20 Gorgeous Blue Kitchen Decor Ideas To Brighten Your Day

Blue is natural colors with many amazing shades. These 20 blue kitchen decor ideas will help you in choosing the shade of blue to decorate your kitchen.

  1. Blue and Green Combo

Photo By: spaceoptions.com.ua

This blue and green kitchen decor is complete with wooden panels and gloss black cabinets. Another beautiful feature is the hanging chrome lights.

  1. Warm Blue

Photo By: orangegraphics.pl

The cabinets of warm blue color are in perfect coordination with copper stand stools and wooden counter tops.

  1. Blue Kitchen Diner

Photo By: penintdesign.com

This kitchen diner is made complete by the addition of blue colored chairs and a table with white top. These white tables are complemented by the usage of white color for cabinets.

  1. Completely Black

Photo By: behance.net/batsmanova39b9

This dark themed kitchen has an amazing shade of blue to it. Moreover, golden stools are inspired by elegance.

  1. Aqua Blue

Photo By: studiopodrini.com

This blue kitchen decor gives a feeling of the ocean. The feeling of freshness and amazing vibes of positive energy are an accentual feature of this kitchen.

  1. Peacock Blue Cabinets

Photo By: facebook.com/trinhthanhphuong.vn

These peacock blue cabinets are on the center stage because of the use of copper pendant lights and copper wire frames.

  1. Library within Kitchen

Photo By: au-architects.com

A library of cookbooks is incorporated in this beautiful kitchen. The use of wooden framing over a complete overall blue paint completes the whole theme of the kitchen.

  1. Blue Wooden Lines

Photo By: facebook.com/IvanHouseDesign

The wooden lines on these blue kitchen cabinet give it a natural look. The brown wooden counter top completes the whole finishing.

  1. Blue Interior with Wooden drawers

Photo By: rustarch.com

Brown bar stools and wooden cabinets add a touch of elegance and sophistication to this completely blue interior of the kitchen.

  1. Checkered Floors

Photo By: facebook.com/KojDesign88

This beautiful and cool shade of blue is perfectly complimented by the use of checkered flooring. It gives the kitchen a historical vibe.

  1. Dark Blue

Photo By: facebook.com/ideadeya

Usage of dark blue color can have a mesmerizing effect in the adjacent colors. Just like this kitchen, the dark blue color gives the kitchen as well as the whole room a mystic look.

  1. All Blue Theme

Photo By: aegis-interiors.co.uk

The all blue themed kitchen is complemented by white chairs and white table top. The accessories are made of stainless steel.

  1. Sky Blue

Photo By: behance.net/mikaelsaik865c

The calm nature of sky blue color has a very calming effect on this kitchen. The plum colored entry and exit doors complete the over all theme.

  1. Glossy Blue

Photo By: behance.net/Garchu

Glossy blue cabinets and wooden furniture have a very shiny effect on the overall theme of this kitchen.

  1. Light Grey with Blue

Photo By: fenixdesign.ro

The usage of the neutral color such as grey with the shade of blue can have a breezy effect on the overall theme of the kitchen.

  1. Charcoal Grey and Light Blue

Photo By: lugerin.com

The whole warmth of this kitchen is due to the use of charcoal grey color in combination with blue cabinets. The wooden counter top perfectly complements the over all outlook.

  1. Red, White, and Blue

Photo By: moz-oner.blogspot.com

There is nothing wrong with blue colored drawers and cabinets, white colored walls and red colored accessories.

  1. Completely Blue

Photo By: daarchitecture.com

The blue color of the walls, as well as the flooring, is in the lime light in this kitchen. The whole sophisticated theme is completed by using white color for cabinets and drawers.

  1. Royal Blue

Photo By: behance.net/Acxab

Perfect use of royal blue color gives this kitchen a royal elegance.

  1. Bright Blue

Photo By: facebook.com/RashedDesigne92

Use of bright colors such as bright blue color has a very energetic effect in the overall theme of the kitchen.


These shades of blue can help you a great deal in designing and beautifying your kitchen. Choose any of these shades of blue based on your styling needs.

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