What is the Difference Between Burr vs Blade Coffee Grinders?

Your coffee grinder impacts the final taste of your coffee or espresso. That is why you should keen on whether to use a burr or blade Coffee Grinder. Although both coffee grinders grind coffee for similar purposes, you will realize significant distinctions. Coffee fans love either burr or blade grinder for a reason.

Why You require either a burr or blade Grinder

You may opt to choose either a blade or burr grinder due to personal preferences or budget. Regardless, of the model that you choose, you will realize that it is beneficial to have a grinder in your kitchen for several reasons. You will avoid stale coffee from stores which may negatively impact your desire for coffee.

Also, you will enjoy fresh coffee with full aromas, flavors, and essential oils. Finally, you will experience the convenience of grinding and brewing at home without having to spend on ground coffee.

Difference between Burr and Blade Grinder

The key difference between blade and burr grinder is the grinding mechanism. Blade grinders have rotating blades located in the grinding chamber. These blades dice coffee beans to achieve a ground. On the other hand, burr grinders have gear-like discs (burrs) which grind coffee beans. The burrs ground coffee by rotating against each other.

Blade grinder

Blade grinders work by cutting coffee beans into small pieces with spinning blades. The blades continue to spin until a ground coffee is achieved.

Blade grinders are cheaper than burr grinder and widely affordable. They have rotating blades that that chop coffee beans at a high speed. The high-speed results in inconsistent sizes. The ground sizes can at times lead to clogging if you use espresso machine or French presses. Novice coffee brewers can find these grinders useful due to their simplicity and affordability.

Advantages of blade grinders

  • Blade grinders are relatively simple to clean. You can wash out inside without disassembling like in the case of burr grinders.
  • Blade grinders are not easily damaged by inappropriate use or foreign materials that may find their way into the coffee.
  • You can also use blade grinders for other purposes such as grinding spices or nuts.

Disadvantages of blade grinders

  • Due to the high speed, blade grinders may produce a lot of heat that leads to loss of aroma and flavor of coffee. Even when a user pulses the blades in short bursts, there will still be some oxidation of the coffee.
  • Another shortcoming of these grinders is the production of inconsistent grounds. Mostly, these grinders may deliver a mixture of chunks and fines which impact the flavors of your coffee or espresso.
  • You may realize that it is not simple to adjust grind levels when using a blade grinder. You may also realize that blade grinder that features grind level settings are not very efficient.

Burr grinders

Burr grinders use burrs to slice coffee beans. The grinding mechanism involves burrs that rotate against each other to offer consistently and uniformly ground coffee. Burr coffee grinders are a bit costly but deliver great results.

There are two types of burr grinders including conical burr grinders and flat burr grinders. The difference between these two burr grinder types is the shape of the grinding object, but they deliver comparable results.

Burr grinders grind coffee beans at a low speed which minimizes the burning effect. Hence, burr grinders deliver non-bitter coffee. Another aspect of a burr grinder is that they allow you to customize the size of the grind. Thus, you can grind coarse, fine or medium coffee ground.

Advantages of Burr Grinder

  • They offer consistently and uniformly brewed coffee each time. You can set between fine, medium or coarse coffee grounds.
  • These grinders are relatively quieter which makes them ideal for use in an apartment or an office.
  • Burr grinders are less messy which makes the grinding process enjoyable.

Disadvantages of Burr Grinder

  • Costly. Burr grinders are expensive and mostly used by great coffee fans and in café.
  • The pain of cleaning. Cleaning the burrs may be challenging compared to a blade grinder.

Which is the most loved grinder?

Coffee enthusiasts seem to prefer burr grinder due to consistency in each cup. Burr grinders are also preferred since they are a bit quiet when grinding and less messy. They also deliver a cup of better tasting coffee each time.

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