4 Ways To Clean a Glass Kettle

Whether you are someone who is highly addicted to coffee and cannot pass a single day without it or just someone who likes to drink tea occasionally to reduce stress, there are a lot of chances that you have an electric glass kettle in your kitchen.

Even though these glass kettles are probably one of the closest friends of a person, they could quickly get stains or other build-ups on them with the course of time, which, to be honest, are quite gross-looking and nobody feels good making something in a kettle which is not clean.

However, you need not worry as this is just the place that you needed to come to.

Here I’ll tell you in detail how to clean glass kettle, which will totally be something you can do at home without needing to go out and buy any additional equipment.

So, without any delay, let’s kick things off!

What Exactly Are Those Marks On The Kettle?

Before solving a problem, you need to know precisely what you’re dealing with, right?

So, what are those hard stains that appear inside the kettles over time, making the kettle look so gross?

It turns out that they are nothing but limescale build-ups.

There is nothing to worry about here as the process is the only natural.

When using a glass kettle, much of your work includes adding water to the kettle, which is hard water mostly.

With this frequent contact with the hard water, chemical reactions take place, and without diving into the chemical equations, the result is that limescale builds up over time, and those marks eventually appear.

How To Remove Limescale Marks On Your Glass Kettle?

Well, now that you know what the marks are a result of, you might already have started getting some ideas pop up in your mind about tackling them.

Needless to say, there is more than one method of getting rid of these marks.

I will list them down from easiest to hardest, so you can jump to the harder one if a particular method doesn’t work for you, and the stains are stronger.

1. Vinegar

The process is straightforward and natural.

Just add 200ml distilled water into the kettle and fill it up.

Control the concentration of the vinegar according to how strong the build-up in the kettle is. Once filled, turn the kettle on and let the solution boil, giving it enough time.  Allow the solution to soak up after it.

Leave the solution inside for as long as the marks disappear. You can scrub the kettle if the marks are not there or try a more reliable approach.

2. Lemon

This method is also pretty much the same.

Squeeze a lemon and make a solution out of it, the lemon juice added to the solution of distilled water should be according to how strong the marks are.

Turn the kettle on and let the water boil, followed by waiting for the solution to soak up until the marks disappear.

Here again, you scrub with a sponge if the marks are hard.

3. Baking Soda

This is another very natural and practical approach.

You can choose to clean up your kettle and is somewhat better than the previous two. Just make the solution, adding the baking soda to distilled water as you did in the previous methods, and add it to the kettle, turning it on.

Leave the solution to boil and wait till the solution completely soaks up, the estimated time is around 25 minutes.

Waste the remaining solution after 25 minutes, and you will get a nice and clean kettle.

4. Coke

This is the last resort if the other methods don’t seem to work and the marks are solid, this should certainly do the job.

First off, fill the kettle with half a liter of Coke and top the remaining part off with water.

Allow the solution to boil and then wait for approximately half an hour before dumping the solution. Use a sponge to scrub inside of the kettle if any marks are left.


So, we have seen four different ways of cleaning a glass kettle going through elementary processes.

Other than being easy, the methods are completely natural, well except for the last one, and do not require you to buy any equipment, hence letting you save money as well as get the job done in the perfect manner.

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