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Ironing board covers have the ability to provide protection to your clothes and ironing boards in one go. One of the main pros of using these board covers is that it allows you to easily iron clothes.

Thus you need those that don’t move once you slide the iron on to the board, and this means that the covers must have drawstrings, Velcro, or elastic material.

Woven of 100% cotton with unique aluminized coating, the cotton ironing board cover-silver gives your ironing board a smooth, resilient surface.

Durable and versatile, this quality material is also recommended for potholders and oven mitts. You can clean this ironing board fabric with a damp piece of cloth as well.

So now that we know what best ironing board cover is and what it is made of, we can simply hop on to the bandwagon of identifying the best ones out there.

This review and guide is mainly based on how to choose the best cover for your ironing board and which ones to buy.

Buyer’s Guide

Without any further ado, let’s start with the buyer’s guide, which will comprise of the main factors you need to look out for when getting an ironing board cover.

You need to be completely satisfied with your purchase, and you wouldn’t want to regret and compromise on its quality, later on, so we have brought up this guide:


Starting off with the dimensions of an ironing board cover, well, this is for the fact that every cover has to be the same size or according to the size of the board itself.

If you randomly pick out a cover for your board, then it might not fit.

You cannot base your purchase on mere an illusion of what you might have guessed, so the size or you can say dimensions of an ironing board matters a lot when picking out a cover for it.

Simply look for the average dimension of a cover and start with that scale, then you can measure it up and buy a cover according to its size.


The second most important factor is the padding of the cover. Many people often forget to look out for this point in their ironing board covers, but this should not be overlooked.

Thicker padding is best for ironing board covers so you can layout your clothes on a fine and stable base.

This way, you can iron your clothes in a much better way by making them look like you always wanted them to be.

All the creases and unsteadiness will be gone from your clothing, and you will praise your cover for it.


If you are a traveler and you can hop onto places from time to time, then you might need a more compact and portable option.

Ironing board covers come in many sizes and can be bought in travel-sized forms as well, so you can take them almost anywhere.

Your cover will have all the qualities of ironing your clothes perfectly, and you will be able to take it anywhere as well.

Top 15 Ironing Board Cover Reviews

Now it is time for us to dive into the product reviews and guess what?

We have brought you the best 15 products from amazon. You will get to know about their features and pros-cons, respectively.

Also, each product is reviewed honestly without any buttering so you can know about them and choose one that fits your needs.

1. Gorilla Grip Reflective Ironing Board Covers

Gorilla Grip is high quality and well-known seller of house-hold items. The reflective ironing board cover is very hard and sturdy, which enables smooth experience with durability.

This premium laundry board cover has a very thick pad for protection, which can last for a very long amount of time.

The silicon surface is very efficient in reflecting the heat so that the maximum of it is used in achieving the perfect ironing i.e., wrinkle-free clothes in seconds!

This is a very versatile cover designed to be compatible with many boards of standard size. This is exactly what you’re looking for!

More photo & price on amazon.com


  • Fits easily
  • Sturdy cover
  • Good functioning
  • Reflective cover


  • Flimsy cotton made
  • It’s not washable

2. Homz 4-Leg Steel Top Ironing Board Cover

Homz has a huge customer base who can vouch for its reliability and efficiency of its products.

The 4-leg steel top ironing board cover is an essential tool for your ironing board.

In contrast with other traditional boards, this one has a special metal build which is very durable and provides safer and more effective ironing experience

This is a very efficiently designed tool with every part very cautiously installed.

The board does not crack or break and is extremely lasting. It withstands temperature of 450 degrees and provides you with a professional ironing extravaganza!

More photo & price on amazon.com


  • Withstands heat
  • Quality material
  • Fast working
  • It doesn’t crack or break


  • No ironing rack included
  • Not sturdy enough

3. Whitmore Deluxe Ironing Board Cover

Whitmore deluxe ironing board has a very innovative and efficient design that helps you achieve your dream performance with elite level efficient functioning.

This scorch resistant, the innovative board, is sewn with a protective pad so you can enjoy all the benefits in one deal.

The tailored nose pocket design fits all the standard size boards, and there is a strong binding cord to keep it in place.

This is a very beautiful modern looking board with a deluge of features which you’ll surely love!

