How To Check Compressor Windings?

How To Check Compressor Windings?In this modern era of information technology, you do not have to be an expert while doing a task.


You can simply follow the steps conveyed by the experts to perform the task.

Compressor windings can be confusing to diagnose in the first place but not after reading this article.

If your compressor is properly getting the voltages and is comprised of a good capacitor yet not working well, then there must be something wrong with the windings (electrical failure).

In order to meet the remedy, you must go through the steps which should be followed while checking the compressor windings.

Winding Failure Types

There are three types of winding failures that can occur:

  1. Open winding (when there is a wire broken in the winding)
  2. Shorted winding (when the insulation of wires is damaged somewhere and they come in contact)
  3. Grounded winding (when the wire with broken insulation comes in contact with the casing)

Steps To Follow to Check The Failure

First things first, disconnect the power supply. There are three terminals, Common, Start, and Run, named as C, S, and R, respectively. You have to disconnect them.

Take one multimeter and set it to ohms.

Now you have to measure and record the resistance of each winding.

The resistance across common and run should be lower than the one across common and start. The reason behind this is that the start winding is highly resistive.

The resistance across Run and Start should be equal to the sum of CS and CR.


Now, if you notice infinite resistance, this simply means that there is an open winding case. In this case, the current does not have any path to flow.

Also, make sure that the compressor is not overheated in this case (if you suspect). If it is hot, try cooling it using a water hose and then take the measurements.

On noticing zero resistance indication on your multimeter while performing measurements, you must go for the shorted winding case.

There must be broken insulation in your winding if you measure zero resistance on the multimeter.

Now, if you want to verify the grounded winding case, you should set your multimeter to its highest range and place one of the meter’s leads on the casing of the compressor and the other on the pins one by one.

If the readings do not indicate an infinite resistance, then the case is true.


Compressor windings can give three types of failure indications in general if you check them properly.

The thing is that you must have them identified before it leads to further loss of the device.

To a beginner, this may seem to be a bit tedious, and often it can be due to some technical reasons.

But trust me, if you follow the steps correctly and observe the readings efficiently, you can succeed in finding out what’s wrong.

If you lack the confidence to perform this task, you should first give it a shot.

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