6 Best Nespresso Machines 2021 | Reviews & Guide

Today if you are a coffee fan, you don’t have to visit frequently the coffee shop day. You can get a coffee maker and prepare your favorite drinks in the comfort of your home.

It doesn’t have to be a single flavor; you can brew various drinks such as latte macchiato, cappuccino, and more. If that’s your dream, it’s good to purchase a simple, user-friendly, affordable, and functional coffee brewer.

While there are many models for coffee machines on the market, the Nespresso espresso makers prove to be outstanding.

The best Nespresso machine will offer a quality cup of coffee every time, and they are designed to suit your individual needs.

Why Choose a Nespresso Machine?

There are many lovely reasons why you should consider a Nespresso machine. They output consistently great coffee with little to no mess. The units come in different styles, sizes, and colors.

You will also realize that they come at good prices. Although Nespresso units are similar to most standard home coffee makers, they are simple to use and allow you to brew your favorite coffee with no hassle.

You will also not waste time grinding coffee beans, setting complicated functions, and waiting for your coffee to be ready.

Due to their simplest, Nespresso machines are designed for both beginners and baristas. When you want to prepare your favorite coffee, simply add water, and place your preferred coffee capsule, the machine will do the rest.

Finally, position your cup and press a button to pour a tastier espresso, cappuccino or another drink of your choice.

Buyer’s Guide

Consider your budget

Nespresso machines differ significantly in price, and the brand includes some affordable units. While some units come ready for use, others require you to buy additional components.

The components may include a cappuccino or milk steamer depending on the model which you choose. Depending on these factors, your choice might be very affordable or slightly expensive. You may also want to consider the ongoing costs of pods.

Coffee preferences

Nespresso pods come in an array of flavors, but you can only use the flavors offered by the company. One drawback of the Nespresso machine is that you can’t choose pods from a different supplier, make or use off-brands.

Nespresso machines vary in the number of drinks they can brew and whether they can brew milk beverages without a separate machine.

The units in the lower price ranges don’t have milk steamers and provide a narrow choice of sizes. If you want to enjoy milk drinks, you may want to invest in a high-end machine.


Nespresso machines come in different sizes, colors, and features. You will realize that features are a vital consideration.

Some of the features that you may want to consider include cup sizes, preheating time, and whether the used pods are stored or ejected.

While some units have fresh milk reservoirs and milk, others don’t have. Other features that are worth considering include energy-saver settings, warming plates for cups, space for cups, and pressurized brewing for intense flavor.


Nespresso machines come in different styles to suit individual needs. They have different sizes, looks, prices, but you will realize some units that are within the same price range but have different features.

It’s good first to consider the features you want in a machine, and then proceed to check the styles available. That way, you will end up with an aesthetic unit that bears all your desired features.

The color/outer finish

The color of a coffee maker may not be a very vital factor to most people, but it’s worth considering. Some coffee fans want to buy a machine that matches their kitchen décor or other kitchen appliances.

Nespresso machines are available in a wide variety of colors and metallic finishes. Some bold colors include silver, black, or red.

Other factors to consider

  • Ease of operation
  • Compactness
  • Brewing mechanism
  • Warranty

Top 6 Recommended Nespresso Machine

We did in-depth research on different Nespresso machines to determine the ones that offer satisfactory performance.

The machines in this review are selected based on their ease of use, affordability, and capacity to deliver quality coffee drinks.

1. Nespresso Citiz C111 Espresso Maker

The Nespresso Citiz C111 Espresso is conceived to suit both fans of Nespresso and enthusiasts of modern design. The set comes with the Nespresso Aeroccino Plus milk frother.

With this machine, you will enjoy rapid one touch preparation of cold or hot milk froth. It allows you to enjoy a variety of drinks including Macchiato, Cappuccinos, and Lattes in an entirely new experience.

This coffee maker is simple to use. All that you have to do is insert your desired pod, press a button, and after a few minutes pour your drink into a cup.

You will realize that it’s simple to insert and inject capsules. The unit can hold up to 10 used capsules so you won’t experience the mess of cleaning.

It comes with a removable 34-ounce water tank. The removable feature makes it easy to clean so you will enjoy a cup of fresh, tastier drink every time.

The water is also large enough to allow continuous brewing without necessarily refilling. However, you should use Nespresso coffee capsules only.

It has a compact design that makes it ideal for small urban kitchens. The design also makes this coffee maker good for the office. Its aesthetic, innovative and ergonomic design adds up to your high-end kitchen appliances.

This coffee maker features two automatic buttons for Lungo and Espresso. The buttons allow for reprogramming for personalized volumes and are backlit for ease of operation.

A folding and adaptable drip tray allow for brewing into taller glasses. The 19 bar pump provides barista-quality coffee every time. This high-performance pressure extracts the delicate flavor of each coffee capsule to create an incomparably unctuous and dense crema.

This unit attains the ideal temperature in just 25 seconds thanks to the fast heat-up system. It’s an energy-saving machine. It has been programmed to auto turn off after 9 minutes of inactivity.

