21 Simple Purple Living Rooms Decorating Ideas

According to many traditions, purple is the cooler that symbolizes royalty. The current crown of the Queen also largely consists of velvet which is a dark shade of purple.

Purple comes in numerous shades and all of them miraculously suit the splendid gorgeous vibes of any room. The different shades of purple can also add some interesting drama to the feel of the room.

Plum can give off a bit of a sensual appearance, while lilac has calming effect and violet gives the room a vibrant characteristic.

Violet is the perfect color to glorify textures, which is why violet is commonly used for sofas and wallpapers.

Below we have given 21 simple purple living rooms decorating ideas that will give you and your guests the essence of royalty.

  1. Luxury Defined

Photo By: avanzatodesign.com

The different shades of purple all together in this living room give the artistic combination of the elegance of the color purple. The large sofa along with the large television gives the essence of luxury.

  1. Enthusiasm in Purple

Photo By: bethanynauert.com

This idea is for those who greatly admire purple. While containing a lot of purples, it still doesn’t seem over the top. This is due to the textured pillows and curtains.

  1. Wonder
Photo By: jhalvorsondesigns.com

The velvet bench and violet shiny drapes give the room a classy purple appearance.

  1. Flora

Photo By: iheartorganizing.com

Just a bit of purple does it here. So little yet so large, the purple flowers give some real beauty.

  1. Dark

Photo By: alexandraloew.com

The black and dark purple sofas along with the gold use in different places in the room give a dark, yet steamy beauty.

  1. Organized

Photo By: kennethbrowndesign.com

The purple pillows in this room, along with the stable placements give this room a feeling of order.

  1. Drama

Photo By: designsponge.com

The purplish fabric of the sofa truly adds the dramatic aspect of the room. The artistic pillows complement this dramatic hue.

  1. Purple on the Walls

Photo By: lauratrevey.com

The walls have a pale purple shade which allows the golden objects, which are really simple to give off an amazing contrast and look more elaborate. Purple and gold, what can be more elegant?

  1. Purple Passion

Photo By: lesleymyrick.com

The purple velvet chairs appear strong and vibrant to the eyes and give off a passionate vibe to the viewer.

  1. Soft & Flora

Photo By: leecarolineart.blogspot.com

The purple flowers on the white cushions complement the purple pillow.

  1. Dominatrix Purple Painting

Photo By: liagriffith.com

The purple painting in the center plays the role of a dominatrix as it gives a purple theme without going overboard.

  1. Chrysanthemum Wallpaper

Photo By: houzz.com

The wallpaper has a purple shade which beautifies and complements the aura of a room that has been richly been themed by silver and white.

  1. Elegance in the Curtains

Photo By: housebeautiful.com

The purple curtains with the goldenrod add an elegant, beautiful and royal look to this living room.

  1. Accentuate

Photo By: td-universe.com

This room has a calm, serene and organized environment due to its purple accents. The silk adds to the beauty and elegance.

  1. Lavender Therapy

Photo By: cityhomesusa.com

The lavender upholstery has a calming effect on you, and the plush purple couch gives a cozy and welcoming vibe.

  1. Festive Purple

Photo By: ariannabelle.com

This room has basic purple accents which give a festive vibe. Side by side, the blue cushions give a good combination of cool colors.

  1. Purple Rug

Photo By: classyclutter.net

The purple rug is beautifully contrasted by the zebra rug underneath and gives a purple theme despite being so little.

  1. Plum Luxury

Photo By: designsponge.com

The black textured piece of artwork at the back complements the plum sofa to give a luxurious dark appearance to the room.

  1. Resonate the Gold & Plum

Photo By: curedesigngroup.com

The golden artifacts look incredibly beautiful while contrasting the plum colored wall. The mauve colored flowers on the white chairs complement the aura splendidly.

  1. Club Purple

Photo By: rilane.com

So much purple, and so much beauty Different colors different textures. A plush velvet sofa and textured purple wallpaper.

  1. Purple Dressing

Photo By: russthompson.me

There is a slim line of purple on the mantelpiece which gives an amazing contrast against the bright yellow wall. The dark velvet sofas and the purple vase complement this perfectly.

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