10 Best Painter’s Tape Reviews 2021 | For Many Surfaces

The finishing and overall look for a painting job is its most important part.

If you’ve done everything to the best of your abilities but fail to give it a good final look, all your efforts would be in vain.

So, you must find a good painter’s tape for each of your painting job.

In this article, I will be going through the top picks for the best painter’s tape around, along with their pros and cons.

Please make sure you go through each of them before choosing one.

Also, I’ll be dropping a buyer’s guide, which will help you select the best one depending upon your specific needs.

Top 10 Painter’s Tape Reviews

After going through each of the products in detail and comparing them to one another, here are the top 10 picks according to me.

Go through each one in detail to find out what suits you the best.

1. ScotchBlue 2090-48EC Original Painter’s Tape

Coming with a very affordable price tag, this 60-yard tape is one of the finest products you could get your hands on.

The width is 1.88,” which is very suitable for most painting jobs. The color is scotch blue, as the brand name suggests, while the tape is entirely UV and sunlight resistant.

A great thing about this is that it doesn’t leave behind any adhesive or any sticky residue if it is taken off after being applied for 14 days.

So, you’re safe to change your mind and easily do your painting jobs. Lastly, the adhesive level of this is medium, so it’s not the stickiest.

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  • 14-day clean removal
  • UV and sunlight resistant
  • Very affordable
  • 60 yards


  • Medium adhesive
  • Not good for glass

2. XFasten Professional Painters Tape

This is yet another blue-colored 60 yards painter’s tape with very high quality. However, this one comes with a width of 0.5”, so this is a more suitable pick if you’re looking for something thinner.

Once you apply this tape, you can easily protect paint bleeding and get sharp paint lines at the end of the day. Also, no matter what surface you want to use it on, it will be a great choice.

Probably the best thing about this is the amazing 60 days of safe removal, there are no damages caused, and you can wait all you want.

While being UV and sunlight-resistant, it’s undoubtedly something worth a try.

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  • Easy to use; doesn’t curl
  • Good for many surfaces
  • 60 days no damage stay
  • UV and sunlight resistant


  • Not so easy to remove
  • Some claims it leaves residue in less than 60 days

3. Frogtape 1358463 Painter’s Tape

Coming with a width of 0.94 inches and a length of 60 yards, this green-colored painter’s tape by Frogtape is a great multi-surface tape that can be used for painting jobs no matter what surface you’re doing it on.

It has a medium adhesive nature, so it won’t be hard to take this off once the work is done.

A great thing about this is the patented paint block technology, which is best in keeping paint out, so the lines stay as sharp as possible.

If you’re painting directly under sunlight, you can use it for seven days only. Otherwise, it can stay for as long as 21 days.

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  • Easy to take off
  • Patented technology for very sharp paint lines
  • It can be used for most surfaces.


  • Can stay for seven days only under direct sunlight
  • Not heat-resistant

4. AmazonBasics Painters Tape

If you’re willing to spend some money and need professional-grade results, don’t forget to take a look at this high-quality painter’s tape by the AmazonBasics store.

It’s a 6-pack tape which comes with a width of 1.88”, the most suitable size for most of the paint jobs.

You can use this for safely removing it for up to 14 days, and it’s wholly UV and heat resistant and won’t damage the surface in any way.

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  • Made with acrylic adhesive
  • Professional grade quality
  • UV and heat resistant


  • Pricey
  • Not so sticky

5. Blue Painter’s Tape by Duck Store

Another top-of-the-line painter’s tape from Amazon’s choice. It’s a great tape if you’re working with either glass, metal, or wood.

Whether your usage is indoors or outdoors, this will always be a great asset for you. It’s available in various sizes, and the color is blue, with 60 yards of length and 0.94” of tape width.

The adhesiveness of this tape is quite good; it’s not so hard as to leave stickiness behind, not so less that it becomes hard to use.

You can remove it within 14 days to avoid any damage incurred.

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  • Adhesiveness is very suitable
  • It comes in a variety of sizes
  • UV resistant
  • 14 days removal


  • Heat resistance is missing
  • Cheaper alternatives available

6. Scotch Contractor Masking Tape

Coming with nine rolls with a total of 540 yards and a width of 0.94” each, this is another great choice if you’re looking for something elite class that gives you top-notch performance, with no paint spillage and perfectly straight paint lines.

However, consider this choice only if you’re using a metal surface, as it won’t be suitable for other surfaces such as wood or glass.

Also, one thing you need to make sure of is to remove this tape at an angle of 45 degrees. Otherwise, it may be hard to remove or leave some residue behind.

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  • Very strong adhesive
  • Best for metal surfaces
  • Very affordable for the length


  • Sometimes hard to take off
  • Only three days of clean removal
  • The surface must be fully dust-free for applying it

7. Scotch Rough Surface Painter’s Tape

Coming in a different number of widths from 0.70” to up to 1.88”, it’s a very affordable painter’s tape that can be used for many materials such as wood and cement.

