27 Marble Kitchen Design Ideas That Spell Luxury

Marble is often only imagined part of splashbacks and benches; even when it does find its way to the kitchen, it is only made part of the kitchen slab.

Marble can be used to embellish chairs, walls, and even flooring, making everything that it is made part of look luxurious.

The best part about marble is that it is unique each time, each marble panel is different in the way it is speckled or streak, allowing it to always make a fresh statement.

The following 27 marble kitchen design ideas, featuring everything from marble kitchen countertops to marble kitchen cabinets, bespeak of marble’s lustre.


Photo By: m3arch.com

This white kitchen uses a fresh white background to keep its look minimalistic yet chic. The all-white kitchen slab is paired with lightly grey-speckled marble. The wood and charcoal chairs help add just a bit of colour.


Photo By: arentpyke.com

Add the sophisticated look of marble with the royal look of rose gold and you get this glorious kitchen. The grey and white marble kitchen countertop with the black stencil stools allow the rose gold to stand out.


Photo By: behance.net/s_borozdinskiy

This kitchen would perfectly suit the taste of any artist with its soft paper mache lighting, contemporary chairs and the perfect grey speckled marble to go with it.


Photo By: behance.net/monikasiwinska

Black and white is the perfect contrast combination to use solely anywhere. The black and white marble set a modern back drop for the three-pronged light and clear chairs.


Photo By: render.camp

The use of black in this kitchen is perfectly balanced as black delicately breaks the white marble but makes a bold appearance in the chairs. The jellyfish chandelier adds the perfect last touch.


Photo By: 3ddd.ru/users/qwerty00790

The use of marble in this kitchen is as sophisticated as the use of LED chandelier. The clear chairs and simple cabinetry help balance the effect.


Photo By: behance.net/Stanislav_Lukianchuk

The French panelling in this kitchen gives a traditional feel, the long black stool and lighting adding to the elegance.  The marble at the back gives the perfect modern twist.


Photo By: artstation.com/artist/arcasso13

The perfectly lit marble is all that is needed to make this simple kitchen compliment the modern furnishing surrounding it.


Photo By: behance.net/ovcharenko

The patterned light coloured wood in this kitchen is perfectly neutralized by the anarchic design that marble has to offer. The stencil wood furnishing is coordinated throughout.


Photo By: .tolkointeriors.ru

Marble works well with dark coloured settings as well. The deep green and charcoal elements in this kitchen compliment the grey speckled white marble.


Photo By: jakubkomrska.com

The block bench made entirely out of marble gives the unrefined but neat feel. Adorned with a simple back basin and surrounded with brown furnishing, this kitchen is perfect that only marble itself can make any kitchen look unique.


Photo By: elizabethhattersleydesign.com.au

Featuring another marble block bench, this kitchen uses monochrome cabinetry instead. The element of wood gives a homely feeling.


Photo By: palmerston.ca

This kitchen is black and white at its best again. The sleek black lamp and stools and white cabinetry set the two colours apart while the marble on the back mixes them.


Photo By: behance.net/ovcharenko

Clad entirely in marble, made bold with black furnishing, and lit by constellation chandelier lights, this kitchen is something out of a dream.


Photo By: minosadesign.com

The use of marble in this kitchen makes it look even more spacious. The touch of marble is enough to add the final touch.


Photo By: chamberlainarchitects.com.au

This marble is extremely unique having white streaks on a bold black, maintaining the typical luxurious look of marble while adding a modern twist to it.


Photo By: tomekmichalski.com

One could just sit and admire this kitchen instead of working in it. The use of black is in all its glory with everything from the marble to the cabinetry.


Photo By: deroseesa.com

The marble kitchen countertop is traditional, giving the kitchen a homely feeling with the light brown and grey colour scheme.


Photo By: tylermandic.co.uk

As if marble flooring itself wasn’t enough to make a statement, this kitchen also takes up stencil lighting and white cabinetry to make it ultra-chic.


Photo By: revelateur-studio.com

Marble flooring acts as the fun element in this kitchen as everything else is balanced and uniform, giving it an extremely clean yet welcoming feeling.


Photo By: rayattodorova.tumblr.com

This kitchen is a perfect blend with the rose gold lightly streaked marble adding a feminine foreground and the black cabinetry acting as more masculine background.


Photo By: talcikdemovicova.com

The marble and the embellished walls give this kitchen a traditional look while the patterned flowing and sleek tools add the modern touch.


Photo By: fionalynch.com.au

Monochrome strikes again in this back and white kitchen. The wooden stools and the grey and white blended marble perfectly neutralize the contrast.


Photo By: extrarchitecture.co.uk

Most people don’t opt for gray cabinetry but this kitchen plays it off extremely well. The light and dark grey add some movement while the clear lighting adds space.


Photo By: studioezra.com

Marble plays a central feature in this kitchen, being part of both the bench and the splashback. White and wood finish the picture.


Photo By: studiomelesi.com

The light tinge of green in this marble is perfect to help draw attention from the unusual shape of the kitchen.


Photo By: ls-architects.com.au

Widely spaced gray streaks in the white marble add just the right amount of artistry in this well lit, uniformly spaced kitchen.

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