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Taking organic coffee is a brilliant idea if you are keen on your health. Organic coffees are free from chemicals such as fertilizers, herbicides, and pesticides. Hence, you won’t take chemical traces through your coffee.

There are numerous organic coffees with different flavors and tastes, so you have a chance to choose your favorite. Some organic coffees require the use of coffeemakers while others produce a quality cup of coffee instantly.

The organic coffees are made with coffees from different areas around the world such as Central America, South America, Jamaica, and Ethiopia.

Why Choose Organic Coffee?

Organic coffee is a good choice if you want to keep track of your health as you continue to have your favorite coffee. With organic coffee, you can enjoy a cup of coffee every day without consuming chemical traces.

Organic coffees are slowly roasted to bring out a full-bodied taste and flavor. You will also realize that most organic coffees are organic and kosher certified.

Buyer’s Guide


The main ingredient in organic coffee is coffee beans. But most brands come with additional ingredients to produce a wonderful taste and aroma. Some of the additional ingredients include chocolate and Ganoderma lucidum.

These ingredients help to deliver different flavors and aromas. You should be keen to choose a brand that will suit your flavor needs.

Organic Certification

Most organic coffees are organically certified meaning they don’t contain any chemical traces. These coffees are healthier than brands that contain artificial ingredients.

You should be keen to avoid brands that sell as organic, yet are not organically certified.

Coffeemaker Compatibility

You will want to check if your preferred coffee is compatible with your coffee machine.

Some organic coffees are meant for use with specific coffee makers such as the Keurig or other automatic brewers.

You may also realize some organic coffee brands that don’t require the use of coffee makers.


Different coffees come in different volumes depending on the price. You should make sure to choose a volume that will allow you to continue brewing for long.

Other factors to consider

  • Budget
  • Packaging
  • Place of origin of coffee beans

Top 10 Organic Coffee

After keen scrutiny of different coffee brands, we present the top 10 recommended organic coffees. These coffee brands offer wonderful flavor and taste and are organically certified.

Before making a decision ensure to check the coffee’s ingredients, quantity, and coffeemaker compatibility.

1. San Francisco Bay Rainforest Blend Organic Coffee

The San Francisco Bay One Cup is a blend of rainforest-grown coffee that delivers a smooth, full-bodied taste with lively acidic notes. The coffee is grown sensibly and fairly trade to ensure quality and consistency.

It undergoes an inspection before, during, and even after roasting to ensure quality is observed. The total volume of this coffee is equivalent to 80 single-serve coffees.

Conclusion: This organic coffee is compatible with Keurig K-Cup brewers. You can also use it with other single-serve brewers. However, it’s not compatible with Keurig Vue or Rio.

2. The USDA Organic Coffee

The Gorilla Decaf Coffee is a better choice for single-serve coffee. It features a full-city roasted taste that is large, strong yet mellow.

This coffee is decaffeinated through the use of the natural water process. So the final product is ideal for all-day brewing.

It’s USDA certified organic and fairly traded. Hence, it’s free from chemical fertilizers, herbicides, and pesticides.

Conclusion: This coffee is meant for use with Keurig K-Cup brewers only and other selected single-serve brewers. You can’t use it with Keurig Vue or Rio.

3. Cafe Don Pablo Gourmet Coffee Medium

You have the option to enjoy this organic coffee from Honduras. It produces a deep rich chocolaty flavor with a clean finish. This coffee impresses you with smooth milk chocolate, with tones of caramel, honey, and cocoa.

The roasting is done keenly to bring out the natural flavor aspects and lovely sweetness. It’s Organic certified by CCOF so you can be sure it’s grown without the use of chemicals.

The coffee is 100% Arabica, and it’s GMO-free. The pack contains 2 pounds of coffee for several servings.

Conclusion:  This organic coffee can be used with different coffee makers, but it’s not ideal for French presses.

4. Caza Trail Organic Extra Bold Coffee

The Caza Trail Coffee is a perfect blend of selected coffees from Indonesia and Latin America. This coffee is USDA certified organic and Fair Trade Certified and Kosher.

