10 Best Instant Coffees 2021 | Reviews & Guide

Instant coffees are meant to replace the use of coffee makers in brewing. Even though instant coffees may not deliver the exact quality as the coffee machines, they offer rich, full-flavor coffee.

You will realize that there are numerous brands of instant coffees available each offering different flavors, levels of convenience, and volumes at different prices. You can choose some different brands and settle on a favorite one.

However, choosing the best soluble coffee might be a challenge. You can check our review of the top instant coffees on the market to help you choose a favorite brand.

Why Choose an Instant Coffee?

An instant coffee helps you reduce the time of preparing a cup of coffee since there is no brewing required. You also have the chance to enjoy coffeehouse quality coffee at home.

With instant coffee, you are in a position to brew a cup of coffee any time of the day without mess or clean up.

Buyers’ Guide

Coffee Beans Used

The different instant coffee brand is made from different coffee beans. Some of the popular beans include Korean, Italian, and Colombian.

These coffee beans offer different tastes and flavors. The level of roasting is also worth considering since it determines the level of bitterness of the drink

Level of Caffeine Contained

Most coffee brands have caffeine as an ingredient. Some caffeine levels include 60, 45, 40 gm per serving. The level of caffeine helps determine the number of servings, health status, and the age bracket that can consume a particular coffee.

Brands that have a high caffeine level are not perfect for young children, pregnant women, and should be limited to servings per day.

Compatibility with other ingredients

While some brands on instant coffees are compatible with chocolate, mint, and milk, others are not. It’s good to determine the compatibility of the specific coffee with other ingredients if you want to diversify the flavor and taste.

Other factors to consider

  • Price – mostly determined by volume and quality.
  • Type of packaging – it determines if the coffee will retain its flavor.
  • Dissolving rate
  • Expiry date

Top 10 Instant Coffees Review

We have reviewed the best instant coffees on the market based on their flavor, taste, and convenience of use. Whether you’re a coffee fan or want to experiment with instant coffee, you will find these reviews very helpful.

You can check different brands and compare them depending on the level of caffeine, the type of beans used, and compatibility with other ingredients.

1. Folgers Classic Decaf Instant Coffee

Folgers comes in a new pleasing package but retains its great taste. 100% pure coffee lets you serve an authentic cup of coffee each time.

It offers 12 ounces in a pack of 12 so you can prepare up to 180 6 fl oz cups.

With simple steps, your coffee will be ready for serving. Simply, put 1 rounded teaspoon per 6 fl ounce cup, add milk or hot water, stir and then adjust to taste.

The selling points of this instant coffee include fast solubility, great value, and price. It might not be as strong as your normal drip coffee, but you can enjoy placing the brew in the fridge for ice-cold coffee.

2. Maxwell House Instant Coffee

Maxwell House instant coffee boasts of delivering quality, smooth, full-flavored taste in every sip.

The finest coffee beans are keenly blended, and custom roasted to their peak to create great tasting classic flavors. You will get a total of 24 ounces of coffee – a pack of 12, 2-ounces per jar.

The Maxwell House glass jar authentic packaging ensures to seal in the rich aroma and flavor. The jar opens to a fresh and desirable smell of coffee beans.

However, those who love strong coffee or are keen on taste might have to add a higher amount of coffee before realizing their desired taste.

3. Hills Bros Cappuccino Mocha Mint

If you are looking for a perfect pairing with mint and chocolate, you may want to try the Hills Bros Cappuccino Mocha Mint. It’s blended perfectly to meet your need as a coffee fan.

You can add this instant coffee to your coffee as a substitute for sugar or cream. The package includes 6, 16 ounces containers letting you brew for long. You can purchase this instant coffee in bulk and save.

It’s good to note that this instant coffee does contain caffeine. This instant coffee is good when mixed with water, but you can add some milk to make it creamier.

4. Maxwell House International Coffee Cinnamon Dulce Cappuccino

If you love a blend of flavors, you may like the Maxwell House International Coffee. It features a warm cinnamon flavor which is topped with creamy foam to deliver a unique taste.

The coffee is artificially and naturally flavored to meet the preferences of coffee enthusiasts. With this coffee, you can enjoy your own cafe-style indulgence in the comfort of your home.