More photo & price on amazon.com


  • Scorch resistant
  • Heavy-duty stretch cord
  • Standard dimensions
  • Thick padding


  • Elastic doesn’t fit
  • Bad cushioning

4. Ezy Iron Padded Ironing Board Cover

Ezy Iron padded ironing board cover is a very amazingly designed cover with a load of features.

This is worth your money and has a very nominal size, which is also very desirable.

The cover and pads are also made to be compatible with all the standard sized boards, so you don’t have to worry about fitting issues.

The fabric used has a unique design, and the padding is also very thick.

It shortens the ironing time by reflecting most of the heat and minimizing the wastage.

The life of this product is also very long. Overall, this is a very promising option which you should consider by all means.

More photo & price on amazon.com


  • Durable
  • Tailored fit
  • Generous size
  • Thick padding


  • Needs ties to tighten up
  • Bold print design

5. Epica Silicone Coated Ironing Board Cover

Epica silicone-coated cover is a very efficient and heavy-duty product that never disappoints.

The silicon coating helps increasing ironing efficiency hence decreasing time while the thick padding provides the durability of the device.

This is an especially designed cover that never slips from its place so you can perform ironing without any worries.

The covering is also scorch resistant. It has a very generous size and is compatible with standard size boards too.

Enjoy smooth, wrinkle-free finish on your clothes with this amazing build!

More photo & price on amazon.com


  • Silicone coating
  • Heavy-duty padding
  • Handles a lot of ironing
  • Tailored fit


  • Too small
  • Not thick enough

6. Dalykate Replacement Ironing Board Cover

Dalykate is a very fine producer of home appliances, which are lovely to look at and give the best performances.

The replacement cover is the dream cover for every home. It is very high quality and 100% cotton with scorch and stain-resistant coating.

There is a mesh cloth for avoiding stains and scratches, which makes this cover very long-lasting too.

The special dual non-slip nose pocket provides full-fledged convenience, and easy installation is made possible by a fastener which has a well-lock facility.

This cover with an adaptation of extra thick padding is everything you have been looking for. Give this one a try!

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  • 100% cotton
  • Strain resistant
  • Has protection
  • They are designed to fit


  • Lumpy padding
  • Stains easily

7. SheeChung Ironing Board Cover and Pad

SheeChung is one of the leading producers of home accessories in the market. This board cover is very desirable in terms of size and compatibility.

The three-layered construction with silicone coating makes the ironing procedure much more efficient, and there is a 2mm foam plus 4mm felt pad to avoid scorching and strains.

The installation is very easy due to its modern elasticized edges bungee-cord style drawstrings, which help the board keep in place.

The cover is 100% cotton and made for frequent use. This is the board you’ll enjoy working with!

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  • Tailored fit
  • 3-layer construction
  • Resistant to scorching
  • 100% cotton material


  • Fragile fabric

8. Minky Homecare Smart Fit Ironing Board Covers

Minky homecare smart fit cover is unique and packs distinguished features from its competitors, one of them being the easiest assembling.

It has a pre-tensioned elastic super tight cover, which helps slip-free operation.

The thick padding offers smooth operation. You will achieve the perfect finish on your clothes, and you’ll love it.

The cover is overall cotton and very durable- the work of your dreams!

More photo & price on amazon.com


  • Fits perfectly
  • Pre-tensioned elastic
  • Durable
  • Best material


  • Not thick enough
  • Might not fit all boards

9. Petask Ironing Board Cover and Pad

Petask cover is the best friend of your ironing board. This will help attain the sleekest looking wrinkle-free ironing on your clothes.

It has a scorch resistant make and sewn-in protective padding.

The silicon coating of 100% cotton cover helps you iron your clothes perfectly, plus the cover is very durable.

There is stretched binding to keep the cover in place, and the coating is also scorched resistance.

This cover will last numerous ironing sessions and share your experience for a long time!

More photo & price on amazon.com


  • Wrinkle-free clothes
  • Silicon coating
  • Durable
  • 100% cotton material


  • Not thick enough
  • It doesn’t fit a standard board

10. Happhom Ironing Board Cover

Happhom comes in the market with its board cover, with some extra features giving its competitors a tough time.

This is especially ecofriendly and non-chemical pure material made of breathable cotton laminated with super thick felt foam, which offers safety while ironing at 250 degrees.

The four layers of super thick padding make sure to achieve a very clean and sleek finish in your clothes with no wrinkles to embarrass you if you are looking for these features than you’ve come to the right place!

