What are the Different Types Of Kettles?

You haven’t really started your day until you’ve sipped that morning coffee.

Different Types Of KettlesRefreshing as it is, it’s always a bummer when the kettle breaks down, and you find yourself boiling water in a pot.

The act of replacing a broken kettle or merely buying one for the first time requires its due research.

There are a considerable number of options in the market, and that leaves many people dumbfounded!

Types Of Kettles

No need to worry, though. This article covers almost all the types of kettles that you will come across when looking for the perfect fit for your kitchen.

Make sure you go through all of them for a clear picture of the available options!

1. Electric Kettles

The electric kettles are arguably one of the most commonly used kettles, almost anywhere.

They owe their popularity to the convenience they provide. They are powered by an electric socket, which you can find in virtually any kitchen.

Who should go for electric kettles:

Electric kettles are a popular choice among those with a different outlook on the kitchen.

Also, people renting out apartments with their friends will almost always have electric kettles instead of other types of kettles.


A significant advantage that these kettles provide is freeing up space on your stove.

With zero consumption of gas and fully functioning on electricity, electric kettles offer ease of access that is unparalleled to any other type of kettle.

2. Stovetop kettles

These kettles need either fire or gas to operate, which means a little less convenience but a more traditional approach to brewing that fresh batch of coffee.

Who should go for stovetop kettles:

Stovetop kettles are still a massive hit among people who like to camp and go out on adventures.

That doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t buy these kettles if you want them for home-usage.


Some stovetop kettles provide features that even the latest electric kettles may fail to offer. For example, the whistling after the boiling of water.

Some people need that whistle as a reminder to go and finish making their beverage after the water is done boiling.

3. Glass Kettles

Most people will agree that glass kettle is the best-looking kettle in the market. They provide a fresh and modern look with a taste that’s unique to any other type of kettles.

Who should go for glass kettles:

Rest assured that these kettles will take their time to make your coffee. Therefore, if you’re someone who can wait for the brewing of your coffee or the boiling of water, this kettle is your best bet.


It will take longer to operate as compared to other types of kettles, but the result of the coffee’s taste will be worth it.

For glass kettles, the taste of the kettle’s surface will not mix with the water so that you can enjoy the genuine taste of your coffee or tea!

4. Stainless steel kettles

One of the most practical options for some people is the stainless-steel kettle. It’s a type of a stovetop kettle, which means you’ll need to power it with either gas or fire.

Who should go for stainless steel kettles:

If you prioritize cleanliness and good taste over convenience, then your best bet is the stainless-steel kettle.

It’s not as convenient to make beverages with this kettle because of its stovetop nature.

Still, if you go through with it, it will give a natural ecstatic taste, which is a decent tradeoff.


These kettles are the easiest to clean compared to any other type of kettles. You can brew multiple batches back to back and wash just once to retrieve the original look!

Due to the stainless-steel, these kettles are durable and last for an extended time. This durability makes them a good investment for someone who likes to make one-time, long-term purchases!


Hopefully, this breakdown of all the different types of kettles will make it easier for you to choose the best option for your beverage brewing needs.

The right choice will help you start your day off with one less obstacle in the way of your success. So, make sure you choose carefully. Best of luck with your purchase!

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