14 Must Have Bedroom Items to Decorate Your Room

A bedroom has special meaning in our lives. We want it to offer comfort and beauty and no matter what your personal preferences and style are, you need to decorate it to suit your personality and needs.

must have bedroom itemsIdeally, you want your bedroom to be aesthetically pleasing while also at the same time offering comfort.

Here is a brief look at 14 must-have bedroom items to decorate your room with.

  1. Bedding

Bedding is a very important part of your room. So, it makes sense for you to choose it with care. Things like choosing a single hue for your bedding design will stand you in good stead.

The ideal way to decorate your room is to keep things as minimal as possible while also ensuring you choose deeply saturated colors to give a feeling of relaxation.

Be sure to also mix and match the duvet and pillow shams.

  1. Bedside table

When the time comes to add a bedside table to your room, do not feel afraid of choosing one with a switch on the cord.

Before you actually choose your bedside table, be sure that you take a measurement of the top of the mattress to the floor.

This will help you choose the perfect height of your bedside table which should never be more than two inches higher than your mattress.

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  1. Pillow

When it comes to decorating your room, you should not be afraid to pile on a few pillows. When choosing the pillows, make sure that you do not hesitate about mixing patterns.

It is a good idea to mix some large-sized prints with small ones and be sure to also go with florals with geometrics.

  1. Mattress and box springs

The wise person will be ready to invest in a high-quality mattress.

A mattress and box springs are a good idea because the box spring mattress will provide all the support needed for the mattress on which you will be sleeping.

Before choosing your mattress and box springs, make sure that you first measure your mattress and also choose the mattress and box spring very carefully.

Ideally, you should go with one that fits your frame.

  1. Mirror

Counted among the best bedroom essentials, a mirror can be used to good effect in your room.

Choose one that augments and defines as well as accentuates whatever you have in your room by way of furniture and fixtures.

Be sure to place your mirror in a part of the room from where it is able to reflect your favorite view.

A mirror is an important item that can be used to open up your room and to add light to your room.

When choosing your mirror, you need to address three important issues: shape and size as well as style.

  1. Closets

When choosing your closet, you need to pick one that perfectly balances the style and functionality of your room. It should also go well with other pieces of furniture in your room.

Before you decide on a particular closet, you need to address a few important factors. These include type and size as well as style.

Other than these, you also need to pick a closet that has ample storage and you also need to consider the cost.

There is no need to burn a hole in your wallet and the good news is you can pick and choose from different options to suit your budget.

  1. Wardrobe

Your wardrobe is probably one of the most important items in your room.

Other than your bed, this is an item that you should choose with maximum care. You need to pick a wardrobe that balances style with comfort.

There are many things to choose when choosing a design or style. If you want your room to look clean and simple, then go with a compactly designed wardrobe.

Be sure to check that it has enough space for hangers and it should have a few shelves to keep your folded clothes.

Other than that, make sure your wardrobe has drawers and perhaps even a secret compartment.

  1. Lighting

The right lighting can do wonders for your room. Choosing some eye-catching ceiling fixtures is a good idea though overhead lighting is equally a nice idea.

When using lampshades, make sure you choose them carefully and adding an incandescent light will help to give your room an additional touch of warmth.

Also, be sure to give task lighting your consideration and adding a mirror on the wall will help to improve the ambiance of your room.

Finally, if using floor lamps, be sure to pick the vertical kind.

  1. Blanket

Blankets are very necessary for the cool season and should be chosen with care.

When picking your blankets, you should ensure they are of the right size.

Besides, the right fabric is important and at the very least, you should pick a fabric that best suits your requirements.

Cotton blankets are good if you wash your blankets repeatedly. Wool blankets are heavy and warm and will keep you well insulated in the cold.

Down is thinner as well as lighter and good material for blankets. They are both light and warm and are a good option if you are allergic to feathers.

  1. Nightlight

The main reason you should add a nightlight to your room is that it is designed to keep your room lit even when you don’t want too much illumination.

A dim nightlight is a good option as it keeps the room illuminated without putting a strain on your eyes.

There are different nightlights to choose from including plug-in nightlights, projection nightlights, and soft nightlights.

  1. Rugs

The most important aspect to choosing rugs for your room is you must make sure that the rug is of the correct size for your room.

There are several rug styles to choose from and you may want to pick the area rug style.

Another thing to keep in mind when choosing rugs is you must pick one that is made from appropriate material.

Once you have chosen your rug, you can then think about accessorizing your room later.

It also makes sense to think about using a nice rug pad.

  1. Tissue Box

You can add a tissue box to your room to give it a facelift.

Just make sure that you pick a tissue box design that matches the décor of your room. The tissue box is a perfect item to have in your room.

It should be placed in the right position and will enhance your room.

So, adding one would prove to be a good idea.

  1. Good reading lamps

These days, lights are very specific and are considered must have bedroom items that you must choose very carefully.

However, the normal silk-shaded floor lamp and a table lamp are no longer in vogue. It makes sense to find a good reading lamp.

When choosing one, be sure to pick something that is eye-catching and which does not cause eye fatigue when you try reading in its light.

Keep in mind that too much light is not good for your eyes.

So, choosing good reading lamps will not only enhance the look and feel of your room, but they also prevent eye fatigue.

  1. Books

A home library should have the right collection of books.

Before you add books to your room, you need to keep in mind that you should add books that you would like to read.

Today, many people have started to hoard books but it can also cause a lot of clutter in your room.

So, make sure you pick the right number of books and be sure to assess your collection before adding another book to your room.


Your room is a very important part of your overall lifestyle.

Adding the right items to your room will not only help you decorate your room but also give you the right amount of functionality.

The above-mentioned items should be in your bedroom essentials list as they are worth adding to your room.

They will not only give your room the right look but will also help you live in comfort and style.

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