The packaging warrants that your sweet getaway will only be a sip away. You can mix this instant coffee with milk if you wish to diversify the flavor. It’s a bit expensive, but you are sure to enjoy a quality cup of coffee each time.

5. Medaglia D’Oro Instant Espresso Coffee

D’Oro Instant Espresso is a blend of high-quality, imported Italian espresso coffees. It ensures to retain the favorable Italian flavors that coffee enthusiasts like.

The coffee beans are double roasted for traditional espresso flavors. It’s highly aromatic and flavorful, which are its selling points. You only have to use boiling water and your drink will be ready within a minute. Hence, brewing isn’t necessary.

This addictive instant coffee comes in a pack of 12 jars making it ideal for those who brew frequently. Owing to the fact that this instant coffee isn’t bitter and doesn’t contain sour tastes, it’s worth trying.

6. SToK Caffeinated Black Coffee Shots

The SToK Caffeinated Black Coffee has a high caffeine content that helps to keep you focused. It has 40 mg of caffeine per serving which is equivalent to a shot of espresso.

The aim is to put more caffeine in your coffee. These black coffee shots, come in a creamer-like container which allows for portion control. However, this coffee isn’t ideal for young children and pregnant women.

Also, if you are caffeine-sensitive, it’s not brilliant to use this coffee. The manufacturer advises coffee lovers to limit serving this coffee to 2 times per day.

7. Folgers Classic Medium Roast Coffee Singles Serve Bags

The Folgers Classic Medium Roast coffee offers you the chance to brew right in your cup. No brewing required and it also saves you the time of milk frothing.

It’s made from Mountain Grown coffee beans; the world’s richest and most aromatic. With this instant coffee, you have the option to brew a fresh cup of coffee every time.

A medium roast level helps to avoid bitter and nasty flavors. The pack contains 6 3-ounces boxes of coffee which make a total of 18 ounces.

The singles are individually packaged to help keep your coffee fresh, rich, and full of flavor.

8. Nescafe Dolce Gusto for Nescafe Dolce Gusto Brewers

The Nescafe Dolce Gusto is offered you a chance to enjoy real coffee shop drinks right at home, faster, and without clean up or mess. It features 100% Arabica Coffee which delivers a smooth tasting, light to medium roast coffee.

These single-serve capsules are ideal for use in Nescafe Dolce Gusto coffee makers to create coffeehouse quality drinks at the comfort of your home.

Hence, they are compatible with Nescafe Dolce Gusto machines only. Each box prepares 16 cups of house blend/Nescafe Dolce Gusto Americano.

You can serve this coffee throughout the day on many occasions.

9. Maxim Mocha Gold Korean Instant Coffee

With the Maxim Mocha Gold Coffee, you can enjoy diversified tastes and flavors. It’s made from Korean Coffee one of the world’s desirable coffees.

This product boasts of being among the best instant coffees worldwide. If you are not a fan of Colombian or Italian coffee, you may want to try this unique taste and flavor.

You will enjoy the ease of making a great cup of coffee with this blend. Simply add hot water and stir, within a minute, your drink will be ready. Thus, you won’t experience any mess or clean up.

10. Douwe Egberts Pure Gold Instant Coffee

Douwe Egberts Pure Gold Instant is made for Dutch coffee. It offers you a chance to enjoy the different flavors of your typical coffee.

The beans are roasted using Egberts expertise to offer a medium well-balanced flavor. The unique blending makes this coffee suitable for consumption at any time of the day.

The main ingredient is 100 percent freeze-dried instant coffee. It has a capacity of 7.05-ounces, 200g for continuous brewing.

Final Verdict

Instant coffee offers you the chance to enjoy a quality cup of coffee fast, without brewing. It helps eliminate mess and clean up and even the need to froth milk.

Also, you have the convenience of preparing your coffee right in a cup. You can use hot water and place your drink in the fridge for ice-cold coffee, and other brands allow you to add milk.

Since there are different brands of instant coffee, you should be careful when making a decision.

When choosing an instant coffee consider the coffee beans used (Korean, Italian, Colombian), volume, the level of caffeine contained, presence restrictions in serving, compatibility with other ingredients such as chocolate, mint, and milk.

You may also want to determine the price, expiry date, type of packaging, and dissolving rate.

We hope the best instant coffee reviews and buying guide was helpful and will help you make a predictable choice.

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