Top 21 Must Have Kitchen Utensils For Everyday Use

The kitchen is the crucial part of the house, and its Importance of a kitchen in a house is undeniable, and the process of food making needs some protocol, i.e. Proper ingredients and proper utensils.

If you are setting up a kitchen, there are certain things without which the kitchen is incomplete.

There are different types of utensils used for different types of cuisines and methods. You can buy utensils according to your ability of cooking and your need.

But there is some basic kitchen needs list without which the kitchen may not be functional.

Here are some must-have kitchen utensils:

  1. Knife

Knives come in sets and a single piece but in the typical household, you may only need one or two types of knives. The chef’s knife is famous because it can be used for various works.

The right knife is the one that is sharp and stays like this for long and carbon-coated steelworks like this.

Another critical factor in buying a knife should be, consider stainless steel in buying the knife because it won’t rust easily.

There is another type of knife which is known as pairing knife; it has a smaller blade as compared to the chef’s knife and is used for many tasks like cutting and chopping the vegetables.

  1. Cutting board

When you have a knife, you now need a surface to cut it on. It maintains your safety, and it will make the cutting process a lot easier and accurate.

The preferred material of the cutting board is bamboo.

Bamboo has the ability that they are anti-bacterial naturally and it will keep the food safe from bacteria’s and protect you from many viral and bacterial infections.

  1. Sharping ceramic rod

Some of the utensils in your kitchen need maintenance such as a knife; it loses its sharpness with time.

For that, you need a ceramic sharping rod to sharpen it again.

  1. Tongs

If you are a steak lover, then I’m sure that a tong is a need of the hour. In the past, people usually didn’t invest much in the tong. A metal one was good enough for them.

But recently the people have started using it correctly, like in serving food to the family.

Flipping the meat or vegetables and sometimes the meat slices come in larger pieces which cannot be handled easily.

  1. Whisk

Mixing things can be a tricky thing at times, but this utensil can make it easy for you to mix and beat. It is one of the most used items in the kitchen.

It comes in different shapes and sizes, go for the middle-sized which is 9 in inches with the plastic handle so that it can be handled carefully and you have to invest less.

  1. Measuring spoons or cups

In most of the cooking shows the chefs use cups and spoons to make the recipe perfect.

But in America, people usually use ingredients in weight than in the cups, but you’ll need a cup in some specific kind of cooking method such as baking.

They are mostly made of stainless steel. The measuring spoons, on the other hand, are made of plastic and ranges from ¼ tsp to 1 tbsp.

  1. Iron pan

How can a person cook without a pan? The advanced cast iron pans have a heavy base, and they are mostly seasoned to avoid the stickiness of the food.

If you do not have so many pans in your kitchen then don’t worry there are few types of pots you need for example saute pan, a saucepan, and a pot like a pan to make soups and pasta.

  1. Stainless steel skillet

Stainless steel skillet is an important utensil in the food preparation process.

It is mostly used for sautéing, frying, and frying of vegetables, meat.

Like other utensils, it is essential to buy stainless steel skillets of good quality.

  1. Mixing bowl

The first and the most essential preparation tip of a recipe is to mix ingredients, for that you need a utensil and the most appropriate one is a bowl.

From handling a large amount of ingredients to simplify the process of mixing, a bowl provides excellent help.

  1. Blender

Many recipes such as soups and sauces need a blending of ingredients.

In the past, they used to come in large sizes with the machinery and used to take a large amount of space in your kitchen but now with the technology the blender has come to our hands.

It is also known as an immersion blender. A single click of a button can turn the ingredients into a blenderized solution.

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  1. Meat Tenderizer Tool

Many meat-lovers exist in this world and eating a perfectly tenderized meat piece is a dream come true for the meat lover.

For that reason, you can use the Meat Tenderizer Tool for making the whole experience appetizing.

Meat tenderizers come in many types some are manual and some run with electricity.

  1. Vegetable peeler

To minimize the preparation time, one thing helps the best with potatoes, carrots, and eggplants.

Peeler comes in different shapes, but the most popular one is Y shaped peeler because they are easy to handle.

  1. Garlic press

Garlic is a crucial ingredient in every dish and peeling and chopping consumes time and energy so having this utensil can simplify and make it easy for you to cook by chopping the garlic pieces.

  1. Casserole dish

If you tend to bake or roast something you need a specific dish for that purpose.

The casserole dish is vast and side with depth in it, and it can be useful to serve a big family.

Porcelain is the material that is used to make the dishes, and it is microwave and oven safe.

  1. Can opener

The can opener is not precisely the utensil but an essential part of the kitchen.

In today’s world, many of the food items are available as sealed cans in the market. You will need a can opener.

  1. Colander

Colander might not seem fancy, but it is a simple but useful thing in making your food eatable.

Wet vegetables and salads cannot be eatable at times so after rinsing them correctly the first, and foremost step is to make them dry, and you can do it by using a colander.

  1. Grill Pan

In the past, some years, the popularity of grill pans have increased because of their use in grilling and roasting.

For BBQ you needed to do it in the outer space of your house or specifically in winter, so what about summer.

Grill pan helps you get that smoke and those beautiful lines over the meat and the vegetables even in summer so that you don’t have to leave the comfortable environment of the inner house.

  1. Spatula

The spatula is a spoon with an extensive flat end-use for cooking the food.

It is an essential utensil in the food making process. It is used in the process of mixing and spreading.

The most appropriate material for a spatula should be silicone, not rubber. Because rubber and low melting point and will lose its shape on high heat.

  1. Citrus Juicer

Many of our dishes require lemon or lime juice and squeezing them can be a hustle for many, so to avoid that issue you can use a citrus juicer.

This can also be used to squeeze the orange juice and juices from other citric fruits.

  1. Onion chopper

Onions are the ingredient without which every dish is incomplete even you cannot even start a recipe without using onion, and an onion chopper would be a blessing for a person who is cooking and make sure to buy the best onion chopper which can last longer.

  1. Oven mitts

Safety should be anyone’s priority. Oven mitts help you to protect your hands from burning when you move a hot pan from the oven or stove.

The most recommended material of oven mitts is silicon from the outside and cotton material from the inside.

Whatever type of mitts you buy to make sure that they are of good quality.


The kitchen is the place where food lovers feel the best.

Whether it is the preparation time or the eating or serving the food but if anything is missing in the utensils or the ingredients it can ruin the fun, these are some basic utensils you need if you are starting a kitchen.

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