17 Beautiful Gray and White Bathroom Designs Ideas

If you are intending to make your bathroom look simple yet modern and aesthetic, the classic combination of gray and white used in various ways should do the trick. Check out these gray and white bathroom designs to find which one suits you best.

  1. Simple yet chic

Photo By: Ryan Garvin

Gray and white is a combination that can be played with. This William Guidero Planning and Design bathroom uses gray and white stripes on the wall to make the area look bigger and also gives a very chic look.

  1. Making a mark affordably

Photo By: Shelter Interiors

There is no need of spending needless money to make your bathroom stand out.

Gray is a common color; using gray tiles on the walls and the mirror frame is an intelligent way of making the space look dynamic, as can be seen in this Shelter Interiors bathroom.

  1. An industrial but homely bathroom

Photo By: Ashley Truman

The shade of gray used in this Ashley Truman of Cherished Bliss bathroom makes it look industrial, whereas the other egg white components give it a homely feel.

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  1. Using gray to create space

Photo By: Goodchild Builders

The systemic use of gray in the granite countertop paired with straight lines and rectangular vessels make this Goodchild Builders bathroom look extremely spacious. The drop faucets add a modern touch.

  1. Gray and white blended beautifully

Photo By: EJ Interiors

Gray and white seemed to be perfectly blended in this EJ Interiors ornate bathroom. A bright alcove shower and driftwood mirror frame really catch the eye.

  1. Just the right amount of unruliness

Photo By: Jason Snyder

Sometimes remaining simple and classic is the way to go, like in this Jason Synder bathroom. It has a typical overall design but the circular mirror and the alternating gray and white tiles add fun unruliness to it.

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  1. Using wallpaper to create a unique look

Photo By: Cory Connor Designs

Gray works very well with wallpaper since it doesn’t make it look that loud. This has been used by Cory Connor Designs to make this bathroom look unique but not too over the top.

  1. Vintage to the core

Photo By: Shed Brand Studios

This Shed Brands bathroom is the definition of vintage. Everything from the stained glass window to the chandelier makes it looks extremely impressive.

The correct positioning of the bathtub and the chandelier on top of it is an important element of the design.

  1. Extremely minimalistic and simple

Photo By: Jennifer Worts

It does not get any simpler than this Jennifer Worts bathroom.

A two drawer vanity, with a beveled mirror and stone countertop, uses the gray and white combination perfectly.

  1. Subway style made elegantly

Photo By: Matt Sartain

The use of gray subway tiles is enough to make this Urrutia Design bathroom stand out.

Everything else is white which makes the dark gray bathroom wall stand out even more but not overtake the whole look.

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  1. White with a tinge of gray

Photo By: Soucie Horner

This Soucie Horner bathroom is the perfect example of how the use of white can make space look welcoming and neat and gray can add just the right amount of color.

  1. Back in the Victorian age

Photo By: Granit

The wood paneling in this Granit bathroom gives the bathroom a very Victorian and elegant look. The gray and white bathroom elements are very balanced, adding to the feel.

  1. An interesting pick of elements

Photo By: The Cottage Company

Open washstands are a very interesting choice to make when designing a home bathroom but this bathroom by Cottage Company pulls it off extremely well

  1. A quirky bathroom style

Photo By: C.P. Hart

The use of a long rectangular sink and window is something out of the box in this bathroom by C.P. Hart. The checkered pattern makes it look fun and quirky.

  1. Using white to create space

Photo By: Muskoka Living

The use of gray in this Muskoka Living bathroom is minimal and it lets the white do all the talking. The white makes it look luxurious and extremely spacious.

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  1. Dreamlike gray and simplistic white

Photo By: Kyle Born

This use of gray in this modern small bathroom design by ShopHouse Design gives it a majestic look. The simple mirror design that fits the wall makes it look very contemporary.

  1. A bathroom with French glory

Photo By: Jennifer Backstein Interiors

This Jennifer Backstein Interiors bathroom is elegant and exquisite. The placement of the French armchair and the marble flooring gives it a very luxurious feeling.

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