30 Excellent Living Rooms With Stone Walls Ideas

We live in a modern era where everything is being redesigned on a daily basis. It is by far very important to revolutionize our living standards according to newer trends and fashion.

Fashion starts at home and the way you set your living space will define your taste and choice. Living room stone wall ideas are the new answer to contemporary home setups that add prepossessing outlook to your entire living room.

Browse stacked stone, entire slabs, river rock, fieldstone, ledgestone or simple brick to get the only look you need in your living room. Whichever you pick, these wall stone arrives in a wide assortment of natural shapes, surfaces, and shades that will work with for all purposes.

A stone wall is a perfect choice for a contemporary living room and adding a rugged look to it will enhance the overall experience.

Other than beautifying your walls, a stone wall is a perfect way to conceal all your wall damages, seepages, and cracks which will not go away by repainting the walls. Thus, since times have changed, you need to transform your walls with stone or stone veneer.

Now that we have all your ears let’s take a look at some of the gorgeous stone wall design ideas to make your entire living room’s look worthwhile and attractive.


With the approach of the ultra-thin stone facade, it’s never been a superior time to get the look of genuine stone in your lounge room.

However, there is always an easy and cheap option to go for the DIY project but, certainly, field-stone wall will take some time to fit in but will be worthwhile.


Ledgestone gives you the completely natural look with its elegant finish and texture it will make your living room as cozy as it could be.

The rich color contrasts and variation will enhance the outlook together with being durable and low maintenance.


Ever wondered how a combination of traditional and modern designs would look like? Have a look at this wonderful wall texture which is a mix of soft and hard surfaces giving it an overall superior outlook.


The best color contrasting so far is this elegant espresso plank flooring and the limestone accent wall. The two colors go so well in the viewer’s eyes that the contrast is outstanding.


This one is for someone wanting something different. A brilliant stone wall stretching to the maximum height of the ceiling is for sure amazing.

The mix of wooden colors and beige seaters offer a variety of colors contrasts within the is wavelength.


Let’s keep it simple, was the thought of the owner while designing this living room. The natural colors through the solid slab fireplace have been flaunted with a modern stone in its surrounding.


The artistic look created in this living room is a mixture of reds, rust, and browns which complement well enough with the fixtures and provide the perfect old Chicago brick wall outlook.


Keep it subtle yet exciting with this colorful river stone fireplace wall. This is a unique design which only covers the fireplace but still gives a complete look without getting too much in the eyes.


Start your days with the bright white living room which will not only open your mind but will also give you fresh mornings. Have the same natural stone impact by painting it white and stylise with accessories and furniture.


The smooth texture and natural outlook of the Old World character of cobblestone is something which will separate your living room with the entire house as it gives it an amazing complete look which will differentiate from the entire house and yet deliver a combination of bright and subdued colors at the same time.


A uniform look of the brick wall is the answer to the contemporary designed living room that along with white and brown furniture looks astounding.


This one is a veneer product as it goes all the way up to the ceiling it is a smart idea to have veneer stone attached because of its lightweight and easy installation. Still, this multi-color ledge offers a bright look and is perfect.


A rugged stone wall seems as interesting as it sounds. A perfect reply to traditional living spaces.

If you are going towards dark color slates on the walls, then choose warm wood flooring to have perfect complements. This will give the entire living room an elegant outlook.


Have a big living room area? Then go for large sections of stone that will give it a more expansive look and will create greater visual interest. Large stone sections will enhance the look of the big area and the natural stone color.


It is essential to warm up space with colors of carpet, furniture, and pillows when using a hard surfacing material such as the stone walls. This will not only complement well but will also create a very cozy environment.


Now and again stone surfaces can appear to be too hard in an easygoing space. In this enticing family room, the designer relaxed the look with a cut shelf, rich wood flooring, warm divider shading and supple calfskin furniture.


Have a farmhouse or chill out house in the mountains? Then choose to design it effectively in the same coziest environment as is outdoors.

The stone accent wall and the rugged wood beams will offer you the most traditional yet modern outlook for your perfect living.


The all-natural stone wall in this living room influences it to feel like a resort.

The furniture is well-set and is upscale in its textures and polishing. The environment is unquestionably amazing for replenishing the mind’s freshness.


This is a remodeled French farmhouse which has gotten a heavenly re-design with its 300-year-old stone walls and rustic ceiling beams.

To complement the ceiling and walls, it is integrated with contemporary wood flooring for a romantic, cozy living space.


Stone everywhere right? Wrong. These are drywall over stud framing which exactly looks like a stone wall in disguise. The stone is limestone veneer which provides the richness to the area.


Appropriate lighting will additionally improve the outlook of your living room’s stone wall. Without enlightenment, the surface, shading, and magnificence of the stone are lost.


Like we change our faces with makeup, we can also transform our walls with stone or stone veneer.

These columns or the feature wall look immensely attractive with the application of stone that offers immense warmth and coziness into this living space.


A sensational stone chimney configuration helps separate two banks of windows.

The planner chose to give this floor-to-roof chimney more unmistakable quality by utilizing a thickly stacked stone impact.


This lounge room is cool, contemporary and refined which makes it ideal for engaging or relaxing with family.

The lovely limestone chimney is the point of convergence, with a low tile hearth and super high wraparound shelf. The white shelf is the ideal supplement to the stone and white components all through space.


If you can’t choose which stone would perfectly fit your wall and look great, then the option of opting for a brick wall is a perfect choice because it features a contemporary look and makes it surroundings even more exotic and traditional.


Natural slate has dependably been a stylish ground surface decision, yet it is additionally turning into a most loved for covering walls. The varieties in the slate tile can add tastefulness to a family room.


Having uncovered stone or brick in your memorable home or space resembles winning the lottery. Without much exertion on your part, the place most likely looks stunning.

Uncovered stone adds character and natural style to any living space. With a couple of a la mode furniture pieces and lighting your room can go up against any identity from traditional outlook to a modernized one.


This stone wall looks more genuine than ever. The rugged outlook exposes certain areas and, furthermore, appears to be natural decomposition at first glance.


If you have a small feature wall in the living room which you would like to customize then always choose small stone or brick options using them only on a portion of the wall.

This partial stone wall picks the right amount of color and texture required in the small area to enhance the overall design and look of the room.

It makes it amazingly attractive with its vibrant color and is less expensive than complete wall installation.


Make your feature wall the main focal point of the room by choosing the great texture and enthusiastic colors.

This wall combines a subdued color theme which is beautiful, along with, orange stones that enhance the overall effect. Next, the choice of furniture and upholstery is likely to be a cherry on top of the cake.


Inspired by: interiorcharm.com

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