How To Make Coffee Without A Coffee Maker

For most people, life begins with coffee. It is like a ritual you have to obey every morning. Technology has made changes in our today’s modern life with every aspect left untouched. The kitchen is one part of our houses that has taken a big shift.

From a room full of smoke to a pretty clean and organized space with more convenience than we could have ever imagined. Due to many kitchen appliances available today, what took hours now takes minutes. For instance, the coffee maker is one great unit that allows anyone to make a cup of flavoring coffee quickly.

However, there are mornings when you wake up only to realize your coffee maker has broken down. Given that most of us are fond of the modern convenience of appliances, a coffee maker that is on the fritz always means a tough morning. The good news is that there are various methods through which you can make coffee without the help of a coffee maker or a French Press.

After all, our fathers lived longer and had none. When you have water and coffee grounds, then you already have the coffee. The following methods will help you out when the coffee maker is not available or has malfunctioned.

Saucepan Method #Method 1

This is one of the most common methods that is practiced almost in every country in the world. The saucepan method demonstrates cooking basics. Nothing special is required. Provided you have your coffee grounds, a source of heat, a spoon, and a saucepan, you are ready to go.


  • Place your saucepan on the source of heat and add water. The amount of water added will depend on the number of cups you intend to make. In this method, the water will be more than what one would use with a coffee maker.
  • Add coffee and stir the mixture.
  • Turn on the heat and allow your coffee to boil
  • After your coffee has boiled, leave it uncovered for two to three minutes so that it can boil to perfection
  • Now take the saucepan from the heat source and allow the grounds to sink to the bottom
  • Give an allowance of around 5 minutes so that your coffee can cool
  • Slowly pour your coffee into a drinking cup, serve and enjoy

Coffee Bag Method #Method 2

The coffee method is common today in most hotels, restaurants, and our homes. The only exception is that tea bags are used while in this method coffee grounds are contained in the bag. It is perhaps the easiest method. Hot water, mug, spoon, and your favorite coffee bag is all you need.


  • Boil water using a saucepan, kettle, or any other gadget
  • Place your coffee bag in a clear cup
  • Slowly pour the boiled water into the cup
  • Let the coffee bag remain immersed in the water occasionally.
  • Depending on steeping time preference, you may allow the coffee bag to remain in the cup longer, for more than 4 minutes or less.
  • If you allow 2-3 minutes steeping time, you will definitely get a weaker cup. On the other hand, a steeping time of 5-7 minutes will yield a much stronger coffee.
  • In case you want to make the most of your coffee bag that is high-priced, you can go ahead and use the back of your spoon to give the bag some squeeze. This will empty the bag of all the content held on the grounds.

Filter Method #Method 3

This method is often confused with the strainer methods but the two are very different. It involves using a filter bundle instead of a strainer. It can be used when camping or any other outdoor activity. It can be tedious when you plan to make several cups of coffee, and you only got one filter bundle.


  • Place water in the kettle or saucepan
  • In the meantime, place each filter bundle on its own mug and add coffee grounds to the filters
  • Be careful to leave a margin of at least 2 inches in order to allow you to pull out the filter at the end
  • Pour the hot water over the coffee grounds placed on the filter
  • Allows a steeping time of about 3-4 minutes
  • Remove the filter bundles and enjoy your coffee.

Strainer Use #Method 4

This is one of the simplest coffee-making methods. The only precaution you require to take is to ensure that your strainer is of good quality. Ensure that the filter you use has small holes. Sipping coffee together with the grounds can be disgusting. Who wants that? Once you have a strainer, cup, hot water, and your favorite coffee grounds, follow the steps below:


  • Simply use any source of heat to boil your water
  • Place your strainer on top of a clean cup
  • Add some coffee grounds to the strainer
  • Pour some little hot water over the strainer to warm the grounds and then pour the rest
  • The strainer will catch any grounds leaving you with hot coffee to serve

Improvised French Press #Method 5

This method simply mimics the French press coffee making process. Visitors obsessed with the French press may knock on your door only for you to realize the neighbor borrowed your press and he or she is away. You can follow most of the steps used with a French press and get almost the same results.


  • Boil your water using a kettle, pot, or even use a microwave
  • Grind your coffee grounds but opt for a course texture
  • Have two clean jugs and pour the grounds on one of them
  • Pour hot water to cover the grounds. This helps to wet them
  • Have your next pour to fill the jug
  • Allows 3-4 minutes of steeping
  • Gently pour your ready coffee into the other clean jug. The grounds will have settled at the bottom
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