11 Best Industrial Air Compressor Reviews 2021 | For Heavy-Duty

Regardless of whether you are an amateur or master at it, you might know how significant an air compressor is as a toolkit.

Without having it at your workplace, you can suffer from damage to a ton of stuff in your unit, which relies on an air compressor to work; thus, it is highly essential to keep a high-quality air compressor with you consistently.

In this article, we will discuss some of the top picks with their pros and cons for the best industrial air compressor.

Like many models in the market settle on the decision truly hard for you, this guide will refer to the best ones so you can always decide on the choice conceivable.

Buyer’s Guide

If you have less knowledge regarding it, there are several points you have to consider before picking the best industrial air compressor to choose the best out of it.

Each individual has various requirements, and finding the points are essential to get to yours.

Power Source

There are two sorts of compressors; the first one demands power while the other one can work on gas.

Gas ones are better if you require them for heavy work, yet they additionally make significantly more clamor, which annoys many individuals working in space.

Additionally, the electric comes in less expensive and needs less support.

In this way, except if you are a master and require substantial work, an electric one should be the best approach.


The compressor alludes to the tank’s volume and decides how regularly you should top off your tank.

It could be disappointing to hang tight for the compressor tank to replenish in the center of your work, so I recommend going with a volume measure that will cover your requirements for any event in a single go.

Try not to go for a considerable size tank as they become less versatile and cost more too.


Here comes the significant part: the thing we need from the compressor.

The weight decides how amazing machines the compressor can support; thus, individuals also allude to it as the exhibition measure.

Ensure the weight you must work with is far underneath the maximum weight compressor can create else; it will be close to garbage for you.

Be that as it may, do not go with something with additional most extreme weight on the off chance that you need not bother with it as it will build the cost by a great deal.


Air compressor is not the tools you purchase each year, and instead, they keep going for a considerable length of time once you get them.

Along these, you need to ensure whatever you pick comes in excellent form and is used during construction.

Else, your cash would go to waste, and the compressor does not generally go in there inexpensively!

Additionally, remember whether you mean accomplishing uncompromising work, oil-less drives will not keep going as long as the oil-based ones.

Top 11 Industrial Air Compressor Reviews

Here, we will see the top picks and their pros and cons so you can make your choice easily.

1. DEWALT DXCMV5076055 Two-Stage Air Compressor Air Compressor

DeWalt is one of the best brands out there. It has helped make pressure for a long time.

This 60-gallon air compressor by the company impressed me a lot not only by its body but also by the working pressure it can bear.

It is a great choice to purchase when it comes to industrial air compressors without a doubt.

More photo & price on amazon.com


  • Very portable
  • Long time pressure
  • High quality; durable
  • Comes with all accessories you need


  • Heavy body

2. Industrial Air 30 Gallon Air Compressor

Industrial Air makes air compressors is designed mainly for heavy-duty needs such as livestock work, truck service, etc.

These are some of the best options to choose from as these can work in the toughest of situations and are favorable to demanding conditions.

It’s suitable for smaller shops for a mechanic as well.

More photo & price on amazon.com


  • Compact and portable
  • Suitable for heavy-duty
  • Operates smoothly


  • Recovery time is slow

3. Ingersoll Rand SS3F2-GM Air Compressor

Ingersoll Rand is another famous and fantastic brand that never fails to satisfy its customers for over 100 years.

They provide the best quality and compact wheeled body, so customers do not face any difficulty carrying the weight while moving it.

This specific model has two horsepower compressors, which deliver up to 135 PSI, which is considered maximum operating pressure for nail guns, paint sprays, and more.

More photo & price on amazon.com


  • Very easy to use
  • 135 PSI max pressure
  • Portable wheeled body
  • Durable


  • Need to buy accessories

4. Quincy QT-54 Splash Air Compressor

Quincy brand provides reciprocating compressors. Thus, they are built for efficiency at lower operating costs and produced compressed air.

However, for up-gradation, you need to buy another one. The warranty is for one year and does not include the kit.

This might be better to purchase if you do not have a massive budget as it comes at affordable rates and could be useful in many ways.

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  • 145 – 175 PSI
  • Affordable
  • Great recovery rate
  • Works fine in any weather conditions


  • No tires

5. Industrial Air ILA1683066 Air Compressor

Another best product of Industrial Air. Like any other product of this brand, heavy-duty works such as livestock operations or mechanic shops; can also be suitable to provide maximum efficiency and performance.

It comes with a large 30-gallon tank with pneumatic tires for maximum portability.

Moreover, it is fully equipped with the regulator, working pressure devices, and tanks with an on and off switch, which makes it easy to use.

More photo & price on amazon.com


  • 30-gallon tank
  • Dual voltage motor
  • Pneumatic tires
  • 155 max PSI


  • Heavy body

6. Industrial Air IV5076055 Air Compressor

Industrial Air is one of the famous brands when it comes to an air compressor. This compressor is designed for heavy-duty professional users.

It consists of a 5 HP motor to protect the engine from voltage fluctuations. It has 175 PSI to operate functions and suitable for a long time.

