12 Best Water Separator for Air Compressor 2021 | Reviews & Guide

Water separators are the first line of defense for your air compressor against water-caused deterioration.

Water damage to air compressors can result in premature failure, corrosion, and rust.

Less production means reduced profits, and if you consider the maintenance and repair costs, it will surely leave a dent in your wallet.

It becomes a bigger issue in the summers when it’s hot and humid.

Without a separator, any valve can become blocked or gunked up and also expose your pneumatic tools to all of the above-mentioned problems.

Let us look at the best water separators for air compressors, which can be your ticket to a more productive and durable experience.

Buyer’s Guide

The buyer’s guide intends to help you spot what you’re looking for by analyzing each product along with its pros and cons.

You must consider the following points so that you don’t make a decision that you will regret later on.

Pressure Load Capacity

Always consider the pressure load capacity of the water separator as it must be according to the size and capacity of the air compressor.

The amount of load that your air compressor can take is directly related to how effective the water separator will be in performing its job.

Input-Output Port

What would be the point of getting a water separator if it cant be used with the air compressor?

Even though most water separators are multipurpose and can be used with various tools, it’s still important to check the input and output ports of the water separator and see if they are suitable.

Drain Quality

The quality of the drain of the water separator and whether it’s automatic or manual can also affect the performance of your air compressor.

An automatic drain makes the job easier as it caries out the clearing part all on its own.

Poly Bowl Quality

As the bowl holds the excess water or oil that is trapped, it is pertinent to test its quality. Polycarbonate or metal bowls prove to be better than the rest as they can last longer.

Top 12 Water Separator for Air Compressor

Are you ready to see what kind of features the best water separators for air compressors have to offer?

Now that you have some basic knowledge of water separators, my list of the top can help you find the mental peace that comes with knowing that you have an efficient system supplying you with the driest air.

1. Lematec ZN312-C2 Water Separator

The water separator is easy to install and is well suited for any kind of air compressor.

With this water separator keeping your air compressor away from all the horrors of water was never simpler.

The design itself is uncomplicated, which makes installation completely hassle-free as the water separator’s body is made of zinc, which allows you to see the condition and act accordingly.

The presence of a push-button drainage valve lets you drain out any residue, including water and oil, by just pressing a button.

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  • Easy to install
  • Easy manual drainage with a button
  • Separates both water and oil
  • Compatible will all types of air compressors


  • Water needs to be drained out frequently as it fills up quickly.

2. Air Line Filter (AI303-2) Water Separator

Another economical addition to the list by Lematec, the air compressor filter, and water separator is a 3 in 1 product.

It rids the air of oil, water, and dirt for you, extending the life of both your air compressor and tools.

It’s compatible with all models and types of air compressors and comes made in brass and aluminum, which makes it durable and resistant to harsh temperatures along with shock-absorbing features.

Like its predecessor, it comes with a push-button drain.

As it comes with an air-flow director, installation is super convenient.

The water separator is a must-have if you’re working smaller units because it saves you time, money, and effort offering the most simplistic tool to solve all your problems.

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  • 3 in 1 separates water, oil, and dirt
  • Easy installation
  • Push-button drainage
  • Versatile
  • Economical as the filter can be changed


  • Might need to drain frequently as it can fill up quickly

3. Jewboer Water Oil Separator Air Compressor Filter

This water oil separator is made specifically keeping spray painting in mind, so pay close attention if you use your air compressor primarily for spray painting.

The presence of water can easily affect the color of your paint, adherence, and the quality of your finish.

The Jewboer water oil separator puts an end to these worries as it eliminates water, oil, and other contaminants from the air supply.

It has a universal inlet and outlet; hence it could be easy to attach with a spray gun and air compressor.

The transparent polycarbonate bowl is a big help as you can easily assess the build-up and accordingly drain it.

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  • Easily installed to spray gun or air compressor
  • Cleans out oil and water
  • Ensures a high-quality painting job
  • Polycarbonate bowl
  • Easy to use


  • Manual drainage

4. 1/2″ Particulate Filter Water Trap Separator

Can you imagine the degree to which the life of your air compressor can be extended upon getting rid of 95% of water and oil in the air supply?

This water separator intends to do just that. TBH offers a semi-automatic drain that can clear out excess drainage for you.

The water separator gets extra brownie points from me as it has a 5 oz polycarbonate bowl, which is protected by a metal shield.

Not only are the moisture levels easy to analyze, but you also get extra durability.

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  • Easy to install
  • Micron fiber filters
  • Replacement filters are easy to find
  • Semi-automatic drain
  • Simple to use


  • The filter cannot be cleaned

5. AFR-2000 1/4 Air Compressor Filter

Another water separator stands out due to its small size, lightweight, and easy maintenance, as well as installation.

