25 Examples of Awesome Modern Kitchen Lighting Ideas

The amount of hard work and thinking required to redesign and redecorate a kitchen can never be measured. These modern kitchen lighting ideas will help you in finalizing the lights for your kitchen.

  1. White Underlighting

Photo By : behance.net/buraklafci

The usage of these warm white underlighting in this geometrically designed kitchen can have an exponential effect on the overall beauty of the kitchen.

These will help in illuminating the base units as well as the wall units.

  1. Atmospheric Lighting

Photo By: igorsirotov.com

One of the modern kitchen lighting ideas includes usage of atmospheric lighting.

In a relatively dark kitchen, the effect of glowing shelves, with pans and crockeries residing inside, is mesmerizing.

  1. LED Strip

Photo By: igorsirotov.com

An LED strip takes the center stage in a relatively dark themed kitchen with a dark shaded dining area.

  1. White LED

Photo By: vk.com/normanjayden

Black and white kitchens always have the power to grab anyone’s attention. The whole aura becomes more elegant by the use of cool white LEDs.

  1. Recessed Lighting

Photo By: designspacelondon.com

Usage of recessed lights can grab attention instantly wherever it is glowing.

In relatively cold colored kitchens, like the grey kitchen, use of warm white light can have a balancing effect.

  1. Pendant Lights

Photo By: behance.net/ihorbednara7c6

Pendant lights hanging over the countertop or the center table will give your kitchen a unique yet classy ambiance.

  1. Illuminated Marble

Photo By: marbleoftheworld.com

When it comes to lighting, the phrase “more the merrier” becomes true. Same is the case here.

Whether underlighting or over lighting, the beauty of this illuminated marble is breathtaking.

  1. Colored With Light

Photo By: cbdglass.com

The cabinets as well as the countertops can be colored with lights. This kitchen lightning idea is simply glamorous.

  1. Intense Blue

Photo By: malcorboy.com

Bright blue lights can light up a relatively pale themed kitchen.

  1. Soft Glow

Photo By: issuu.com/tracydiva622

A soft glowing effect of warm lights can replicate an individual’s inner calmness. This kitchen unit lightning idea makes the place very warm and relaxing.

  1. Bulbs on the ceiling

Photo By: soffit.by

In this dark-themed kitchen, the row of bulbs facing towards the ceiling will help in spreading the light in every nook and cranny of the place.

  1. Lighting effect on marble

Photo By: m3arch.com

Marble kitchen has a unique style and mesmerizing beauty. This stylish design can be complemented by the use of simple lighting.

  1. White Light

Photo By: home-designing.com

White light accentuates the fresh lime and white color scheme of this kitchen.

  1. Warm LED and Pendant lights

Photo By: behance.net/pavlovna82

Sunshine yellow is commonly known as a happy color. Warm LED lights along with hanging pendant lights can enhance the effect of this happy color.

  1. Open wire-framed pendants

Photo By: behance.net/vuminhtan07b66

A combination of open kitchen shelves and open wire-framed pendants is simply perfect.

  1. Warm lighting scheme

Photo By: paulm.com.au

The white-themed kitchen has an amazing cooling effect. The warmth of yellow lights can perfectly balance this cool theme of the kitchen.

  1. Lighting every nook and cranny

Photo By: dka.com.ua

Illuminating every nook and cranny of the kitchen will bring out the beauty and texture of every minute detail of the kitchen.

  1. Retro Pendant Lights

Photo By: destilat.at

Grey and white are very common yet very stylish color scheme for a kitchen. Pendant lights over the dining area will simply add beauty to it.

  1. Textured Lights

Photo By: deltacocinas.com

The texture of the kitchen can only take the center stage through the use of perfect lighting scheme. It will bring out the depth as well as details of the texture.

  1. Undershelf Lighting

Photo By: vk.com/3dmakis

In an open shelf scenario, these undershelf lightings will put the culinary items in the limelight.

  1. Shelf Lighting

Photo By: behance.net/Kentchan

The shelf lighting is always wonderful and amazing for the cooking pots and pans. Moreover, it gives a glossy effect to the adjacent areas.

  1. Illuminated Cabinet

Photo By: ogovio.org

The cabinet has a set of wine glasses is illuminated to show off its magnificence.

  1. Industrial Style Lighting

Photo By: mady-beissner.de

Rows of lighting on the floor along with 5 bulbs hanging from the ceiling, these lightings can work as a border between the kitchen and the dining area.

  1. Box Of Light

Photo By: plasterlina.pl

A boxed lighting scheme over the countertop or dinner table can spread the light far and wide.

  1. Cheerful Yellow Warm Light

Photo By: plasterlina.pl

The warmth of the bright yellow color increases exponentially by using warm light along its borders.


Any of these best type of lighting for the kitchen can play a vital role in increasing the beauty of your kitchen. These stylish and elegant ideas can complement the overall theme of your kitchen.

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