More photo & price on amazon.com


  • Efficient
  • Premium quality
  • Eco-friendly
  • Non-toxic material


  • Stains easily
  • Not wrinkle-free

11. ENCASA Ironing Board Cover

Encasa home is a very trusted manufacturer of textile essentials and products with a long-lasting effect with high quality.

This ironing board cover is a very good make of Encasa. It has an elastic bungee cord, which makes it easy for the cover to sit well with all types of boards, boosting its compatibility.

The aluminized covers are treated to avoid any scorch and stains, so the cover remains new-looking for a considerable amount of time. Ironing time is also dramatically reduced due to this treatment.

More photo & price on amazon.com


  • Quality assurance
  • Long-lasting
  • Fits all shapes
  • Scorch resistant


  • Sticky material
  • Fragile drawstring

12. Brabantia Ironing Board Cover

Brabantia makes some very good quality board covers that will make your ironing venture very full of fervor.

This cover is made from metalized cotton and works well in both steam and normal ironing. The heat is reflected very fast, saving your time and money both!

The cover sits around the board very smoothly with a cord fastener and stretch system.

The only drawback is that you can wash it only by hand. If you don’t have a problem with that, then it is a deal sealer!

More photo & price on amazon.com


  • Imported
  • Cotton material
  • Reflects heat
  • Saves time


  • Expensive
  • Weak strings

13. Dritz Clothing Care Ironing Board Cover

Dritz clothing care ironing board cover is one of a kind.

It’s very efficient and well suited to your ironing needs. The cover has special elastic fasteners to avoid any slipping by placing the strap underneath the iron board, placing the cover between clasp’s teeth and closing.

This action is repeated until all the fasteners are positioned, and you can enjoy the most efficient and uninterrupted ironing of your lifetime.

More photo & price on amazon.com


  • Doesn’t slip
  • No wrinkling
  • The strap is underneath
  • Easy to follow


  • Not long enough
  • It doesn’t work for all boards

14. TIVIT Ironing Board Cover

TIVIT ironing board covers are especially known for their very long lives.

The heat resistant covers help achieve the perfect press in no time and are also scorch resistant. There are three padded layers plated with aluminum for efficient ironing.

There is heavy-duty pro silicon covering providing an unparalleled durable experience. Like most other covers, it also has a bungee cord system to avoid any slipping problem while working.

More photo & price on amazon.com


  • Durable
  • Efficient
  • Heavy-duty
  • Reflect heat


  • It doesn’t fit all boards
  • Not smooth enough

15. SheeChung Ironing Board 100% Cotton Cover

This is another amazing product from SheeCung.

The ironing board cover with 100% cotton construction is very durable and effective. The design is oriented towards zero slippage from the board.

It is a tabletop ironing board cover replacement, and there is a custom fit to allow smooth ironing surface.

These are just the right covers for you if you are tired of unwanted creases and badly finished presses. The strong and durable fabric with extra thick padding is waiting for you in the store!

More photo & price on amazon.com


  • Fits properly
  • Strong material
  • Durable
  • Exclusive design


  • Pointed corners
  • Doesn’t have grommets

Frequently Asked Questions

How often should you change the ironing board cover?

After a matter of 5-7 years, you would have to change your cover, but otherwise, you can run it along and use it up to 10 years max as well if it doesn’t wear out.

How long should an ironing board last?

A good ironing board should last decades or even a lifetime if the owner uses it with care and preserves its parts.

What size ironing board cover do I need?

150 x 54cm is suitable for an ironing board and max 140 x 40 cm.

Is an ironing board necessary?

It is not necessary to purchase an ironing board to iron your clothes.

Normally people use any flat surface on a wooden or tile floor to iron their clothes out.

What is ironing board fabric?

Mostly they are woven with 100% cotton with a unique aluminized coating to provide a smooth and resilient surface.

Is steaming better than ironing?

Steaming is effective to get wrinkles out of fabric and requires lesser space as well.

So there are plenty of benefits from a steamer rather than an iron.

Can I wash my ironing board cover?

Yes, you can, but if you wash it by hand, then you can save its durability.


Here you go! A complete review and guide on the best ironing board covers! These covers are readily available for you to purchase from Amazon.

You have to simply select the product of your choice and place an order because now we have made it quite easy for you to pick one product out.

Hoping all your queries have been solved regarding ironing board covers as well.

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