10 Best Ladders for Painting Reviews 2021 | Excellent Stability

Painting and repair jobs are something that you should be comfortable with as a DIY enthusiast.

Not only will it save you money, but it’s also a great way to pour your heart into your craft and home.

To make that happen, you’ll need a ladder.

However, the best ladder for painting and repair work doesn’t come easily. That’s why I’m going to help you through the process.

Let’s dive right into it!

Top 10 Ladders for Painting Reviews

I will now take you over the top 10 ladders for paintings that you can get this year.

I’ve also supplemented each brief review with a few pros and cons that will help you make a more well-rounded decision.

Here are the top 10 ladders for painting:

1. Little Giant Ladders

The Little Giant Ladders is a Type 1A ladder with a reach of 22ft. Multi-purposed and reliable, this is a great choice that I would recommend to everyone.

It’s fair to say that this is my premium pick and is a model that won’t design.

To make things even better, you’ll note that it glides easily as well, and the adjusters make altering the positioning so much easier.

However, it’s a little heavy, and the presentation isn’t that good.

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  • Simple adjustment
  • Quick use
  • Easy gliding
  • Versatile operation


  • Poor presentation/packaging
  • Heavyweight

2. Louisville L-3016-06 Ladder

My second choice for the list is the Louisville Ladder L-3016-06. This is a fiberglass-based model with a capacity of 300lbs.

Coupled with its resistant rubber feet, spreader braces, and maximal stiffness, the Louisville Ladder L-3016-06 is a great choice if you intend to get something for household applications.

However, it can often be too stiff for some people and is very susceptible to scratching. But other than that, it’s a pretty good choice you should go for!

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  • Has a firm base
  • Perfect for short reaches
  • Well built
  • Light frame


  • Scratches easily
  • Can be too stiff

3. Louisville FE3216 Ladder

On the third spot, I’d like to introduce the Louisville Ladder FE3216.

The Louisville Ladder FE3216 can handle weight up to 300lbs and provides you a solid reach of 16 feet. It’s easy to set up and has a very firm base.

But that also makes it a bit heavy, so I wouldn’t suggest it unless you think you can handle it.

Manufactured from fiberglass, this model is made for endurance, so it’s worth a shot if you want something heavy-duty.

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  • Very sturdy
  • Stable base
  • D-shaped rungs are easy to stand on


  • Heavy
  • Full extension is a little shaky

4. Little Giant Ladders Flip-N-Lite

If you’re looking for something light yet worth the investment, then the Little Giant Ladders Flip-N-Lite is a great place to start.

Weighing less than 7kg, the Little Giant Ladders Flip-N-Lite will give you an elevation of 6feet while still being able to work up to 300lbs.

Its aluminum is made and is quite easy to transport, making it a must-have if you want something for household use and application.

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  • Very lightweight
  • Easy transport
  • Easy to open
  • Comfortable standing platform


  • Scratches very easily
  • The presentation isn’t that good

5. Ohuhu 12.5 FT Aluminum Telescoping Ladder

The Ohuhu 12.5 FT Aluminum Telescoping Ladder is the next generation of ladders that are a must-have if you travel on the job.

The best thing about this model is that you can easily carry it with one hand since when compressed, it doesn’t stand that tall.

On top of that, it also has good locking pins that ensure good stability. However, be careful and precise, or else you might get a little bit of wobble when using.

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  • Easy to travel with
  • Good locking pins
  • Lightweight frame
  • Versatile


  • Needs to be fully extended always
  • Can get wobbly

6. Cosco Three Step Max Steel Work Platform

The Cosco Three Step Max Steel Work Platform is reputed for its safety and easy application.

This is a great model to look into if you want a model for indoor use.

Plus, owing to its lightweight, this also makes the Cosco a suitable choice if you don’t want the labor of carrying a heavy ladder around.

As far as cons are concerned, there isn’t anything bad going on with it. So you’re good to go!

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  • Very stable
  • Lightweight
  • Easy handling
  • Best for indoor use


  • None

7. Rubbermaid RM-SLA3-T

I now give you the Rubbermaid RM-SLA3-T. Packed under 8lbs, the Rubbermaid RM-SLA3-T is a lightweight model with a frame that can hold its own.

It has an anti-slip base that provides firm handling of whatever work you intend to.

Although the steps could be a little wider, this model is still a good choice if you need a ladder for around-the-house use.

I would highly recommend the Rubbermaid RM-SLA3-T to homeowners!

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  • Heavy-duty frame
  • Handgrip protection
  • Non-marring feet


  • Narrow steps
  • Top platform a little unstable

8. Louisville AS2100 Ladder

The Louisville AS2100 is also another model that is fit for household use. Its main feature is its lightweight frame that is easy to work and travel with.

Along with the obvious, the Louisville AS2100 is also resistant to slipping once set up correctly.

However, for all that this model has going on for it, this one’s pretty light as well.

I would recommend this to all types of users out there, especially homeowners who need a ladder to supplement their weekly/monthly cleaning routine.