This feature makes this model consume 60% less energy than normal coffee brewers according to FEA/CECED labeling.


  • Comes with a welcome of 16 Nespresso Grands
  • Compact footprint
  • Easy injection and removal of pods
  • Allows for brewing into large cups
  • Elegant design


  • Uses only Nespresso pods
  • Not great for cafes

Conclusion: This coffee maker is ideal for aspiring barista and those who want to explore their creativity in coffee brewing. It has a compact footprint making it ideal for small urban kitchens. Thus, it’s specifically meant for housewives and office chefs.

2. Nespresso Pixie D60 Espresso Machine

The Nespresso Pixie D60 Espresso is a functional coffee maker designed to offer quality coffee without any hassle. Its elegant and compact design plus an easy to use interface makes this machine desirable in the kitchen.

This coffee maker is only 4.3 inches wide so it can fit in any kitchen. If you have a small kitchen or want a coffee maker for the office, you can try this model.

It features a thermoblock heating system for fast preheating. Once turned on, this unit is ready to brew in 25 to 30 seconds so you won’t keep waiting.

The fast preheating system is desirable if you want to sip a cup of your favorite coffee during breaks.

If you want to brew into tall glasses such as travel mugs, this unit will serve you since it has a folding drip tray. The folding drip tray also comes in handy when you want to brew some milk coffee or espresso to sip in the office.

You will appreciate the programmable buttons for lungo and espresso that allows you to determine the exact volume.

Thus, if you want to entertain your friends, you can brew an exact number of shots. It’s equipped with backlight indicators for water level detection. So you will only refill when it’s necessary.

Other notable features of this Nespresso machine include the auto power-off for energy saving, used capsule container, and convenient power cord storage.


  • Fast preheating time of about 25-30 seconds
  • Programmable buttons for lungo and espresso
  • folding drip tray for brewing into travel mugs
  • auto power-off makes it energy efficient


  • Short power cord
  • Small water reservoir
  • Difficulties in removing the water reservoir

Conclusion:  This coffee maker is compact, elegant and a performer so it can be used in any kitchen. It’s specifically meant for homemakers, office chefs, and cafe chefs.

3. Nespresso Inissia Espresso Maker

With a tiny footprint, compact and lightweight design, the Nespresso Inissia Espresso is ideal for small kitchens. It has an ergonomic handle and an elegant finish making it perfect for any interior design.

This coffee maker comes with quality features that make your coffee brewing a breeze. However, you may not appreciate the fact that it uses Nespresso coffee capsules only.

The easy insertion and ejection of coffee capsules are meant to ease coffee brewing.

All that you have to do is refill the water reservoir, insert your desirable coffee capsule, press a button and after a few minutes pour a better-tasting coffee drink.

This compact brewing unit technology is all that you need in your urban kitchen or office. It features 19 bars high-pressure pump for excellent extraction. The pressure pump helps to extract the deep flavor of each coffee bean to offer a dark tastier drink.

It comes with a removable 24 ounces water tank. This water tank is large enough to allow continuous brewing without refilling.

Also, it allows you to brew a large amount of coffee and then pour at your convenience. If you want to entertain your friends, this water reservoir will be helpful.

A folding cup tray fits tall recipe glasses so you can brew into differing cups. Simply adjust the tray, fit your tall glass and press a button to pour your drink. The drip tray drops down automatically when you want to eject your mug to catch drips.

It holds about 9-11used capsules to ease cleaning. The removable water tank also makes this machine simple to clean.

This coffee maker is very energy efficient. It has a class energy rating. The automatic power-off function turns off the machine after 2 minutes of inactivity. The two programmable Lungo and Espresso buttons allow you to adjust the cup size.


  • Compact and elegant design
  • Energy saving
  • High-pressure pump
  • Programmable buttons for Lungo and Espresso
  • Fast preheating time of 25 seconds


  • Not great for cafes
  • For use only with Nespresso capsules

Conclusion: This Nespresso machine is compact making it ideal for small kitchen countertops. Thus, it’s meant for housewives and office chefs. If you have a small cafe, you can still try this coffee brewer.

4. Nespresso C60 Pixie Espresso Maker

If you don’t like wasting time making your coffee, you should shop for machines that have a fast preheating time such as the Nespresso Pixie Espresso Maker.

This coffee maker has a fast preheating time of about 25 to 30 seconds, so it will be very useful when you are in a hurry.

When you go for this unit, you will appreciate an instant enjoyment since it comes with a welcome grand of 16 capsules of different aromas.

This Nespresso machine measures only 4.3 inches wide, so it’s ideal for small urban kitchens. It will fit on the kitchen counter without replacing other appliance or your coffee making essentials.

The 19 bar high-pressure pump delivers barista-style output, unlocking the delicate flavor and prime aromas of each coffee capsule during the coffee-making process. It creates an exceptional unctuous and dense crema.