It is heavy and not easy to move from one place to another.

However, the compressor and components are of high quality.

More photo & price on amazon.com


  • High quality
  • Great compressor
  • 175 PSI


  • Heavyweight

7. Industrial Air IP1682066.MN Air Compressor

This 20-gallon air compressor is manufactured by the same maker as the previous product, but its electric air compressor comes with an equipped quick-set regulator, tank, and toll pressure gauges.

The best part is that it is UL and CSA certified, which adds credibility to the air compressor.

These are more suitable for heavy-duty work, and it includes oil lubricant belt drive technology, which helps it to make less noise.

It is a 20-gallon tank with pneumatic tires, which makes it easy to move from one place to another.

More photo & price on amazon.com


  • Portable
  • Durable
  • High quality
  • Suitable for heavy-duty works


  • Heavyweight

8. Industrial Air IV5048055 Vertical Air Compressor

Another product of Industrial Air suitable for heavy-duty work such as service trucks, agriculture, etc. with a heavy body that is great to protect voltage fluctuations.

It has an integrated control panel for adding control and convenience. It has a larger capacity and consists of 80 gallons.

Though, it’s not easy and portable as it needs to be dragged around. This two-stage air compressor works intensely for significant industrial autobody and agricultural use.

Further, the patented pump device supports a cooler running pump. This would be one of the best to choose as this runs for a longer period, and refilling is also easy.

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  • Portable
  • Max pressure of 175PSI
  • Components come along it


  • No tires

9. California Air Tools 6010LFC Industrial Air Compressor

California Air Tool also provides a fantastic air compressor that has high durability.

These are famous for being the quietest air compressors in the industry, and they make less noise during operation.

It refills quickly and doesn’t need long pauses to refill the compressor as it refills within 125 seconds only.

The Compressor provides higher air capacity and reduces moisture in the air, which makes draining the tank easy.

It has a long life and comes along with the wheel kit and water trap, which makes it easier to remove water.

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  • Long life
  • Powerful motor
  • Very portable
  • Ultra-quiet


  • Loose pressure

10. NorthStar Single-Stage Air Compressor

The North Star 20-gallon vertical air compressor runs quietly and efficiently as it comes along with a portability kit and steel ball-bearing wheels.

Thus, there is less or no noise during operation. It has a belt drive of an oil lubricant pump, which runs quietly and provides long life to the pump.

These are made for tough situations and are more suitable for commercial shops.

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  • Quiet operation
  • Portability Kit
  • High flow regulator


  • 40 SI

11. 2475N7.5-V 7.5hp Two-Stage Compressor

Electric Compressor of brand Ingersoll Rand is designed for industrial use and substantial purpose.

These compressors are reliable and provide the best performance and consider the best for automotive services, machine shops, manufacturing lines, and more.

More photo & price on amazon.com


  • Heavy use
  • very durable and long-lasting
  • low noise


  • No tires

Frequently Asked Questions

In this section, I will be answering some of the most frequently asked questions by the beginners so, make sure you go through them if you have any confusion.

What is an industrial air compressor?

An air compressor is a tool that serves to transform power into the potential energy stored in pressurized air.

What are the three types of compressors?

Below are three types of compressors:

Reciprocating air compressors: they increase air pressure by reducing its volume.

Rotary Screw: they have two rotors, and the rotors compress air internally.

Centrifugal air compressors are vibrant compressors that are based on the transfer of power.

How do I know what size air compressor I need?

It depends on the project you are buying, as the compressor requirements change with the nature of the work.

The air compressor tank sizes are measured in gallons. Tank sizes are estimated in gallons.

Generally, your air instrument requires small, irregular eruptions of the air; at that point, a small tank size can be utilized.

A bigger tank will be required when utilizing air apparatuses that run for longer timeframes (air sander, processor, and so forth).

A compressor will have a deliverable CFM at a PSI rating. These appraisals depend on the motor/engine torque, siphon limit, and tank size.

We have just determined the CFM @ PSI of our compressor; you simply need to figure out what air instruments you will control as examined previously.

What are industrial air compressors used for?

Industrial air compressors are utilized for showering crops and ventilating storehouses in agriculture, running pneumatic apparatus in assembling plants, clothing presses in cleaners, and different procedures in food and drink assembling, oil, and gas-related operations.

How does the industrial air compressor work?

Air compressors can be utilized for a wide range of tasks.

They can supply air for replenishment objects such as tires or inflatable pool toys or provide energy for working devices.

How do you use an industrial air compressor?

There are some steps that you need to take while using it. The following are the steps:

  • Use safety goggles and shoes
  • Pull on the safety valve to test it
  • Turn on the compressor
  • Wait for the tank to pressurize
  • Check its reach to the pressure you required
  • Adjust the pressure regulator knob to match the toll’s PSI


We have seen a wide range of estimated air compressors accompanying diverse sticker prices and unique specifications.

While all the models referenced are the best, the decision between them relies exclusively on your inclination.

Along these lines, get to your necessities first and pick one that meets your prerequisites in the most minimal value conceivable.

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