7 Best Spray Paint for Glass Reviews 2021 | For Great Results

Increasing technology has greatly influenced the design and décor procedures. Spray paints for glass have come to the market now.

They allow you to design your glass products, including pots, vases, and other stained-glass ideas.

To achieve excellent and long-lasting results, you need the best spray paints.

There is plenty of brands available in the market offering these paints. But the question is, how would you find the best spray paint for glass.

Well, it takes a lot of research and testing to find your well-suited color. But, let me ease it down for you.

In this article, I will tell you about the best paint sprays for glass with a complete buyer’s guide. So, read through if curious!

Top 7 Spray Paint for Glass

Out of all the brands out there, below is the list of the products that I found most intriguing and well-rated.

I am pretty sure that you will love them, and they will take your experience to the next level if you are a true paint lover.

Let’s get started!

1. Krylon K09035000 Glass Paint

On top of my list is this excellent product by Krylon. Krylon is a very renowned brand when it comes to painting sprays.

The reason for being on the top of this product is its outstanding results and customer response. At an excellent price, you get this spray with a paint volume of 11.5 fluid ounces.

The features that you get after applying this paint to your glass include translucence and an excellent finish.

The built-in purpose of this paint spray is for indoor décor mostly. Providing a great DIY experience, it is just a single-step procedure to apply this paint.

Thus, you get a brilliant stained glass in minutes.

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  • Great stained-glass in the end
  • DIY and easy process
  • Good volume
  • Good ratings


  • Thin fluid
  • Limited use

2. Krylon Looking Glass Spray Paint

If you want your ordinary glass to give a great outlook like silver, then this is the right spray paint for you. As I told you about the brand, you need no worry.

The cost is a bit higher, and the volume is lower (6 fluid ounces), but the results are mind-blowing. You get a nice decorative experience.

Moreover, there is a durable finish in the end. The thing that I believe you are going to love is that if you want reflective results, spray it on the reverse side of the glass.

It gets quickly dried up, and you can even touch the paint just five minutes after applying. It is also a DIY and easily doable product.

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  • Silver-like finish
  • DIY
  • Great results
  • Mirror making facility


  • Low volume
  • High price

3. Rust-Oleum 257465 Specialty Spray

If you want privacy and décor at the same time, try this product by Rust-Oleum that gives a semi-transparent finish, and thus, you can achieve both.

You can try various decorating ideas like using stencils to have etched-like patterns. The volume you get is about 11 oz. Your indoor décor goes to another level using this spray.

Also, this frosted glass spray can be applied to bulb covers, lamps, and window glass as well.

So, if it is what you need for your glass, then definitely go for it. Have a look at the pros and cons as well.

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  • Semi-transparent finish
  • Décor and privacy
  • Good price
  • Good volume


  • Superficial quality
  • Limited use

4. Design Master DM241 Spray Paint

Design Master is also a good paint spray brand that offers you this premium quality paint spray. The interesting part is that you get an excellent metallic finish.

The paint volume is about 11 ounces. The price is also excellent compared with the results. Thus, you get value for the money.

Let me tell you that this is safe for flowers. Thus, you can spray it on your glass vase and achieve safe and good results.

The sparkle and shine that it adds to your glass are of another level. The paint also gets dried up quickly.

In a nutshell, it is excellent spray paint for your indoor décor ideas. Just make sure that it is highly flammable while using.

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  • Great sparkling finish
  • Metallic texture
  • Flower friendly


  • Flammable
  • Superficial results sometimes

5. Krylon K09058007 Sea Glass Spray Paint

Here comes another product by Krylon that provides a translucent finish. But clearly, if you want a smooth frosty finish on your glass, then this is the product for that.

Made in the USA, it provides high-quality results and makes you try décor even more. Majorly it is used indoors.

Also, strong adhesion action provides long-lasting results. The package contains 12 oz spray paint of sea glass aerosol paint.

Beware of its flammability, as well as it can be dangerous sometimes.

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  • Good paint volume
  • Strong adhesion
  • Semi-translucent
  • Good price


  • Sometimes splashes when faulty.
  • Superficial results

6. Krylon I00810 Glass Frosting Aerosol Spray

Achieving a frosted glass that looks aesthetically good is not an easy process. It would help if you had a great spray for that, of course.

This one by Krylon is one of the good ones. Coming in a volume of 12 ounces, it certainly enhances the décor experience.

They say it is a true value for the money as it gives a good and smooth finish at a very good price. The good thing is that it reduces glare as well.

You can either achieve decoration or privacy using it. Also, it can be cleaned using ordinary glass cleaners and hence, no worries.

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  • Décor and privacy
  • Good volume
  • DIY
  • Good price


  • Not long-lasting
  • Splattering

7. Colorshot Spray Paint

The last one on my list is this versatile paint spray by color shot. It is a well-rated product by the customers, and there is no doubt about that.

Along with the glass, it can be applied to various other surfaces as well. Its fast-drying action does not let you wait for long.

The material is UV resistant. Thus, it can be used both indoor and outdoor. The slim and smart can is also easy to handle and carry.

The company says that the spray propellant is derived from harvested sugarcane for a sustainable alternative. Look at its pros and cons.

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  • Long-lasting
  • Easy to carry
  • UV-resistant
  • Advanced technology


  • Sometimes, the spray bottle is defective.
  • No other cons in particular

Buyer’s Guide

A buyer’s guide is always helpful if you are a beginner. It will help you understand what to look for better.

Following are the points that you should keep in mind before buying the best spray paint for glass.


The paint should be in good volume for the paid the price so that you do not have to buy more bottles for a single job.

Paint quality

Paint quality is another important aspect. The life of the paint and the finish greatly depends on the quality of the paint.

Thus, it would help if you are looking for a spray that has good paint inside, and for that, look for a renowned and well-rated brand.


It is also an important aspect that matters when it comes to the lifetime of the paint. Also, a good finish depends on the adhesion action as well.

The Brand

The brand is always an important concern. A renowned brand with a good market reputation usually offers a good product. Look for the best brand.

Coating thickness

The quality of paint applied and the finish also depends on the coating thickness.

A can that has good paint inside and a better spray mechanism usually give good coating thickness.

Drying time

The drying time should be short. Thus, the desired results can be achieved quickly.


Depending on many other factors, the finish is also an important concern to look for. A fine finish comes with a lot of factors that I mentioned above.

Hence, it would help if you looked for all these aspects to not regret your decision afterward.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of paint will stick to glass?

For glass, acrylic enamel and acrylics are good to go. Mostly, solvent-based paints stick to glass.

Is it possible to spray paint on glass?

Yes, it is possible to spray paint on glass.

How do you permanently paint glass?

You can use the baking method in which you first apply the paint and then place the glass in the oven at 300-350-degree centigrade.

The time usually depends on the glass. It can be from 20-30 mins.

How do you fix spray paint on glass?

First, you wash the glass and let it dry. After that, apply to rub alcohol and let it dry. Now shake well and apply the paint.

How do you seal paint on glass?

First, choose the desired sealant.

Now, in a well-ventilated workspace, spray the sealant.

Allow the layer to dry and repeat the process 4-5 times.


I hope that the above information helps you find the best spray paint for your glass. Don’t forget to follow the right ways and remember the aspects. Good luck!

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