How To Fill HPA Tank With Air Compressor?

First, I will be explaining how to fill an HPA tank. I have prepared a step-by-step guide for all of you.

After that, I will be getting into a brief comparison between CO2 and HPA.

It will really help you if you are confused between both of them and lastly, my favorite part, the FAQs.

I have tried to answer all of the frequently asked questions that I could.

I hope you find this article useful. Make sure to read it till the end. Now, without further ado, let’s get right into the topic!

Introduction to HPA Tanks

Now there is a variety of HPA (High-Pressure Air) tanks available in the market. If you know the right way, you can pretty much fill any HPA easily.

Here I have designed a step-by-step guide on how to fill HPA Tank with an air compressor.

Make sure to follow all the steps and read it till the end so that you fill it properly.

Step By Step Guide On How To Fill HPA Tank

Check The Tank

The most crucial step is to check your tank beforehand. Many people ignore this step but make sure that you are not one of them. Check the tank for any possible leakage.

If you don’t check your tank and it leaks, it can result in a very serious accident. Please do not skip this step in any case.

Empty The Tank

When you are filling the HPA tank, there really should not be any leftover gas in it. Make sure that your tank is completely empty.

Release the air completely. It will barely take a few minutes. The place where you are releasing the air should be well-ventilated.

Connect The Hose To The Compressor

Now, your HPA is finally ready for the air filling. Now, for this step, you have to find two nozzles. One is on the HPA tank, and the other one is on the air compressor.

Both of the nozzles should be connected tightly so that no amount of leaks for the air compressor and you get the best outcome.

For connecting them, open the kit from the air compressor and HPA and connect them. The connection should be secure and tight.

Turn On The Air Compressor

Now, let’s move on to the main step.

The cable should be connected to the power source to avoid any inconvenience. The power source could be any that you prefer.

It does not matter if it is either connected to electric power or battery power as long as it is connected properly.

Now start the air compressor and pass the air to the tank.

Your tank will be filled within a few minutes. Make sure to maintain the PSI pressure of the air.

The pressure of the air compressor should match the pressure of the tank. Otherwise, the air won’t fill in the tank.

Measure The PSI

When the air is filling in the tank, make sure to measure the PSI. This will help you to predict when there is enough air in the tank.

When the HPA tank is filled with air, remove the nozzle, and there you have it, your tank with new air. You can read the PSI from the pressure switch on your air compressor.

Secure Place For Tank

Lastly, you have to save your tank in a proper place. You should not keep it in the open air.

Place the tank in a secure place so that you can reach out for it when needed.

Top Air Compressors

Here, I have some of the best air compressors of all time. I will be briefly describing my favorite ones.


This is basically for scuba tank air compressors, but they can be pretty much be used for anything else like paintball guns. I highly recommend this one because it is versatile.

You can use it for paintball guns, scuba tanks, and alike.

It is a very reliable and high-quality compressor. It has a pressure switch, safety valves, and oil separators.

HPDMC 110V 4500 PSI

If you are looking for an inexpensive option, then this is the one you should opt for. It has pretty much everything that you need in an air compressor.

It is best for domestic use as it is small and compact. It has a reasonable price tag, and it works on only 110 volts. The only drawback is that it requires a cooling system.

HPDAVV Portable Air Compressor 4500 PSI

Here I have another portable option for you.

If you are always on the go, then this will be perfect. It is not noisy. It has a built-in water cooling system. It uses the only 100v to work. What else do you want!

Co2 Paintball Tanks vs HPA

Here I will briefly describe both of them so that you can select the one that suits you.

I will mention some of the essential advantages and disadvantages of both of them.

Advantages Of CO2

The main advantage of a CO2 tank is that it has a low cost as compared to HPA. That’s why most people end up opting for CO2. CO2 is excellent for players that play paintball on private property.

A CO2 tank lasts you very long. You can get one and play for the whole day. The refill is not very expensive too. It can cost you somewhere fr5om $3 to $7.

Pretty cheap, right? If you can’t find a CO2 tank nearby, check welding and fire extinguisher supply companies. They mostly have it.

Disadvantages Of CO2

First of all, if you choose CO2, then you have to be very careful about the weather.

For the best transition, it should be warm, somewhere around 23 degrees Celsius (74 F).

If you try to make the transition in cold weather, it will not happen correctly. If the weather is cold, there will be a drop in PSI.

CO2 gets very cold in no time. The CO2 tan will get colder if the gun is fired quickly.

Advantages Of HPA

HPA (High-Pressure Air) is also known as compressed air. Air compressors got famous somewhere in the early 90s. When it came to the market, the drawbacks of CO2 became more prominent and obvious.

The people who could afford it leaned towards it because of better results.

The name compressed air is quite self-explanatory; it is literally just compressed air in appropriate packaging.

There are many sizes of HPA tanks that are available in the market. They are mostly found in 3000 PSI or 4500 PSI. Obviously, 4500 PSI has more shots as compared to 3000 PSI HPA.

The main reason why most people prefer HPA is their consistency.

They have much more consistent pressure as opposed to CO2. HPA provides a way better result than CO2.

HPA is easily available at paintball fields. You can fill it in as many times as you want.

Disadvantages Of HPA

The most dominant drawback of compressed air is its initial cost. You can get it anywhere from $40 to $250.

My Thoughts

In my opinion, compressed air is more of an investment. If you are someone who needs it very frequently, then definitely go for HPA. Think of it as an investment.

On the other hand, if you do not need to fill air frequently, then opt for CO2. It is much cheaper, and it does the job.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to fill an HPA tank?

There are different prices everywhere, but you can get it filled in the range of $5 or somewhere around the lines.

Does Walmart fill HPA tanks?

Yes. It does. You can also get your tank filled from scuba shops, sporting stored, paintball locations, and alike.

How do you fill a paintball tank with an air compressor at home?

It is a very easy and simple procedure. I have mentioned a proper step-by-step guide at the beginning of this article. Scroll up!

How long does an HPA tank last?

It can last for two days of full games.

Wrapping It Up

I have tried my best to share all of the essential information on this topic.

If you have reached the end of this article, I am sure that most of your confusion is cleared up.

If not, go to the FAQ section, where I have answered some of the most frequently asked questions of all time.

Bye for now!! Take care!

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