How to Tenderize Meat Quickly | 7 Proven Hacks

Tendered meat is an integral part and, for some people, more important than its flavor. People can eat tasteless meat but cannot bear to eat tough and chewy meat.

Of course, people have personal opinions, and one might be different from another, but talking about meat, the general audience would prefer a slice of tasteless meat over chewy meat.

If you are new to it, the process is not easy as it seems, but there are ways to tenderize meat quickly if you are really short of time or you do not like to wait for the meat to tender.

With the right meat cooking tools, you can cook a perfectly, finger-licking, tendered meat.

How to Tenderize it Quickly?

There is not just one way to achieve the target. Multiple approaches can be adopted in order to get the desired outcome.

It all depends on the cook; one approach may be more suitable for one person than for another. You can adopt the most suitable one, but for that, you need to have a look at all the ways.

1. Use a Meat Mallet

It is a meat pounder tool used to beat the meat to tenderize it physically. It is the most considerable approach and an effective one, too, to tenderize your meat quickly.

You have to make sure not to hit the meat too hard because it can turn your meat to mushy.

A meat mallet is used for two reasons, one; to pound it and make it thinner and two; to tenderize it. It has two sides.

One side has got all the ridges, so that is used to break the fibers in the meat and make it softer.

The other side is flat and is used to make meat thinner.

2. Marinate it

You can make a marinade out of different sauces, vinegar, lemon juice, and garlic to marinate meat.

The marinade is acidic, which causes the tissue to breakdown and allow more moisture to be absorbed. This gives juicer meat as output.

Again, the process seems easy but is not. You have to be careful in marinating the meat.

For instance, marinate it for too long, and it will turn mushy, marinate frozen meat and the marinade will break down the surface and make it soft.

Considering every step carefully, you can tenderize the meat quickly. Marinate it for around 30 minutes to 2 hours that will be sufficient.

3. Salt it

Unlike the process where you have to marinate your meat for 30 minutes to 2 hours, you can salt your meat overnight and even for 24 hours. It can transform your meat from tender and chewy to soft and juicy.

You will be wondering that this process is not quick; as mentioned above, you can adopt the most suitable one, but for that, you need to have a look at all the ways.

It is a scientific process, chemistry, to be precise, that aids meat is being tendered quickly. Salt has hydrating effects on meat. This is because it retains water.

4. Let it Achieve Room Temperature

When meat achieves room temperature, it is easier for it to be cooked evenly.

Leave it for 30 minutes in the room, and it will achieve the room temperature before you cook it. It will give a juicy and tendered outcome.

5. Cook Slowly

Slow cooking is the doorway to perfect taste distribution and tendered meat, blend of juicy, soft, and tasty meat; it sounds like a fantasy.

Whatever you are cooking, slow cooking will lead to a different kind of taste that you have never experienced before.

This is because the low temperature lets the marinade distribute evenly, resulting in even breakdown of the tissues.

Particularly in meat, slow cooking will tenderize the meat in a perfectly cooked form and do wonders. It allows the tough muscle of the meat to separate because the process requires time.

6. Let it Rest

After you are done cooking your meat, let it rest for a while before you start eating. Otherwise, you will experience dry and tough meat.

During the time of rest, the juice in the meat will be able to distribute evenly in the meat instead of spilling out when eating immediately.

If the juice spills out, the meat will turn dry and tough. Hence, your well-cooked meat will be as bad as a poorly cooked meat.

7. Slice it Against the Grains

This technique is not directly associated with the tenderization of the meat but is an effective strategy to cut the meat against the grains.

The fiber is divided and becomes easier to eat, resulting in softer meat.


You will find all of these methods to be old school to tenderize meat. The fact is undeniable that defeating an old school method is difficult in every aspect, especially in terms of taste, pleasure, and credibility.

Whichever method you adopt, make sure to follow it up to the mark. Even the quickest method takes time, and the most patient amongst you all will get what you are looking for, tenderized, and juicy meat.

These methods are in use for a long time. If you never came across these methods in your kitchen, try asking your parents. They might still be using these methods to tenderize the meat quickly.

Not only will these approaches tenderize meat, but they will also add taste you have tasted never before.

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