12 Gift Ideas For Quilters

If you know someone who likes to quilt, then you may want to gift them with one or more items.

In all probability, you may hesitate about buying them some fabric and there is nothing wrong with that.

Every quilter likes their own kind of fabric and so, rather than presenting them with a bundle of fabric, you should look for something that is more unique.

Chances are that quilters will love something that helps them with their quilting activities.

Here is a brief look at 15 gift ideas for quilters.

1. Gloves

One of the best gifts for a quilter is a pair of quilting gloves.

These items are perfect for a quilter because they make machine piecing that much easier.

At the same time, gloves also ensure easy free-motion quilting.

Just to be on the safe side, you should pick a pair that is soft and which has a flexible fingertip grip as then when used, the gloves will ensure complete control when sewing.

It also helps if you pick a pair that is form-fitting and seamless and it should also be made of breathable fabric.

2. Quilter’s Rule Ruler

Every quilter needs a quilter’s rule ruler. This item should be included in your gift ideas for quilters as it would prove to be a big hit for those quilters who indulge in rotary cutting.

The main benefit of a quilter’s rule ruler is that it is able to hold fabric in a very secure manner and it also provides some much-needed protection to your fingers.

Best of all, this is an item that every quilter appreciates and it is also very easy to use.

3. Rotary Cutting Set

The rotary cutting set is a much-appreciated item that every quilter would love to have.

So, when the time comes to choose a gift, it makes sense to add a rotary cutting set to your list of gifts for a quilter.

They are perfect for cutting material that is on the thick side.

So, the rotary cutting set would be an invaluable tool when you need to cut a thick material like batting or foam or even when cutting multiple layers of fabrics.

4. Fabric

When you start a quilting project, one of the first items you would love to have is the right type of fabric.

Instead of buying all the fabric, it makes more sense to focus on those that are able to last a long time.

If you have to gift a quilter something, then be sure to choose quilter’s weight cotton as it is perfectly suited for quilts.

This fabric is known to not shrink and will, in any case, shrink less than the cheap variety.

It also does not bleed much and works well for clothes as well.

Alternatively, you can also think about gifting home décor weight cotton, which is a heavier cotton but it stands out because it has the right finish.

5. Iron

Every quilter loves to use quilter’s iron, especially one that gets very hot and which is capable of producing tons of steam.

When choosing a quilter’s iron, make sure you pick one that does not leak or spit water and it must also be heavy enough to sit in a firm manner on the iron board.

An iron that is capable of producing either medium steam or high steam would prove to be a big hit.

High steam is capable of removing creases out of fat quarters and it is also great for fusing things such as interlacing.

6. Backpack

Quilted backpacks make for an excellent gift for quilters.

They are light in weight and also resistant to abrasion.

This is an item that every quilter will appreciate especially as it allows them to carry all their quilting items in a hands-free manner.

Other than that, these quilted backpacks are soft and very comfortable. They provide a cheerful look and are visually very appealing.

7. Tablet Cover

These are considered outstanding quilters gifts ideas as they are a very stylish item that is sure to find favor among quilters.

They are also very beautiful and they also do not cost a lot of money.

Best of all, these covers are very durable and are useful at the same time.

Quilted tablet covers can also be used and washed. The quilted tablet cover makes for the perfect gift, especially for a quilter that has just purchased a new tablet.

8. Electric Quilt

Every quilter needs to get adequate sleep at night, especially during the winter season.

After a long day, they would appreciate climbing under an electric quilt.

You can choose between one that is soft and lightweight and one that will keep you warm in the winter.

When choosing your electric quilt, make sure it is of the right size as the wrong size may become a major handicap.

If it is too small, the quilt won’t keep you warm and if it is too big, then it would overhang the bed.

9. Tiny Tinker Tote

A nicely colored tiny tinker tote would be a much-appreciated gift.

Not only does it look fabulous but it is also very useful at the same time.

Tiny tinker totes are also very stylish and are the perfect item for use when visiting a grocery store.

It is tiny enough for you to carry your wallet in and at it can also hold other assorted items.

Taking this out on a girl’s day out – it will prove to be a smashing hit.

10. Car Trash Bags

Here is another great gift item.

If you are particular about keeping your vehicle clean and you find it hard to do so, then use car trash bags to remove all the garbage.

All you need to do is let one of these trash bags hang of the car seat so that you can easily access it when needed.

When using it, make sure you also double it with a real garbage bag.

11. Lunch Bag

You can really win someone’s heart and mind by giving them a quilted lunch bag as a gift.

It would be a very useful item for parents who want to have something in which to carry their children’s lunch.

Quilted lunch bags are a perfect gift item and are most suitable for packing the extra lunch.

I am sure they would get you a ton of appreciation when you next give it as a gift to someone close to you.

12. Books

Everyone loves to read books and so if you want to give a gift that is designed to win hearts and minds, be sure to choose a nice book.

Giving a book as a gift is one of the best things you can do to show your love and appreciation of someone.

The person that receives the gift of a book will know that you have spared no effort to choose a gift that is meaningful and also very useful.

Before you choose the book as a gift, make sure you keep in mind what the recipient’s tastes are and then choose something accordingly.

It also helps if you do some research to find out which book is right and which also will be appreciated. Try and add a note to personalize the gift even more.


When it is time to choose a gift for quilters, there are endless opportunities to pick something unique.

The most important thing to keep in mind is that the gift should be appropriate and it should be one that will be much appreciated.

The above-mentioned list is full of items that will not only be appreciated but will also win hearts and minds. So, choose them with freedom knowing they are going to be appreciated by the recipient.

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