How To Make A Cappuccino At Home

Cappuccino is an espresso (an extraction made from coffee beans) that is prepared with steamed milk and foam. It has the creamy texture and a strong bitter taste of a solid coffee brew that will spice up your morning. Cappuccino is a popular drink these days.

That’s why you will come across coffee shops at every corner of the city. Since most people don’t have the necessary equipment needed to prepare it at their homes, there are other ways on how you can achieve that.

To prepare it you’ll need to have an espresso machine. You can change the amount of foam or steamed milk you have just to make the drink the way you want it.


  • Espresso maker
  • Coffee mug
  • Milk
  • Coffee ground
  • A glass
  • A teaspoon

Step By Step Procedure of Making Cappuccino

Grind your Bean

Is there any better way to make a perfect cappuccino than putting your beans into the brew? This process of preparing cappuccino starts by grinding the coffee beans to make enough espresso that can fill one glass.

If you are making a serving cappuccino, make sure you grind enough beans so as to make a 1-ounce espresso shot. But if you are planning on preparing a cappuccino for two, step up your measurements to make enough for 2 shots.

Make your Espresso

Settings may vary with regard to the model of your espresso machine. But to make a cappuccino for yourself, prepare the espresso and then wait for the machine to dispense coffee into the glass.

If the machine already has a foamer, wait for it (the espresso) to finish prior to moving to the next phase. But if the cappuccino maker does not have a foaming milk function, prepare the milk as the espresso brews.

Get the Milk Ready

Foaming the milk can be done either using the espresso machine’s built-in frother or by an external milk frother. They all serve the same purpose.

In either way, you’ll want to froth the milk enough to make the thick foam and not just light bubble froth. To achieve this, dip the edge of the frother into the milk’s surface and make sure it does not touch the bottom of your container.

Move the steam wand up & away from its surface immediately you start frothing the milk. This will encourage the thickening of froth.

Combine Coffee with the Milk

As soon as the espresso is done with brewing, pour it into a clean mug. Take your steamed milk and then pour the liquid part into your mug with an espresso. Once you have poured enough of the liquid to fill up the mug to half, scoop the froth from the milk using a teaspoon.

Always make sure you get rid of all the liquid milk that might be on your teaspoon and then add the froth on the prepared surface of the coffee & milk combination. If there is room yet left in the mug, you can pour the remaining milk into the mug until it is full to the lip.

Add Little Sugar to Taste

If you prefer bitter cappuccino, you can take it the way it is. But if you would like to add sweetness to the brew, at most 2 teaspoons of sugar can work just fine.

Some individuals prefer adding chocolate syrup or coffee powder or just sprinkles into the concoction. So depending on your choice and preference, all these additions can make a great cappuccino.

Always remember that the true nature of a perfect cappuccino lies in the way you combine its key ingredients.

Preparing a cappuccino shot can be quite easy. So what are you waiting for? Make your coffee concoction with the espresso machine and enjoy a perfect and delicious cappuccino right in the comfort of your house.

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