How Hot Should A Fridge Compressor Get?

How Hot Should A Fridge Compressor Get?Looking for answers on how hot should a fridge compressor get? You have come to the right spot.

As here, I will be telling you all about your compressor, from how it works to how hot a compressor should get.

Stay tuned and find out all!

What is a Compressor?

A compressor is a known mechanical tool that increases the pressure of a gas by reducing its volume.

Compressors are very much like gas pumps in many ways.

A compressor mainly has two parts that are, the compressing system and the power source. Both of these parts play a very important role in the compressor.

How Does a Fridge Compressor Work?

To know what a compressor is, not enough. We need to understand how a compressor works to use it in the right way without welcoming any mishaps.

Here I will tell you how a compressor works in 6 easy steps to get a better understanding of it!

  1. The compressor firstly constricts the refrigerant vapor, raises its pressure, and pushes it into the metal coils on the outside of the fridge.
  1. Upon meeting the cooler air temperature in the kitchen, the hot gas in the metal coils turns into liquid.
  1. When the liquid flows into the coils inside the freezer and the fridge at high pressure, it gradually cools down.
  1. The refrigerant then cools down the air by absorbing the heat inside the fridge.
  1. The refrigerant evaporates into a gas and then flows all the way back to the compressor.
  1. As the gas reaches the compressor, the cycle starts once again.

How Hot Should a Fridge Compressor Get?

If your fridge is working perfectly fine then, it should be cool from the inside and warm from underneath it or behind it.

The warmth that you will feel is coming from the compressor.

Having a warm back of your fridge is normal yet, excessive warmth is dangerous as excessive warmth indicates a problem in the compressor.

The safe temperature range of your compressor is as high as 300 degrees Fahrenheit, but if it is 320 or 350 degrees, you should consult a technician as it can cause breakdowns.

Reasons Behind Overheating

There are four main causes of overheating of the compressor; I will be listing the causes down below so you can prevent your compressor from overheating.

  • Lack of maintenance is a major cause of overheating; make sure you keep your compressor clean and maintained.
  • Old compressors or compressors that go through extreme use are more likely to overheat.
  • If there is not enough ventilation available in the compressor room, it will result in over-heating. Make sure the compressor is able to cool itself.
  • Weather plays an important role in getting a compressor overheated, make sure the compressor room is not too hot.


Now that we have reached the end of the article, I’m sure you now know all about how a compressor works, how hot should it be, and what causes overheating.

If you are still confused about some things, I suggest you read the guide thoroughly again.

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