How to Lose Weight With Coffee

Are you tired of your body weight or have you tried losing those extra pounds with no success? There’s no need to worry. Although this subject is heavily debated, studies show that caffeine can help lose some weight or prevent weight gain.

Also, studies have indicated that coffee cannot help you lose significant pounds or keep them off permanently. But through drinking coffee sensibly and mixing it with healthy diets and workout regimens, one can lose weight.

Here are the five tips on how you can lose weight with coffee.

1. Drink Healthy amounts of Coffee

A small amount of caffeine can be significant for a short period. It can temporarily suppress one’s appetite as well as stimulate minimal amounts of calories being burned. However, excessive consumption of coffee can result in insomnia and increased levels of stress both of which may lead to overeating.

Ideally, a cup or two of a fully-caffeinated coffee in a day is enough to help you lose some weight. In total, you’re not supposed to take more than 400 mg of caffeine a day. Mathematically, this is the equivalence of 4 cups of espresso or 2 energy shot drinks.

You should know that plain coffee (without sugar) is the best bet if you want to lose weight quickly. Notably, a cup of black coffee contains two calories, and it has no fat. Beverages such as soda and any other energy drink might be rich in calories, or they have hidden sucrose that can prevent your weight loss.

2. Spread out your coffee drinking times

If you need to lose weight and get positive results within the shortest time possible, you should consider taking your coffee at certain intervals in a day. This will not only give you an extra boost at work or during workouts, but it will also suppress your craving for food.

Therefore, you should stick to a daily limit as much as you can. For instance, if you can take four cups of coffee in a day, you can have one in the morning, one during lunchtime, one at mid-afternoon, and the last one at dinner.

For three cups in a day, you can take one in the morning, one at lunch, and the third one during dinner. You can adjust this schedule at your convenience to see which will work best for you.

3. Try Half- Calf

If you need to drink more coffee throughout the day, try a blend of full & decaffeinated beans, usually known as half-calf. This will enable you to take coffee up seven times a day.

Also, it will help you lose some pounds within a short length of time. When using the half-calf, make sure you read the brand labels to ensure that you are getting a half –caffeinated coffee. Its label might also show the amount of caffeine a cup contains.

4. Sip coffee prior to workout

Coffee stimulates thermogenesis- a way through which the body can make heat & energy by digesting food. This can result in a loss of extra calories.

By sipping your espresso in conjunction with exercise, you can help the body burn extra calories and fat. For optimal results (weight loss) drink around 200 milligrams of caffeine that is equivalent to one cup of coffee.

5. Do away with Sugar and Cream

Adding both cream & sugar to your espresso can raise the caloric content and hinder weight loss. In case you can’t take black coffee, you can opt for skim milk or sugar-free sweeteners instead. You should know that heavy whipping cream has 54 calories per tablespoon.

Besides, it has a lot of fat. One tablespoon of sucrose has 49 calories. So if you add more tablespoons of sugar to your coffee, you may end up gaining more weight than losing some pounds. Butter also contains fat and calories which play a significant role in gaining bodyweight.

Both calories and fat can hinder you from losing weight so you should eliminate butter when taking your coffee because it’s the ultimate source of both calories and fat. Ensure you get unsweetened creamers & milk. As a matter of fact, flavored milk usually has no sugar or any other additives that may add calories and prevent weight loss.

You can also opt for iced coffee in case of bitter black espresso, but just make sure it is not sweetened with table sugar.

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