12 Gorgeous Green Bathroom Decorating Ideas

The word green itself is synonymous with refreshing, which makes it one of the best shades to include in your bathroom decor. A bathroom that has a tinge of green in it will definitely help in achieving a look that fulfills your needs.

Here are some green bathroom decorating ideas, featuring both simple bathroom designs and designs that make you look again.

  1. Go Green

Photo By: Morgan Howarth

Green has a variety of shades from the light, refreshing lime to the deepest, most royal emerald.

This bathroom from Anthony Wilder Design/Build (via Houzz) makes use of that fact to include two contrasting shades of green to achieve a very chic look.

  1. Olive green used boldly

Photo By: Sarah Richardson Design

Olive green is a beautiful shade on its own, making the mirror frame and vanity look bold yet not forced.

The whole look of this Sarah Richardson Design bathroom is perfectly balanced, the white compliments the olive green and unconventional mirror frame equalizes the straight lines in the tiles and vanity.

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  1. A modern jungle

Photo By: Vintage Revivals

This bathroom design by Mandi of Vintage Revivals features a jungle green coloured wall with a map hung on it. Just one coloured wall and one piece of decor do the trick.

The wooden floor, the jungle green, best colour for a small bathroom, and the artificial plant perfectly complete the picture.

  1. Keeping it traditional

Photo By: Jay Green

Although spacious, this bathroom by Karen Bean Architect (via Houzz) is oddly shaped. The use of soft green neutralizes the bold size and turns of the wall.

The use of brown furniture and granite tie it very close to nature and give it a very traditional feel.

  1. Geometric Green

Photo By: Glynis Wood Interiors

Green works well for children’s bathrooms because it is bright but not too loud.

The use of a subtle green shade paired with a mosaic tile gives this Glynis Wood Interiors bathroom a controlled feel, perfect to calm any child down.

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  1. Dark Green that’s not gloomy

Photo By: Kate Marker Interiors

This particular shade of dark green is perfect to solely colour all walls with.

The use of farmhouse sinks and gold fixtures make this bathroom by Kate Marker look unique yet homely.

  1. A bathroom that gives you spa treatment

Photo By: Carmel Brantley

The use of a single lime green shade all over this spacious bathroom by NXG Studio makes it look like a modern-day spa. Vases of the same colour as green plants give it a very organic feel.

  1. Sage for the ages

Photo By: Coddington Design

Just like the name of the shade indicates, this bathroom by Coddington Design has an extremely sophisticated and minimalistic look, enhanced by the use of small marble tiles and an open shelving vanity.

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  1. As royal as emerald

Photo By: Allison Corona Photography

This Judith Balis bathroom very interestingly takes colour to the furniture instead of the walls.

The choice of emerald green is a unique one, and mirror frames and towels of the same colour make the bathroom a bold statement.

  1. A grounded green look

Photo By: Studio 53

The use of variegated green subway tiles by Studio 53 is all that is needed to give this bathroom the modern yet earthen look that it has.

  1. Spa day, every day

Photo By: Natalie Clayman Interior Design

Cool mint green can never go wrong, especially not when used in a bathroom to give it a spa effect as used by DecorPad. The softness of the whole design is revitalizing to look at.

  1. A bathroom for the royals

Photo By: Kim Scodro Interiors

Green always compliments floral design as it does in this Kim Scodro Interiors bathroom.

The bright green wallpaper with the gold touch makes it extremely royal.

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