35 Shortcut Key for Organizing Your Home

If the idea of organizing things excites you, then you are at the right place. Our 52 hacks will tell you how to organize your day to day stuff and to belong to maximize the storage space.

  1. Don’t throw away your old drawers, use them as handles for hanging almost anything.

  1. Used mailer tubes can be readily used as wine bottle holders.

  1. Leather belts and scrapped wood work great together to form shelves.

  1. Overuse your under-use knobs for your benefits.

  1. Keep it clean with these cute clipboards.

  1. Lacking coffee tables, use suitcases.

  1. Lacking night stands, do the same as above.

  1. Use suitcases for charging stations also.

  1. In the end, use them in a bathroom to hold your accessories.

  1. No one will try to confirm if it’s a book or a storage box

  2. Hide important stuff in the secret compartment behind the painting that no one touches.

  1. Stacked glass containers will save space, high visibility and airtight storage for your food items.

  1. You have too many books. Use a ladder as a bookshelf.

  1. Install shelves to make the most of unusually wide and drastically empty hallway.

  1. You have too many books in too many different colors. Give them all a white uniform.

  1. Lack of space for pots and pans. Use a ladder with S hooks to store them

  2. Don’t remember the placement of pots, outline to put them back in the right place.

  1. Best use of pegboards. Can be replaced with magazines also.

  1. Keep your greeting cards safe in that small filing box.

  1. You lose your stationery. Keep a small stationery tool keep all your tools intact.

  1. Some DIY paper boxes put to the best use.

  1. Tin cans can be easily decorated, painted and placed as an eventual pencil holder.

  1. A chair or a table. You can’t tell the difference.

  1. You are a bedtime reader. Place a small filing cabinet to have that extra storage by your bed.

  1. A bookshelf right next to the fireplace. Dedicated a couple of shelves for firewood.

  1. Turn your office into a multi-purpose room with a divider.

  1. Let your mail and nature go hand in hand as described.

  1. Separate your accessories using cardboard as a divider.

  1. A bent spoon or fork. No worries. Use it as a key hook.

  1. Key identification becomes a problem for you. Use yarn tassels to color code them.

  1. Organize your small accessories in the alloy tins.

  1. Nothing to hold your mail. Chic board and belts will do the trick.

  1. Use your Lego skills to make a modern table with your stack of books.

  1. No place to put your tech gear. Use an old book to make the space.

  2. Corner shelves, bigger impact in small packaging.


Inspired by: Designsponge.com

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