25 Excellent Green Living Rooms Ideas for Accessorizing Them

Green is a color which is calm and soothing. A home is sanitary where a person can relax and recharge after a long day at work.

Colors have a huge impact on our mood and add beauty to our sanctuary. Coloring our homes green produces, a tranquility which is irreplaceable.

  1. Minimalistic Minimalism

Photo By: deviantart.com/mystdesign

This picture has green walls and white furniture and carpets. The color scheme is simple and the furniture is minute. It shows us that less is always better!

The entertainment console is perfect to reboot and reenergize after a long day at work, especially in those comfortable accent chairs.

  1. Space Ship

Photo By: hermanmiller.co.jp

The room is very unorthodox with its combination of dark moss green walls and coral couch.

The salmon pink sofa has a modern touch to it and the red pillows and rug do not give an overwhelming and festive feeling.

  1. Shiva

Photo By: dulux.co.nz

The huge pan windows give natural lighting and bring subtly to the dark green hue. A tribal vibe can be felt with the combination of rusty orange and sage green.

  1. Comfy Woods

Photo By: martinadigangi.com

The Kelly green provides a vegetative and naturalistic look to a rustic scene. The green couches, wood side console, and ottoman coffee table give this room an earthy and forest look.

  1. Lavishment

Photo By: chichomeinteriors.com

Natural wall art gives this room a woodland look. The large windows complement the unique ceiling fan. The dash of orange gives the room life and color and greatly complement the green walls.

  1. Crusaiders

Photo By: alisbergparker.com

The voluminous rug, fireplace and wall art give a rich look to the overall room. Olive green walls are the only color with oomph. Less is always more when it comes to color for this room.

  1. Green Orange Juice

Photo By: oooarsenal.ru

Orange and green go hand in hand. The bookshelf adds to a spacious look of the backboard.

Many things like pictures and accessories can be added to these wall shelves and more color can be added to give it a vibrant look.

  1. Picasso

Photo By: home.co.id

The floor lamp in this picture gives a soft feel to the sharp green walls and coffee table.

  1. Asia In

Photo By: degerdon.info

Inspired by the Mediterranean this room has an oriental feel to it. For more ideas check out modern Asian inspired design.

  1. Mint

Photo By: karenzajewell.com.au

The lime green ottoman, throw pillows and vases make this a modern living room. These accessories join well with the blue couch cushions and wood accents.

  1. Greenmania

Photo By: gilsdesign.com

High texture and green accent walls make the living room perfect.

  1. Freud

Photo By: love-your-home.co.uk

The moss green wall pictures well with a velvet grass colored chair.

  1. Daisy

Photo By: Maria Stepanova, Olga Khovanskaya

Pink accent walls combined with minty hues make this room very calm. The window and curtains have been added to make the room less cluttered.

  1. Gothica

Photo By: .behance.net/korolevdao6b67

Dark and bold colors such as pink lights and a dark green couch with the designer table lamps enhance the room to make it more powerful. Lion heads also add to this statement.

  1. Noguchi

Photo By: basilephoto.com

The picture shows a mid-century living room the green walls go well with the mid-century coffee table and Noguchi table.

  1. Bubble

Photo By: Lindsey Ellis Beatty and Rachael Burrow and davidaland.com

The sky blue accent chairs make this room comfortable and fun for entertainment. It goes hand in hand with the green curtains.

  1. Charmsville

Photo By : ikea.com

Medium green walls contrast with the off-white rug and furniture.

  1. Bright Hollywood

Photo By: seattlestagedtosell.com

Sage green accent walls with wooden table and orange throw pillows make this room looks very stylish.

  1. Vasement

Photo By: facebook.com/igorsirotovdesign

The decorative vases and high line furniture make this room beautifully clattered and fun. The green backdrop brings color to the tiled white floors and couches.

  1. Paris

Photo By: behance.net/nhungocinte4ee

Open concept spaces and seafoam green in the living room make this room very chic. However, the sharp contrast with the dining table is not at all different.

The green chairs tie the whole room together in one combination.

  1. Jungle

Photo By: The Design House

Green splashes within the room alongside the wall shelves add color to the spaciousness of the room through its white walls and couches.

  1. Celery

Photo By: nonagon.style

Indoor house plants with a green accent chair soften the look of the concrete wall.

  1. Ratakowski

Photo By: facebook.com/oksana.dolgopiatova

A regal and cozy space with large framing windows in turquoise. The throw pillows and green vases put the room together.

  1. Lemony

Photo By: behance.net/leanhkts262d2a

Sleek and modern with minute details to make this room look whole, green accent walls and matching bookcase seal the deal. The Tuan Anh Le pictures bring further class.

  1. 60’s COMFORT

Photo By: behance.net/Ubermaki

The funky and retro style room with Sputnik chandelier with low furniture and tiled floors.

Bright colors such as the green sidewall and sunshine yellow artwork bring peace to this spacious room.


It is very important to make your home a space for tranquility. In today’s demanding and hardworking culture it is important for an individual to destress and boost up their creativity by designing their homes adequately.

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