How to Reduce Home Humidity

Humidity has been a constant rival for us irrespective of the seasons and weather.

The moment you close the doors and windows of your room, the humid and moist start suffocating you just after an hour or so.

Even though there are a number of ways to combat home humidity, you need to decide wisely which one you want to opt for according to the climate of your region.

Here comes a handful of tips which might ease your pain to some point:

1. Use a ventilation or exhaust fan

Try to put on the exhaust fan as and when you notice the moisture accumulating at a particular place.

Put on more attention to the kitchen, bathroom and basements and those places you have kept your washer and dryer. 

Just after you are done cooking for the day, switch on the exhaust fan for some time and let some fresh air to get in.

Or you can also keep the ventilation fan on at the time of cooking. If you are fond of taking hot showers, you need to do something for your bathroom too. 

So an exhaust fan can take care of your home humidity in most of the places if you can just maintain the power supply from time to time.

2. Open the windows from time to time

Unable to install an exhaust fan at this moment? Just make sure to open the windows and let the air pass properly for some time.

It will keep your room dry and moist free.

Because of cooking, the kitchen gets affected the most which might give birth to unwanted germs and several patches can also form on the walls which will let to rotting if continued for a long time. 

And that is why you need to open the window so that the home humidity can exit and normalise the temperature for some time.

Even in washrooms, open the window after a hot shower bath so that the hot air can pass swiftly.

3. Keep some indoor plants in your room

Even though it will consume quite a bit of your time to take care of them, plants can be a real saviour in this matter.

Mostly the plants do release moisture which is supposed to make your room more humid.

However, it has been seen that placing some plants in your room can cool the space for some moment easily. 

There are certain plants like the reed palm or English ivy which absorbs humidity and you just need to water them and remove bugs from time to time.

But during the intense humid months, try to shift the plants in the garden or in some other backyard place so that they can breathe freely too.

4. Change the carpets as often as you can

Carpets retain moisture intensely.

Upon that the mites and other bugs are just so in love with these moist bodies of the thick home decors.

If you are already aware that home humidity is a major issue in your region, make sure to replace the carpet from time to time which will let you ease your discomfort to some point.

5. Install an Air conditioner

If the heat and humidity become unbearable and this problem is a constant for most of the time of the year, it is the ultimate solution to spend some major bucks and to get an Air conditioner.

It is equipped to absorb the moisture and can cool down the room according to your comfort. 

Even though it will increase your monthly expenditure, it will soothe your constant discomfort.

However, once you become a pro in surviving in both the humid and cool temperature, chalk out your complete day so that you switch on the AC only when the humidity level is maximum.

That will let you cut off some notable costs for every month. 

There are a number of tools available in the hardware shops which can determine the humidity level in your home such as a hygrometer.

They are capable of showing results immediately which will give you the chance to fix the issue as soon as possible.

In any of your convenient ways, just make sure to reduce the home humidity as it does really affect our health and home in the long run and destroys our comfort level too.

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