25 Excellent Rustic Bathroom Decor Ideas To Try At Your Home

Traditional bathroom styles are no longer in trend. With times changing we all need something different and to begin with we can design our bathrooms in the most unique manner and decor them to make them look gorgeous.

  1. Farhmhouse Style Rustic Bathroom

Photo By: highline-partners.com

Woody floors, cabinets and ceilings along with barn doors and creamy walls provide a warm and cozy feeling. Black iron sconces create a faint orange glow, adding to the beauty.

  1. Open Barn Shelves

Photo By: palletdiyprojects.com

This 4 storey barn shelf is designed to take up minimal space and is perfect for storing toiletries and towels and can be made using weathered pallet or crate wood as rustic is the best color for small bedrooms.

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  1. Heavy Plank Shelves

Photo By: etsy.com

These shelves are made by assembling plumbing hardware and pipes and can be painted to give a bronze look and transform your bathroom in to a modern rustic bathroom. It can be installed at a height and can act as a holder for towels or other accessories.

  1. Rusty Vintage Bathroom

Photo By: mvbjournal.com

Woody drawers and shelves along with white marble top and mirror create a breathtaking combination of a modern yet traditional bathroom.

  1. Stony Woody Bathroom

Photo By: lauramfernandez.blogspot.com

Creamy walls and woody ceiling contrast perfectly with beautiful shades of brown and gray stones producing a well-lit and fresh environment.

  1. Dark Wood Towel Holder

Photo By: etsy.com

Two wood planks of different sizes and different shades of creamy rich brown can work wonders when attached against a light colored wall to act as a towel holder.

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  1. Woody Dressing Table

Photo By: onyapan.com

Adding a small light colored wood mirror with some space for perfumes can fit perfectly in a tiny bathroom.

  1. Rolling Barn Door

Photo By: designferia.com

An elegant and classy bathroom behind an antique sliding barn door creates a perfect combination of new and old.

  1. Modern Woody Bathroom

Photo By: thepinktumbleweed.com

Brown and grey cabinets with white sink tops give the bathroom a wintery beach look and fresh feel, an ideal example of modern rustic bathroom décor.

  1. Cherry Wood Bathroom

Photo By: loombrand.com

A white oval vessel contrasts perfectly with the dusty rose red walls and gray tiled floors- a unique modern rustic bathroom idea. These features come together to create a soothing environment.

  1. Mason Jar Lighting

Photo By: hatch.co

Light bulbs inserted in the mason jars and arranged linearly on the walls create immense illumination bringing a rustic décor to your bathroom.

  1. Whiskey Barrel Sink

Photo By: brummelhuishout.nl

Whiskey barrel sink acts as a base for the copper sink and fits beautifully with the old patterned floor and walls.

  1. Cornice Shelf

Photo By: opendeco.com

Stained wooden shelf with hooks beneath can be installed in a corner and can be used to hang clothes or towels occupying only a small space.

  1. Cornice Box

Photo By: livinais.dvrlists.com

Completely white bathroom with rough beam cornice box for white shower curtains creates almost a magical look for the users.

  1. Double Sink Bathroom

Photo By: smallhouseswoon.com

A wash basin with twin retro center set waterfall faucets and woody drawers and mirror lining create an appealing look.

  1. Luxurious Woody Bathroom

Photo By: waltonae.com

A wooden bath tub accompanied by large windows giving a look to nature makes bathing a private relaxation period.

  1. Vintage Wooden Shelves

Photo By: marketium.ru

Highlight all your details of the bathroom with these shelves which let you keep all your necessaries of bathing at one place in an assembled way.

  1. Wrought Iron Hardware

Photo By: simamor.wordpress.com

Hanging shelves with wrought iron hardware in white color satisfies any organized person’s craving of seeing things in a bit planned way.

  1. Half-Barrel Tub

Photo By: wbudowie.pl

With a wooden wallpaper on one side and wooden floor on the other, a half-barrel bathtub is definitely something that perfectly redefines the bathing experience.

  1. Galvanized Sinks

Photo By: upsocl.com

A pair of square-shaped washtubs with wooden feet supporting the two ends and a wooden holder to hold your smooth towel soothes your mind.

  1. Vanity Backsplash

Photo By: rachelhalvorson.com

Dark stained wood plank walls, cabinets and a unique fusion of double mirror in a bathroom create a feeling of much-needed warmth.

  1. Three-Tiered Display Rack

Photo By: happinessishomemade.net

A unique idea of three-tier metal rack distinguishes it from the other ideas to enhance your bathroom. After all, with extra space comes extra relief.

  1. Mixed-Stone Cabin Bathroom

Photo By: remontbp.com

The mixed stone cabin provides you barnlike feel and the walk-in shower is a really good catch at such a time of modernity and innovations.

  1. Mason Jar

Photo By: thediyplaybook.com

The addition of a Mason jar board is another innovative idea in décor of bathrooms. With added space comes greater comfort.

  1. Rough Stone Wall

Photo By: decoholic.org

Rough stone accent wall surrounding a huge window brightens up the bathroom and a rectangular sink is a great step ahead to greet modernity at your home.

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