25 Modern Black Kitchens Ideas That Tempt You To Go Dark

Dark colors are always very appealing and attractive. When these dark colors become a part of your kitchen, the kitchen itself starts to feel tempting.

The modern black kitchens are a perfect combination of elegance and class. As we move forward with the article, these kitchens of all dark shades such as navy blue, dark brown or black will give you amazing ideas to remodel your kitchen.

  1. Contemporary Black

Photo By : designatsketch.com

Black textured walls, table and even the benches can give a dark and classy look to your kitchen.

The shining chrome cutlery reflects this color and brightens the presence of these accessories. These accessories include wine glasses, knives, teapots, cookie jars etc.

  1. White and Black

Photo By : behance.net/tovstyy_bogdan

The combination of dark walls and white floor beautifies the entire look of your small kitchen.

A dark-colored lamp, hanging over the counter gives this monochromatic kitchen an elegant and classy look.

  1. Steel and Chrome

Photo By : iqosa.com

Chrome colored lamps swaying above, and wooden dining table are the only two non-black accessories in this otherwise completely black kitchen.

The combination is made perfect by using an almost completely dark painting at the entrance.

  1. Curvy

Photo By : vancouverhouse.ca

Curved edges in the elegant black color, along with orange colored tiles above the countertop gives a classy ambiance to this interior décor.

The black kitchen cabinets with chrome handles reflect this beautiful color in the amazing sunlight.

  1. Industrial Touch

Photo By : penintdesign.com

The only white article in this industrial looking black colored kitchen is the fridge and the large winding Ventilator Fan.

A perfect combination of this black and white color gives your kitchen the perfect industrial ambiance.

  1. Simple Black

Photo By : behance.net/pandafoxstudios

A simple completely black look is always a winner. The total black kitchen décor including rh panels, cabinets and even the countertops can provide an elegant and a classy look.

The wooden knife holder looks like the odd one out but complements this black décor.

  1. Hardly Dark

Photo By : whocares.at

Due to the presence of huge windows, bringing ample amount of light in the kitchen, this kitchen is hardly dark.

The benches and chairs are black in color complementing the light-colored flooring.

  1. Granite

Photo By : penintdesign.com

The walls equipped with living plants, and the word “Kitchen” engraved on the wall, this piece of art is vibrant and amazing.

This modern black kitchen gives ample opportunity to the chrome accessories to shine in this otherwise completely dark kitchen.

  1. Tilted Black and White

Photo By : visual-method.com

The angular windows of this huge kitchen bring in ample amount of light. The alternating colors of black and white creates a balance between the dark and light.

According to the location of the kitchen, the view of the pink cherry blossoms outside the window in totally mesmerizing.

  1. The shades of Brown

Photo By : modulnova.com

The presence of the color Brown in your kitchen makes it look much warmer. Hints of black in between the brown color makes a perfect combination.

A light brown countertop, light brown accessories with the dark brown base, textured in black, is perfect for your kitchen.

  1. Monochrome

Photo By : jeanregauer.wixsite.com

A monochromatic kitchen can always give a darker ambiance. Almost checkered walls, with black in abundance, makes them shine under light.

The copper lamps, hanging above, immensely compliment this dark color.

  1. Black Marble

Photo By : chamberlainarchitects.com.au

Marble plays a very important role while designing a kitchen. If the marble is black in color with its natural white lines, it makes a kitchen attractive and most-classiest of the places.

The Cabinets and countertops are designed in blocks of black.

  1. Black And Grey

Photo By : tomekmichalski.com

A contrast of two dark colors might not look good, but this statement is completely false when it comes to black and grey color.

Either with black countertop and grey flooring, or grey countertop and black flooring, these two colors bring out the best of your kitchen.

  1. A touch of Masculinity

Photo By : renevandongen.nl

Black is often considered as the color of a male. An interior designing of completely black cabinets, charcoal walls, and dark colored utensils, this kitchen simply compiles everything that a man would want in his kitchen.

Just a tinge of white, for example, a white countertop can tone it down to perfection.

  1. Metallic grey Color

Photo By : behance.net/threedb274

Everything of metallic grey color apart from the walls and the concrete flooring, this kitchen is an inspiration.

In between all the dark colors, a rectangular panel of gold reflects the beauty of the dark. It provides the touch of luxury.

  1. Traditional Black

Photo By : homeinthewood.wixsite.com

Usage of traditional black color for the cabinets and drawers can give your kitchen both, modern as well as French look.

The only white clock in the kitchen will easily compliment the dark colored jars and sink.

  1. Natural Wood Color

Photo By : facebook.com/duykhanh.leu.3

The dominant color of natural wood gives the back seat to the black color for a while.

The dark colored walls bring out the light wooden colored cabinets and countertops to the limelight. Use of metal handles gives your kitchen a spacey look.

  1. Accessory Dominant

Photo By : lundia.fi

Black is placed in the background with light color accessories being the center of attention.

The black colored cabinets and walls proved a perfect platform for these accessories to shine.

  1. Wood Painted Black

Photo By : polyviz.com

Large windows give and ample amount of light to this kitchen. The textured wood is painted black which shows off a perfect sheen. The potted plants and beautiful landscape simply adds to the beauty of it.

  1. Navy Blue

Photo By : behance.net/Novak_Branko

Kitchen situated near the ocean, usage of navy blue color will only make it perfect.

A dark-colored countertop with wooden furniture makes this kitchen look bright and busy.

  1. Coffee Colored

Photo By : plasterlina.pl

The warm colors of brown, such as coffee color make the kitchen appealing and attractive. The panels are made of wood to provide the balance between the two exuberant colors.

  1. Shaded Kitchen

Photo By : rip3d.net

This kitchen is made attractive by using different shades of black. The shades can vary from dark black to charcoal to light grey, with the ceiling being white in color.

The different shades of the same color in this kitchen gives it a glowing look.

  1. Tonal Contrasts

Photo By : ibrahimethemkisacik.com

Usage of turquoise colored electrical appliances in this otherwise dark colored kitchen gives it a happening ambiance.

The dark-colored hanging lights focus on the reflection part. The grey colored floor gives the kitchen a modern touch.

  1. All Grey Kitchen

Photo By : jwrenders.com

Each and everything in this kitchen is grey in color. The lights hanging from the ceiling are the sources of reflection.

The floor and seating space are made of light grey color to induce the depth of shades.

  1. Black Frames and White Marbles

Photo By : jwrenders.com

The beautiful orbs of light, shining over this beautiful black colored countertop makes the kitchen look classy and wonderful. This kitchen has the perfect combination of black frames with white marble.


These dark colored kitchen designs are formulated for you so that you can easily choose the one that suits you.

Even though the dark color is not very common for kitchens, but if these colors are used in proper balance along with its different shades, they can make your kitchen appealing and attractive.

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