11 Easy Home Lighting Tips

When it’s time to re-do your home, the first few dominating changes always are furniture, accessories to put here and there, and color themes. However, lighting being a major factor, does not get enough credit.

You might find some beautiful furniture pieces and accessories that would look resilient at the store but dull in your house.

Do you know why? Because lighting at your place isn’t appropriate enough. Lighting can really bring the most out of your living space features.

In this article, I will give you some super easy home lighting tips, which will make your home look way more rustic and elegant than before, so brace yourself for the power of lighting!

Easy Home Lighting Tips

Whether you’re looking to create an exotic study or a calm lounge, lighting is all you need to fix to really get into the vibe of what you are feeling.

Just a few lighting techniques here and there can make a huge difference; by keeping in mind these practical tips, you can create a well-lit, equisetic home in no time.

To make sure that happens, here I will be giving you a serene guide of easy home lighting tips in just six steps:

Create a Plan

Shopping for light fixtures to make your living space more broad and beautiful is no doubt so fun.

Although you don’t want to spend all your money just on it. To make sure you don’t do that, you need to make a plan, more like a thoughtful plan.

Firstly, you need to keep this in mind the color theme of your house, so instead of going for that over-priced chandelier purely because of the aesthetics and your love for chandelier, you should consider your room size, shape, lighting, and the activities that will be taking place in the room first.

Once you are done deciding that, you may want to write down your answers; this will help you stay focused on the kind of lighting you need while staying on a maintained budget.

Layer the Lights

There are three basic types of lighting “ambient, task, and accent.” The key to good lighting is layering of all of these. Since all three allow you to choose which one do you want to turn on when your mood is either cozy or confident.

Layering your lights gives your living space an upgrade and brings each and every furniture and accessory out; you can also adjust brightness level of your lights depending on your mood. So layering is one thing you really should be doing to fix your home’s lighting.

Going deeper, it is essential to know which kind of lighting does what so you can choose where do you want to put it up. So I will be giving you a very basic guide on all three of the types in the next point.

The Types

It’s important to know about the properties of each lighting type so that you can easily point out what is wrong in a room’s lighting and which kind of lighting it is missing, so let’s get into it.

  • Ambient 

Ambient lighting comes from the ceiling. It is more like overhead lighting and provides a general light to the whole room.

  • Task 

Task lighting is used to help you do specific tasks like writing, reading, doing makeup, cooking, etc. it can be in the form of a table lamp or floor lamps, track lights, or ring lights.

  • Accent

Accent lighting is all about going big, creating drama and dimensions in your room. Sharpening features of your room like an art-piece, a bookshelf of just your photo-wall. This lighting comes in the shapes of spotlights, fairy lights, wall scones, etc.

The Proper Sizes

When it comes to the right size selection for a lighting fixture, take your room size into consideration first. Too big, too bright, might make your small room looked washed up and pale; it can also be harmful and uncomfortable for your eyes.

The same goes the other way around. If the lighting in your room is too small, your eyes won’t be able to adjust easily. Different rooms have different lighting needs that base on their room size and the kind of furniture the room owns.

So, before going all in and buying a light that looks appealing in the store, you might want to cross-check it with your room size first.

Natural Light

Natural light is undoubtedly the best kind of light you can get during the day-time and that too, free of cost!

Other than being a very strong illumination source, sunlight also helps you get rid of all the bacteria that have been residing at your place.

Not only that, soaking up sunshine for 5-15 min’s also helped the body produce vitamin D and boosts your immune system; that being said, pull apart your curtains and let the sun soak your home.

Reflect Your Personality

While putting together the furniture, accessories, and light fixtures in your room, don’t forget to put a part of yourself in it.

Always reflect your personality in bits and pieces in your house to make it comfier. Your home should be of a unique taste and lifestyle that represents you.

Have fun with light settings, and replace your standard lights with the ones that go more with your personal taste.


Now that we’ve reached the end of the article, it is safe to say; you have now learned all bout the right lightings and easy tips on how to fix your home lighting.

If you still have some questions about lighting and their types, I suggest you take a look at the easy home lighting tips again.

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