It’s free from chemicals and artificial additives. The coffee is bold yet smooth, fine finish that is full-bodied with moderate acidity.

You will find this organic coffee great for busy mornings or when you just require an on-the-go treat.

Conclusion: Single-serve cups well-matched with all 1.0 and 2.0 brewers. Hence, you can’t use it with other types of coffee brewers.

5. Marley Coffee Lively Up

This organic coffee lets you enjoy hints of sweet cocoa, dark chocolate, and buttery caramel along with a smooth finish. The coffee is manufactured with USDA certified organic Arabica coffee beans.

The coffee beans are sourced from various parts of the world including Central America and Jamaica. With this organic coffee, you can enjoy a great cup of coffee at any time of the day.

Conclusion: The Marley Coffee is compatible with Keurig K-Cup Brewers.

6. Newman’s Own Special Blend Coffee

Newman’s Own Special Blend Coffee offers a dark roasted Fair Trade Ethiopian Coffee. This coffee is specially packaged to ensure it retains optimal freshness.

The coffee is roasted fresh immediately before packaging and shipping. The beans undergo a slow roasting to bring out full flavor and aroma. It’s ideal for personal use, chefs, and foodservice.

Conclusion: This coffee is ideal for use with most coffee makers mostly automatic machines and can be used in home and café kitchens.

7. Coffee Bean Direct Organic Fair Trade Whole Bean Coffee

The coffee beans are roasted to French Roast equivalence to tap deeper into the flavor characteristics.

The roasting also ensures to retain the soft, wonderful aroma of this authentic coffee. The subtle fruity taste is improved by the darker roast, with a moderate to heavy acidity and a full body.

The packaging ensures optimal freshness for a quality cup of coffee every time. The coffee beans are slowly roasted before packaging to bring out the rich, full flavor.

Conclusion: This coffee is ideal for use with most coffee makers mostly automatic machines and can be used in home and café kitchens.

8. Organic Balance Blend Caza Trail Coffee

If you love brewing in the morning, you may try the Caza Trail Coffee. This organic blend is ideal for on the go mornings.

It’s made from select coffee beans to ensure quality and consistency. The beans are perfectly blended for a balanced flavor.

You will appreciate that this coffee is fair trade and organic certified. It’s also Kosher certified, so you are sure it doesn’t contain any chemicals, and it has the right composition.

Conclusion: This organic coffee is compatible with Keurig 1.0 K-Cup Brewers.

9. Organo Gold Gourmet Cafe Noir

The Organo Gold Gourmet Cafe Noir Coffee is ideal for those who want instant coffee. This gourmet coffee delivers robust flavor while retaining its soft characteristics.

The flavor is enhanced with robust Ganoderma lucidum. You will realize that this coffee is specifically blended to awaken your sense and keep you focused.

Conclusion: This organic coffee is mainly for instant brewing and not ideal for coffee makers.

To brew, simply add the contents of 1 sachet to 8 ounces of hot water. Then stir and enjoy. You may have to add creamer and sugar to taste.

10. Mount Hagen Organic Freeze Dried Instant Coffee

Mount Hagen Organic Coffee is made from 100 percent highland Arabica coffee beans. The beans are organically grown, so they don’t contain any chemical traces.

It’s Kosher and Organic certified. This coffee is ideal for quick and simple summer coffee coolers. It lets skip the brewing and chilling. This coffee comes in a pack of 6. You will make about 60 bountiful cups of coffee per jar.

Conclusion: The mount Hagen Organic coffee is one of the best instant coffee, and it’s perfect for use with coffee makers.

Final Verdict

Organic coffees are produced without the use of chemicals including fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides. These coffees are healthy and let you enjoy full-bodied flavors and tastes.

While some organic coffees are instant, others require the use of coffee makers. Instant organic coffees are perfect for busy mornings or when you want to skip the brewing process.

When choosing organic coffee to consider the ingredients, organic certification, coffeemaker compatibility, and volume.

You may also want to consider the price, packaging, and place of origin. Since there are multiple brands, it’s good to be keen to ensure you get the best organic coffee.

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