This one also comes with a very strong adhesive, which might sometimes be hard to remove, but once it is, the paint lines come off as very sharp, and you can also use this with lacquer coatings.

After five days of applying, you can safely remove it, but if you further delay it, it might leave some damage behind.

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  • It can be used with lacquer coatings as well.
  • Strong adhesive but smooth unwind.
  • It comes in various widths.
  • Cheap


  • Only five days of clean removal

8. ScotchBlue Painter’s Tape 2093

Yet another great product from ScotchBlue, this is no less than the first one we saw. Coming with 60 yards of length and 1.41” width, it’s recommended for usage where you need large widths.

Moreover, if you want further width, you can opt for the 1.88” as well. You can keep this on the surface for as long as 21 days and still remove it safely.

However, make sure you take it off at an angle of 45 degrees, as not to leave any residue behind or make it hard to pull it.

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  • UV and sunlight resistant
  • Very easy to take off
  • 21 days of clean removal
  • Edge lock technology


  • Some claims it sticks very hard to some places

9. Lichamp Painter’s Tape

If you’re looking to buy a tape for a huge project which requires lots of lengths, be sure to check this one out.

Coming in 10 rolls and a total length of 550 yards, this won’t run out anytime soon, no matter how big your painting job is.

The tape is 0.75” wide, which isn’t much, and you should keep it in mind. Lastly, it’s extremely easy to tear off after the paint is dried off; nevertheless, holding power is still pretty good.

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  • No sticky spots
  • Good holding power
  • 550 yards total
  • Good for various surfaces


  • It might be a bit thin for some projects

10. HYDDNice Painter’s Tape

This is an industrial-grade professional painter’s tape that is mostly used for 3D prints.

If you need something for 3D commercial usage, don’t forget to take a look at this piece.

The adhesion is quite hard, but it won’t be as hard when you’re peeling the tape off, which is great.

Lastly, it features great temperature resistance with soft pasting, providing you a top-grade performance.

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  • Professional grade
  • Temperature resistance
  • Soft pasting
  • Great for 3d printing


  • Some claim adhesion is not as hard as advertised.

Buyer’s Guide

In this section, I will be dropping some important hints which you should never ignore before buying a painter’s tape.

These points will not only help you differentiate between the good and bad ones but also help you decide what could be the best for you.


As you might have already guessed, the tape’s width is the most important factor to look for while buying a painter’s tape.

It would help if you had the tape to be at least the width of the edge you’re applying it to make sure no paint gets on it.

Otherwise, the whole purpose of the tape would be gone. However, if you want to make small details, you will need thin tape, which doesn’t cover many areas.

This way, you need to first analyze what your requirements are and not just blindly go for the widest tape you can find.

So, make sure you know what pattern you’re going to paint before buying the tape, and you’ll be good to go.


Length is also important as if the tape runs out before you’re done with your project, it will be pretty annoying for you.

So, make sure you know beforehand how much length you’re going to need and if the tape you’re interested in isn’t that long, make sure you buy multiple rolls to fulfill your needs.

Make sure you measure in proper metric; some tapes display their length in yards while some do in feet.

Release Time

Release time is the amount of time after which you can securely take the tape off before incurring any damage to the surface.

Different types have different release times, and some offer as long as 20 days. So, always make sure you get something with at least ten days of release time;

Otherwise, you will be bound to take the tape off, or it will end up damaging your paint.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here, I’ll be answering some of the most frequently asked questions by beginners and try to answer them in the best way possible.

Which is better, green or blue painter’s tape?

It depends on your needs. If you need a strong adhesion tape, go for the green one. Otherwise, if you’re fine with medium stickiness, the blue one will do fine.

How long can painters tape stay on?

This varies with the model you’re choosing. Some may stay on for only a couple of days, while some may go as long as 20 days.

What can I use if I don’t have painter’s tape?

You can either use cardboards or angle brushes; they’re good alternatives if someone doesn’t own painter’s tape.

How do you remove the tape after painting?

Once the paint is fully dried off, you grab an end of the tape and start pulling it at an angle of 45 degrees until it fully comes off.

Can duct tape be used as painter’s tape?

While duct tape can also do the job, once you’re done with painting, it will be very hard to remove as it’s very sticky. So, it’s a bad idea to use duct tape instead of painter’s tape.

What tape do professional painters use?

Professionals usually use blue painter’s tape as it is easier to remove and doesn’t cause any damage to the surface.

Do you take the painter’s tape off when the paint is wet or dry?

Dry. This is very important. Otherwise, your patterns of paint will be ruined.


Painter’s tape is a very important tool when it comes to professional painting.

Whenever you need to make some neat patterns and need to leave some area unpainted, painter’s tape is the best option.

We have seen some of the best painter’s tapes available in the markets, and if you go through them, you will find the perfect pick there is for you.

Just make sure you go through the buyer’s guide first.

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