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  • Slip-resistant
  • Study
  • Smooth finish
  • Lightweight


  • Not heavy duty

9. LUISLADDERS 3 Step Ladder

The LUISLADDERS 3 Step Ladder is a little different from the rest and with good measure. This model is fit for office and uses in small places.

As the title suggests, it provides three steps. With each one, you’ll have excellent stability, a feat that is attributed to the LUISLADDERS 3 Step Ladder’s wide base.

Overall, it’s a pretty good choice but keep in mind that the side-rails are bendable, and you might find the nick in the rubber gripper to be a little bothersome.

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  • Excellent stability
  • Wide pedals
  • Sturdy frame


  • Side-rails are bendable
  • Nick in the rubber gripper

10. Idealchoiceproduct Multi-Purpose

Last but not least, I now bring to you the Ideal Choice Product’s premium ladder choice, their multi-purpose feature.

With a full assortment that makes and provides good versatility, this is a heavy-duty choice that is stable and can make your life complete.

This is because the design features mean you can get almost all types of work done which are ladder-related, all safely.

I think that’s a definite win, and you should give it a shot if you want to get all birds with one stone!

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  • Very versatile
  • Heavy-duty frame
  • Slip-resistant
  • Rustproof


  • Shakes at tall heights
  • Thin plates

Buyers Guide

When it comes to buying the best ladder for painting, you’ll need to keep a handful of things in mind.

Now I’ll take you over my top recommendations and features that you should look into when choosing the right model.

Here is a brief buyer’s guide to taking you through it!


The first thing that you’ll need to consider heavily is the type of ladder. In three main types, ladders are often divided into stepladders, multi-use ladders, and extension ladders.

Stepladders are recommended if you want something that’s not that hard to work around and need something for small tasks around the house or workshop. They’re also less rigid and can’t hold their own that well.

If you want something versatile, then a multi-use ladder is a good choice. These are the ones that allow for scaffolding as well and can easily reach up to 15 feet off the ground.

The third type is the extension ladders. For jobs fairly above the ground, this is an excellent choice that is easy to use and easy to set up.

Plus, they’re also fairly rigid and straight. However, make sure they don’t collapse too quickly, or it can be quite dangerous to you!

Weight Capacity

Each ladder has its own unique weight capacity.

Your job is to make sure that you get a model with a weight capacity that you can comfortably work with.

Inspect the type of ladder it is, which is labeled as I, IA, II, and III. This will make it easier to gauge what type of work you can do on the ladder.


What good is a ladder if it can’t give you the reach that you want?

Make sure to get a ladder that is sufficiently capable of taking you to the elevation that you want.

Not all ladders provide the same elevation, so it’s good to inspect this beforehand!

Frequently Asked Questions

How big of a ladder do I need for a two-story house?

For a two-story house, you can get all your painting and repair work done with a 28 feet extension ladder.

Is the fiberglass or aluminum ladder better?

Generally speaking, fiberglass ladders are more reliable and durable in the long run.

This is because they’re resistant to weather and other pollutants, which can degrade quality over time.

Aluminum ladders have this feature as well, but not as good as fiberglass, of course.

How high will a 24-foot extension ladder reach?

A 24-foot extension ladder will provide a maximum reach of 23 feet and will be set up at a distance of about 6 feet from the base of the wall.

How long will a fiberglass ladder last?

Assuming that you do not pay any attention to maintenance or don’t take preventative measures, a fiberglass ladder will give you about 1-3 years of solid performance.

However, if you take care of it, a fiberglass ladder can really last a long while.

How safely should you use a ladder when painting?

You should be very careful when using the ladder, especially if you’re standing on the very top.

This is because any sideways momentum can cause the ladder to topple over. A fall like this can have bad consequences.

What is the proper way to use a ladder?

The proper way to use the ladder is by always ensuring that you face the wall. Furthermore, make sure to never try to overreach or lean away from the ladder.

On top of that, always make sure that your belt buckle is centered between the sides.

How do you paint tall ladders?

The idea is pretty much the same as painting with any ladder. Always make sure that the base placement is good.

Additionally, be wary of your positioning and how to make it work properly.

What is the safest type of ladder?

The current generation of ladders that you’ll find in the market is actually quite safe to use.

This is because they come with a serrated base that is resistant to slips. Plus, they’re fairly light and have non-conductive side rails.

Altogether, this makes your ladder quite safe to use.

What is the 3 type of ladders?

The three types of ladders include stepladders, single ladders, and extension ladders.

What are the ladder jacks?

Ladder jacks are a handy set of tools that are utilized to make a temporary scaffold between two ladders. This is often done when working at an elevation.

How is the ladder always carried?

This depends on the type of ladder being carried.

A stepladder is always carried in the closed position, whereas a single ladder or an extension ladder is carried parallel to the ground.


Choosing the right ladder is step one if you want to ensure that your work experience goes well.

So it’s best to get something that you know how to work and how to make it work for you.

If you liked any of the models mentioned above, or have any general feedback or recommendations, do share them in the comment section below!

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