How To Use a Coffee Percolator

Using a percolator is simple because it doesn’t have complicated settings. With just a few steps, you can start enjoying your favorite coffee with a percolator. If you want to brew with a percolator for the first time, you might experience some challenges. Thus, it’s good to understand this brewing method and how it works.

A percolator is a type of a pot that brews coffee continually cycling the hot brew through the coffee ground. The cycling process proceeds until you get your favorite flavor. Traditional coffee percolators are heated using stove, gas or other burners. Modern percolators are electrically powered. A Percolator is great if you want to replace your automatic brewing machine.

Why Should You Use a Percolator?

Coffee enthusiasts agree that percolators produce a rich cup of coffee every time. Percolators are popular because they can be used at home and are ideal for camping.

They are also of different sizes to suit different brewing needs. You may also want to use a percolator because it gives you total control. You can determine the strength, flavor, and aroma of the coffee.

You might also be wondering how percolator differs from other brewing methods. Percolators are special in their brewing method. They expose your coffee grounds to high temperatures resulting in full extraction.

When you use percolator in the right way, it eliminates volatile compounds in your coffee grounds. It also delivers hotter coffee compared to other brewing methods.

Steps of Brewing Using a Percolator

Step 1: Add water to the reservoir

Percolators come with a “pot” that holds the water. Measure and add water depending on the amount of coffee that you want to brew. You will add water by opening the lid of the unit. Most coffee percolators brew about 2-8 cups of coffee.

Step 2: Fix the chamber & tube assembly

Some percolators need you to remove the upper basket or central tube when adding water. Replace them in this step. In most percolators, the tube extends into the water. Ensure to fix these components in the right way since they are the interface between water and the grounds.

Step 3: Measure and add ground coffee

In this step, measure your desired amount of ground coffee and add it to the upper basket. You can use the ratio of 1 tablespoon for every cup of water. This ratio will result in a strong coffee. Coffee fans who want a relatively weaker coffee can add 1 tablespoon per cup.

Step 4: Place the percolator on the heating source

The brewing starts when you begin heating the percolator with the ground coffee and water. Percolators can use different sources if heat like stove, gas and electric. Use a medium that heats the water to some degrees below the boiling point. This will enable the water to absorb flavor from the ground and prevent your coffee from becoming bitter.

Step 5: Monitor the percolating process

Percolators come with a clear lid that allows you to monitor the percolating process. The first observation will be bubbles or sputtering indicating that the water is circulating. When the water starts getting dark, it’s an indication of extraction.

Allow the percolating to continue for about ten minutes. However, this time should be determined by how strong you want your coffee and the heating medium.

Step 7: Remove the percolator from the heating source & pour

The final step is removing the percolator from the heating source when the brewing is complete. Percolators come with a plastic handle that allows for easy holding and pouring. Remember to remove the ground coffee. You can discard the grounds or recycle them.

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