How To Bypass Ac Compressor Pulley

How To Bypass Ac Compressor PulleyI’m sure you are wondering what an AC Bypass Pulley is or what it does.


Since it is not commonly known, people and car drivers have confused opinions and mixed assumptions about it.

It is a mechanical tool installed to replace or bypass a faulty or bad factory AC system in cars. You might find it hard to understand just now!

But don’t worry! Here I will be telling you all that you need to know about what is an AC Compressor Pulley is and How to bypass an AC Compressor Pulley.

What is an AC Compressor Bypass Pulley

A free-spinning pulley, used as a replacement for the AC compressor or an automotive engine, is known as an AC Bypass pulley.

When an AC compressor in a car fails to do its job or does it badly, the AC Compressor Bypass pulley is bought in as a replacement for the bad factory AC system.

The bypass pulley is installed where the factory AC system used to be.

So, an AC Compressor Bypass Pulley is a cheap and amazing fix if your car has faults in the AC Factory System.

What Does An AC Compressor Bypass Pulley Do?

To know about what it means is not enough.

AC Bypass pulleys are mechanical tools made by heavy machinery, just like your other car parts.

An AC Compressor Bypass Pulley has way less resistance in rolling than a normal factory AC compressor, which increases the power of your engine and enables you to doll up your engine bay.

Although installing an AC Compressor Bypass Pulley and replacing your factory AC system, you can no longer use the air conditioning system.

But since it is a way cheaper fix, many people go for this than getting a new factory AC Compressor.

How to bypass AC Compressor Pulley

Now, this is where it gets tricky; now that you know what a bypass AC Compressor pulley is, you need to know how to install it too.

I will teach you how to install a bypass AC compressor pulley, and that too, in 8 easy steps!

So let’s get started:

  1. Remove the connectors completely from the compressor
  2. Loosen the bolts from the factory AC compressor, then gradually remove them.
  3. Discard all the AC lines from the compressor safely.
  4. Remove the factory AC compressor.
  5. Remove the mounting bolts, set the old AC Compressor aside.
  6. Line up the Bypass AC Compressor pulley right next to the mounting holes.
  7. Pass the bolts of the bypass AC Compressor pulley through the holes that were originally made for the factory AC system and tighten them.
  8. Install the serpentine belt and make sure it fits properly.


If you are reading this, we have reached the end of the guide on bypassing an AC Compressor Pulley.

By now, I’m sure you can do it yourself without any confusion; if not, I suggest you read the guide again and get started!

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