7 Best Spray Paint for Rubber Reviews 2022 | Long-Lasting

With the widespread of paint scope, adding colors to things has become a lot easier. Different surfaces accept different paint kinds on them.

Therefore, to paint your rubbers, you should find the exact match for that, and when it comes to spray paints, there are loads of products in the market, and the question arises, “what should I opt for?”

The answer is pretty simple! This article has all that you need to know before buying the best spray paint for rubber.

I have explained the top picks that I found very intriguing and felt like sharing with you.

Going through them and the buyer’s guide will help you opt for the best product.

Top 7 Spray Paint for Rubber

Out of all those brands available at different prices, the best ones are on my list.

Here below are the top 7 picks that I found the most fascinating. You should have a look to demystify your thoughts.

1. Rust-Oleum 249123

Starting with this fantastic product by Rust-Oleum that offers a good volume of gloss berry pink, 12 ounces paint inside the bottle.

This paint is best for interior and exterior surfaces and can provide an amazing finish to your rubber object.

The oil-based formula of this paint provides a long-lasting effect by suppressing chip formation. The paint can get dried up quickly (in less than 20 minutes).

Also, a single can of spray will cover an area of 12 sq. ft. Isn’t that cool? To provide an excellent finish comes its glossy action.

The easy-to-use feature allows you to spray in any direction. In the nutshell, this product is worth the first place.

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  • Great surface finish
  • Fast drying
  • Easy to use
  • Good volume


  • Causes bubbles sometimes
  • Not for high purposes

2. ColorBond (617) Spray Paint

On the second spot sits another amazing product: leather, vinyl, and plastic paint spray to give excellent results on your rubber objects.

The paint is so good that it takes the beauty of the object to a whole new level. The formula is made such that its molecular bond binds the paint together, and you get an everlasting experience.

Due to this fantastic binding feature, it doesn’t form chips or breaks. The great drying action helps in drying the paint in just 10 minutes.

In short, this paint has all that a good paint spray should serve.

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  • Great for rubber and plastic jobs
  • Great bonding
  • Dries real-quick


  • Higher price
  • The spray can be improved

3. Rust-Oleum 249079 Paint Spray

Here comes another product by Rust-Oleum. Trust me, Rust-Oleum is undisputed in the market of spray paints. This product is ideal for your interior/exterior paint jobs.

The oil formula of this paint prevents chip formation for a long-lasting action. This paint can also cover a 12sq. Ft area quickly, and the fantastic drying time of 20 minutes ensures efficiency.

Now with this paint, you can either decorate your rubber accessories or hidden surfaces. The smooth touch of this paint makes the painter fall in love.

Thus, your DIY project becomes more delightful. So, don’t wait anymore and have a great satin finish over your rubber using this excellent paint.

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  • Good volume
  • Long-lasting
  • Great satin finish
  • Good drying time


  • The nozzle can be improved
  • For superficial jobs

4. Krylon Camouflage Paint

Krylon is another super famous product in the spray paint market. This spray comes at a very good price and offers excellent features as well.

Its camouflage/olive color inspires your objects to be painted. My favorite part about this product is that at a very good price, it also doesn’t need sanding or priming to use.

You can have a really good finish in a quick time and also long-lasting effects due to the great binding of it.

In the can, there are 11 ounces of paint inside. This product also has very good customer feedback.

Let’s have a look at its pros and cons.

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  • Good volume
  • Great price
  • No priming/sanding is required.


  • Superficial quality
  • Peeling issue

5. Rust-Oleum 211338 Paint for Plastic Spray

This is another great paint that will go with your rubber. It is a multi-purpose paint and can be used over plastic, resin, fiberglass, polypropylene, polystyrene, and even vinyl plastics.

In the case of plastic, it can be applied without the need for any primer.

You can apply to overbroad 10sq. Ft plate and it will get dried up in less than 20 minutes.

Its great adhesion action gives you long-lasting and durable spray paint over the surface. Thus, once applied, it gives a great gloss and amazing color retention.

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  • Multi-use
  • Durable
  • Good price


  • Not suitable for inflatable boats
  • Peeling issue with time

6. PlastiKote 616 Black Bumper Paint

Here is another one for you, and this one is by PlastiKote with a good paint volume (12 ounces).

This amazing paint revitalizes your faded rubber products like bumpers and side panels. This is an application-specific product and provides a rich and satin finish.

One thing that you must remember about this product is that its outer appearance is changed but don’t you worry as the same great product is inside.

If you find it on Amazon, you will see that there are some negative remarks as well. I would prefer you to go through those as well.

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  • Rubs off
  • Superficial purposes


  • None

7. Performix Mulit-Purpose Rubber Coating Spray

The last one on my list is this plasti dip series by Performix. This blaze orange with a good volume of 11 ounces of paint will not chip, peel, or crack easily.

Its weatherproof action saves the surface from environmental effects and chemicals. You won’t believe it but let me tell you that it can resist electric shocks, vibrations, and even heat.

This multi-purpose paint goes with metal, wood, rubber, glass, and a lot more. The can is easy to handle and use. Thus, it allows for a smooth painting experience.

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  • Multi-purpose
  • Weatherproof
  • Resisting
  • Easy to use


  • Spray system problem
  • The nozzle should be improved.

Buyer’s Guide

If you are a beginner and do not know much about spray paints for rubber, then don’t worry as I bring you a complete buyer’s guide.

After going through it, you will know what to look for, that I am pretty sure!


When it comes to paints, an important aspect to judge is their adhesion. A good adhesive paint gives good surface uniformity and stays for a good time. Thus, make sure about this before buying.

Chip free

The most common issue with paints is that they chip off very early. This is the most unwanted thing while dealing with paints. Try paints with good bonding properties.


One bottle should be enough for your small job. A bottle that can go with 10-12sq. Ft on the plate is a reasonable volume of paint. Thus, look for greater value.

Life span

The paint must be long-lasting to give that good finish for longer.


Make sure that your paint is compatible with the surface to be painted. Acrylic paint goes well with rubber. Hence, you can go for that.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you color rubber?

You can just put amazing paint over your rubber to color that. Spray paints are best for this purpose.

Can you Plasti Dip rubber?

Yes, you can but remember that it permanently gets fixed with your rubber.

What paint will stick to the rubber?

Acrylic paint will stick to your rubber, and it is the most popular paint for rubber as well.

How do you paint silicone rubber?

It would help if you used oil-based paint with silicone caulking. You can use white spirit for this purpose as well. Thus, you will achieve the results.

How long does it take spray paint to dry on rubber?

It hardly takes 20 minutes for a good paint to dry. There are even quicker paints as well. They will dry up in less than 10 minutes excitingly.

Can you change the color of the rubber?

Yes, by spray painting them, you can change their color. For permanent change, you can use plasti dip over it.


I know that it is not easy to find the best product when you do not know a lot.

But I have tried to equip you with the best possible information to help you buy the best spray paint for rubber.

Make sure to keep the important aspects in mind not to regret them later. I wish you very good luck with the purchasing phase.

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