5 Coffee Hacks to Feel More Awake Than Ever

Coffee is one of the most popular drinks in the world that can give you an instant boost. Suppose, you are in your workplace and nothing is going well, just take a coffee at that time, and it will remove the dizziness.

Sometimes coffee can make you more energetic and active. But how do you make your coffee? I know most people use the common method for brewing coffee.

But, what about making your coffee more efficient for your body? Yes, if you follow a few things, the same coffee can keep you awake for a long time. These things are known as the coffee hack.

Though you might find lots of coffee recipes, here I am going to share the most effective ways to get more benefit from your coffee.

1. Use the Fresh Coffee Beans

Well, when I am saying the fresh coffee beans, maybe you think where you will get it. Okay, I am not telling you to collect the coffee beans from the coffee garden.

You will buy it from the shop but in fresh condition. For this, you need to check the birthplace of the coffee. If you find the coffee beans are collected from the nearest area, you can be sure about the freshness.

Also, you can check the manufacturing date for getting an idea of the freshness. Don’t only depend on the super shops. Look for the vendors in your area who sell whole coffee beans. Collect the beans and use your own coffee grinder. This will help you to get the most benefit.

2. Add Some Protein Powder

Protein is the essential element for muscle growth and stamina. So, if you are taking a plain breakfast with coffee, make sure that you are adding some protein powder to it.

This will help you to reach the maximum level of protein for an energetic day. Researchers already have found that protein powder with a coffee can dramatically impact sleepiness.

However, make sure that you are purchasing the powder from any trusted brand. Low-quality protein powder may create some other issues. If you are taking 2 to 3 eggs on the breakfast, it is not obvious to use protein powder with the coffee.

3. Use the Right Process of Making Coffee

It is always better to make a coffee yourself instead of purchasing it from a coffee shop. Why? Because when you are making the coffee, you can customize everything. Also, you can focus on the effectiveness of coffee rather than the taste.

So, use the right temperature of the water. It should not be 98-99-degree Celsius water. It should be 91-96 degrees Celsius. Also, use the best coffee machine.

You can get a detailed idea of coffee machines from Coffee Cicerone.

There you will get reviews of coffee machines too. So, use fresh coffee beans, appropriate heat, and the right coffee machine. This combination will give a boost to staying awake.

4. Take Coffee Nap

Yes, you need to take a nap after taking a perfect cup of coffee. I am not telling you to sleep for an hour. Instead, after drinking a cup of coffee, take a nap which can be up to 20 minutes. Now, when you open your eyes, will feel more energetic.

Different researchers have proved this method work very well. So, the next time, don’t forget to take a nap just after drinking your favorite coffee.

5. Apply Coffee Under the Eyes

Maybe you are not feeling sleepy, but you are looking tired. What can you do in that situation? Well, in that case, you can use the coffee just under the eye. It will remove the tired look.

For this hack, you need to brew the coffee and keep it in the ground until it is cool. Now, apply under the eyes and get a refreshing look.

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