18 Must Have Tools Every New Homeowner Should Have

Being a homeowner, as exceptional as the feeling may be, comes with its responsibilities.

essential homeowner toolsA homeowner does not only own the home once it has been carefully built and handed over by the laborers working day and night to make its foundation as strong as it may be in the present day but, homeowners actually own the home when they take active steps to fix the nooks and corners of that home, even though it may be perfect in the eyes of others.

A homeowner ought to have a toolkit ready at all times since trouble always comes unannounced, especially technical trouble. A toolkit may expand as years pass by.

However, even toolkits have specific items that ought to be in that box otherwise a homeowner may wind up spending most of their time hustling and bustling to and from the nearest superstore.

To make your life easier and more organized as a homeowner, a list of the 18 essential homeowner tools is given below, along with reasons as to why these tools are paramount to a home’s sound structure.

1. Claw Hammer

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One necessary tool that you ought to have is a claw hammer since it doesn’t just serve one purpose rather it is multipurpose.

A claw hammer can hammer nails into a wall, but it can extract them from places with the same speed, if and when required.

Hence, a claw hammer is useful and necessary as it saves you the expense of getting two separate products to do two jobs rather than a tool that can perform both jobs through one medium

2. Screwdriver

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Screwdrivers come in different shapes and size thus; it is best if one gets a screwdriver set with all the different kinds of screwdrivers.

This tool comes in handy when one aims to tighten or loosen furniture ends.

Furthermore, screwdrivers can also help in a variety of different places, such as working on your car in the garage, or building a dollhouse for your daughter!

3. Drill

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A drill is used to carve holes into walls mostly. Since you’re moving into a house, there’s a high probability you’ll be needing to do this often.

Drills can be tricky and dangerous as one’s foot could get stuck in its wire and the drill may end up making holes somewhere it isn’t ought to, by accident.

Hence, it would be best if one gets a cordless drill to avoid that inconvenience.

4. Measuring tape

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No session in a garage can ever be spent without you not having to use a measuring tape.

However, other than that, the measuring tape is one of the most versatile tools you can have in your house and is one of the most essential home tools that you should invest in.

The chances are that you won’t be the only one in the house who uses it!

5. Utility knife

Utility knives have a charm of their own. Since you can adjust the length of the exposed blade, these knives are very detrimental in the crafting arts.

Furthermore, if you’re looking to build a hobby and are fascinated by carpentry, utility knives are a must to have in your basic home tools!

6. Duct tape

Duct tape is the solution to virtually all your problems that involve something breaking.

Due to their adhesive nature, duct tapes are the most reliable and sought after tape in the entire market.

Serving a wide range of purposes, you can never be too sure when you’ll be needing duct tape.

Hence, it’s always best to be prepared and keep an extra pair in hand, which is why duct tapes are essential in this list.

7. Plier set

Plier set
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A plier set with different varying sizes can translate into effective and efficient work when it comes to dealing with wires.

New homeowners often have to tweak and handle wires here and there, which is why a set of pliers can come in handy if you’re concerned and don’t fancy holding wires in hand.

However, the additional grip translates into a job well done which is why a set of pliers is highly is one of the must-have tools for homeowners.

8. Wrench set

Using torque to turn objects such as nuts and bolts, a wrench set is one of the most important tools that you can have in your arsenal that can help you make the most out of your limited resources.

We all know how hectic it can get dealing with small bolts. A wrench set makes that collective process way easier.

9. Extension cord

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Extension cords can be used virtually all over the house and are one of the essential new homeowner tools.

The importance of extension cord lies in the fact that since you’re a new homeowner, the chances are that you’re still adjusting and getting used to the house.

The extension cord will enable you to have access to a few outlets at the same spot so that you can address the more immediate task at hand rather than search behind the sofa for a three-pin.

10. Wire cutters

At one stage or another, you’re going to have to deal with wires. When the time comes, it’s better to be prepared rather than handle the wires with your bare hands.

Since wire cutters also provide good grip and require minimal maintenance, a one-time investment can last you several years!

11. Safety gear

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Safety gear can include a plethora of things such as bandages, antiseptics and basic medicine and material that you can use to treat minor wounds that don’t need the attention of a professional medical practitioner.

Furthermore, your safety gear should also include material that you can utilize when working, such as safety glasses and safety gloves.

12. Stepladders

Anything that is remotely related to the ceiling requires you to have a stepladder which can help you ‘get up.’

Since a stepladder isn’t used that frequently, you won’t have to worry much about maintenance or breakdown.

A one-time payment is all that is required, and you’re likely to have a ladder which will last you a few several years.

13. Bow Rake

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Cleaning out the driveway is a hectic routine. However, if you’re listening to music and have a bow rake in hand, you’re good to go.

Having a bow rake, as opposed to machine blowers, is a classy move and reflects the fact that you care about the environment and are willing to bear a little discomfort if it means that you’re willing to make this world a better place.

14. Wet vacuum

A wet vacuum is essential to the home tool and is a must-have if you’re a new homeowner.

Normal vacuum cleaners are very effective and useful since they tackle dust and other pollutants of a similar nature.

However, wet vacuum cleaners also account for liquid spills as well. This means that you don’t have to worry about wiping the floor down if you’ve accidentally spilled something.

A good wet vacuum cleaner goes a long way if it’s looked after carefully.

15. Wheelbarrow

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Wheelbarrows are generally used to carry stuff around.

However, the main benefit that they carry is that due to translational force and the distance from the wheel, you can pick up a lot of heavyweight at the same time and carry them from one place to the other.

Additionally, you can also use wheelbarrows to carry a lot of material at the same time and not worry about having to make reruns.

16. A set of hex keys

Hex keys are used for screws and bolts with six-sided heads that are driven into other objects such as wood.

This process can generally be done in virtually every time you’re attending to the maintenance of something.

Hence, it’s wise always to have a set of hex-keys around.

17. Flashlight

It’s bound to get dark sometime. Flashlights are the need of the hour if there are any power shortages!

However, that’s not the only time when they might come in handy.

Going into the attic can often be a daunting task since not many people invest in good lighting.

At moments like these, flashlights come in handy.

18. Handsaw

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Handsaws can be used in a wide variety of situation. However, they are most notably used in virtually anything that involves carpentry or craftsmanship.

If you’re working in your garage, or see yourself working in your garage shortly, the chances are that you’ll be needing a handsaw to cut one piece of wood or the other.

Hence, it’s best to invest in an all-in-one tool set that has essential material such as this so that you can make the most of what you have!


All of these tools are quite handy and with a little practice, anyone can get the hang of them.

Therefore, as a new homeowner, you should be well-equipped with them so, in case of any need, you are up to the task for it.

So investing in all of these tools is a great idea, you should also consider a proper toolbox to keep all your equipment in it as well.

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