The product supports a filtration of up to 40microns, which is a sizable number if you’re looking to eliminate water vapors from your pneumatic lines.

The bowl size, however, is a little small, so I wouldn’t recommend it for big air compressors.

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  • Lightweight
  • Small
  • Easy to install


  • Need to drain frequently

6. THB F9000 1/2″ NPT, 11oz Water Separator

THB seems to be leading the market when it comes to high-efficiency water separators. This model is a go-to if you’re looking for heavy, industrial usage.

The attached bowl has a capacity of 11 oz, making it convenient as it saves you from the trouble of manually draining the residue every so often.

Other than high volume, another great feature is a higher capacity flow rate. It’s a great pick for larger units with a sufficient filtration level for most air tools.

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  • Large capacity bowl
  • Manual push-button drain
  • Support high pressure


  • The filter is a replacement only

7. In LINE Desiccant AIR Dryer Water Separator

The water separator is a little bit different from others as it comes with tiny beads that absorb moisture, providing you with drier air and a longer lifecycle for your air compressor and air tools.

The beads change color when they need to be replaced.

And can be reused so you won’t have to go buy another bag instead of just dry them out, saving you a lot of money as compared to separators with reusable filters.

The bowl is made of polycarbonate and an aluminum guard. So it’s super easy to manage moisture levels and light in weight.

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  • Easy to use
  • Absorbs moisture well
  • Lightweight
  • Reusable


  • Moisture absorbent only

8. 3/8″ Compressed Air In-Line Water Separator

Another addition of a desiccant water separator to our list, which can be the right option for you as they are simple to use, has low running costs and can work at all temperatures.

On attachment to the air compressor, you will receive paint-worthy dry air for all your shop needs.

The only con of the product is that it may be a little small for some of you depending on the load; hence you will have to change the beads often.

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  • Simple to use
  • Low running costs
  • Operational at any temperature
  • Reusable


  • Small

9. PneumaticPlus SAF3000M-N03B

The minute you attach this filter to your air compressor, you would be surprised by how much moisture there is in your compressor.

Consider the majority of water eradicated from your air supply, all thanks to the 10-micron filtration used by this water separator.

PneumaticPlus offers options when it comes to the series in terms of either a plastic or metal bowl. You also get a choice in filters ranging from 10 to 50 microns and a manual or semi-manual drain.

The standard water separator is a good quality product on its own, but the addition of options can help with making your customizable water separator that best suits your requirements.

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  • Easy to install and use
  • No leak filter
  • Semi-automatic/manual drain


  • No air fittings

10. Air Filter, 3/8″ NPT with Quick Release Bowl

There is nothing that Campbell Hausfeld does not offer when it comes to air tools.

Naturally, a water separator by the company seems to be the answer to most of our moisture problems and more, like 99.9% oil-less air?

The desiccant filter removes moisture like a charm making sure your projects are completed in a jiffy without any damage to your equipment.

The air filter makes your life uncomplicated for you with an easy-to-read polycarbonate bowl and a maintenance-free quick-release drain.

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  • Provides Oil and moisture-free air
  • Easy to install
  • Good quality


  • Plastic drain

11. Hztyyier 3/8” Air Compressor Filter Regulator

This product is the most underrated device on our list yet. From the design to the performance, everything screams high quality.

An aluminum body that is both durable and wears resistance. It also comes with a gauge that can help you regulate pressure.

The bowls are covered, making them long-lasting.

Hztiyyer offers a water separator that removes both solid and liquid matter from the air, which can last a lifetime.

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  • High quality
  • Durable
  • Separate filters for oil and water


  • Issues with gauge

Frequently Asked Questions

How does a water separator for an air compressor work?

The water separator decompresses the air and, with the help of a filter, eradicates any residues.

Does my air compressor need a water separator?

Yes, compressed air can have a mix of oil, dust, and water, which is harmful to equipment.

How often should I drain my water separator?

As often as you can because you don’t want the water and oil, especially if it fills up, letting it stay there for long periods and potentially rust your bowl or crack it.

What is the difference between a fuel filter and a water separator?

A fuel filter isolates dust and rust from the fuel. A water separator tends to remove moisture from the stored air.

How do you install a water separator on an air compressor?

Attach the inlet and outlet of the water separator with two different hosen connected to the air compressor.

You can mount the system to a wall. Make sure you have enough air tube length for the air to cool sufficiently.


Hopefully, by now, you have some basic knowledge about water separators for air compressors.

If you’re still intimidated by them, give the buyer’s guide another read to clear up any confusion.

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