An empty water tank alert makes it simple to clean this machine. It has red backlights along the sides that light up to notify you when the water tank needs refilling. Thus, you will always have a predictable brewing.

With the auto power-off function, this coffee maker turns off 9 minutes after the brewing process, consuming less energy.

With one-touch buttons (Espresso and Lungo capacities), you can reprogram to custom volumes. The programming is made simple by the presence of backlit. A folding drip tray fits different cup sizes for milk coffee and espressos lovers alike.

Although it uses a Nespresso capsule, you can choose between differing tastes. The Nespresso capsule system offers unique aromas and exceptional taste.

This coffee maker comes with a used capsule container that holds up to 10 used capsules. It has convenient power cord storage so you won’t have trouble storing the machine.


  • A small footprint makes it ideal for small kitchens.
  • The Fast preheating system for quick coffee brewing.
  • A beautiful design.
  • Delivers exceptional aroma.


  • Requires frequent refilling.
  • Relatively costly

Conclusion: This coffee maker has excellent features an intuitive user interface making it perfect for home and office use. Thus, it’s ideal for homemakers and office chefs.

5. Nespresso U D50 Espresso Maker

The Nespresso U D50 Espresso is designed to suit modern life and demands. It combines customization with a beautiful design that glows in your kitchen.

The sophisticated technology makes the brewing predictable while delivering better-tasting drinks always. The water tank rotates 180-degrees around the machine to suit your living style and kitchen space.

The machine weighs only 6.6 pounds so you can shift it around the kitchen easily. However, you will have to purchase additional components if you want to froth and steam milk.

You will appreciate the automatic functions of this machine including piercing, brewing, and removable the used capsules. It has a retracting coffee outlet to prevent dripping after the coffee is brewed.

A 27-ounce water tank allows you to brew a large amount of coffee without refilling. Cleaning the water tank is simple so that you won’t experience mess during the brewing.

The fast preheating time of 25 seconds allows you to prepare coffee without wasting time. But this machine is for use with Nespresso capsules only.

If you would like to use capsules from different manufacturers, you would better choose a different coffee maker other than Nespresso.

It features automatic memorization of 1 of 3 cup sizes including Espresso, Ristretto, and Lungo. The machine comes with a removable magnetic drip/cup tray for larger milk recipes.

The brewing technology includes a 19 bar pump pressure for excellent extraction. Thus, you will enjoy the full flavor of each coffee capsule. Automatic power off after 9 minutes of brewing makes this machine energy efficient.

A light indicator notifies you when the water tank is empty and a full capsule dispenser.


  • Comes with a set of 16 coffee capsules
  • The large water tank holds up to 27 ounces
  • Simple to clean
  • Attractive design
  • Affordable


  • For use with Nespresso capsules only
  • Outside is made of plastic

Conclusion: This coffee maker is specifically meant for small kitchens. Thus, it is good for housewives and office chefs.

6. Nespresso VertuoLine with Aeroccino Plus Milk Frother Machine

The Nespresso VertuoLine Coffee Maker is popular due to its simplicity and functionality. It’s equipped with an Aeroccino to suit the needs of milk-based fans.

If you don’t like a lot of programming and operation, you will like the ergonomic user interface of this machine. It allows you to prepare various coffee recipes at the touch of a single button.

However, you should note that this coffee maker won’t offer you high-end features, but it will deliver better-tasting coffee each time.

It comes with two programming buttons for Lungo and Espresso. An integrated milk frothing device allows for the preparation of latte and cappuccino.

The 19 bar pump pressure extracts full flavor in each coffee bean resulting in an authentic taste. This feature is very useful to those who take the taste of their coffee seriously. A 1-liter removable water tank allows you to brew without refilling.

Also, it’s simple to clean the tank since it’s removable. An energy-saving mode makes the machine power efficient.

It comes with a used container capsule making it simple to clean without any mess. The removable drip tray is also simple to clean and has folding cup support allowing you to brew into large cups.

This Nespresso machine measures 14-3/5-inches by 9-2/7-inches by 11-inches. It weighs 12.9 pounds for portability.


  • Offers barista-style results
  • Has a crisp, smooth design
  • One-touch coffee preparation
  • Comes with an Aeroccino for milk-based drinks


  • Relatively expensive
  • For use with Nespresso coffee capsules only

Conclusion: This product is compact and lightweight making it perfect for small kitchens. You can use it in urban kitchens and the office. Hence, it’s meant for housewives and office chefs.

Final Verdict

Nespresso machines are popular due to their ease of use, performance, ability to deliver quality coffee, and affordability.

If you choose one of these machines, you will enjoy a variety of coffee-based drinks in the comfort of your home. When choosing a Nespresso machine to consider your budget, coffee preferences, features, style, and design.

You may also want to consider the warranty of the machine and the number of drinks that the machine can brew. We hope this guide offers you all the information that you require to choose the best Nespresso machine.

Ensure to compare the different Nespresso machine to determine the one that best suits your needs.

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