incorporating a single bright colour to an otherwise white space can do wonders like it does in this modern kitchen.


Photo By: visual-method.com

The indoor planters, hanging pieces, and splashback provide colour in this kitchen while wood and white provide the neutral canvas.


Photo By: viarde.com

Keeping this kitchen simple is an intelligent choice considering the spacious and artistic space around it.


Photo By: behance.net/luxomedia

While light wood and white provide a neutralizing effect, the use of contemporary red elements provides just the right amount of fun.


Photo By: bozhinovskidesign.com

An artistic ceiling and play with light and shadows make this kitchen look fresh and sleek.


Photo By: behance.net/wgryniewski

The use of white in this kitchen helps it make its small size look clean and well lit, it also lets the other elements in it stand out.


Photo By: thepanoptikon.com

The cabinetry and kitchen space is nice and simple while the circular rug and modern lighting complement it.


Photo By: fraher.co

This kitchen manages to employ several different elements and features in this kitchen despite its small size without making it look congested.


Photo By: costa-doro.prom.ua

The use of light wood is refreshing in this kitchen, giving it a rustic feel.


Photo By: costa-doro.prom.ua

This kitchen uses eccentric colours to make it look popping. White provides the clean canvas.


Photo By: arya.cgarena.com

It does not get simpler than this. Sleek ceiling to floor cabinets gives a sleek look while white makes the kitchen look posh.


Photo By: plusform.co

The use of black and wood is often underrated but this kitchen provides a perfect example of how the two can be combined to create a beautiful look.


Photo By: plusform.co

Black plays a central look in this kitchen, the modern lighting and minimal elements make it look industrial yet appealing.


Photo By: plusform.co

If you don’t want to use black as the central feature, gray works as an amazing substitute. The gray in this kitchen matches the walls and the dark wood, making the matching colour combination look bold but not overpowering.


Photo By: behance.net/m_temnikov

White works amazing with both natural and artificial green elements. This kitchen uses that to make this kitchen look both tidy yet close to nature.


Photo By: ortfolios.ru/annafedyukina

Using dark elements such as black cabinetry and dark wood and then lighting it up with artistic lighting likes these is a creative way to design your kitchen.

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