10 Best HVLP Spray Gun for Cabinets 2021 | Reviews & Guide

To maintain the quality of the cabinets of your kitchen or room, it’s important to repaint them from time to time regularly.

But getting out a brush and roller can make your makeover project last for quite a while.

While the market is filled with various kinds of paint sprayer guns, it’s fair to say that HVLP spray guns are the most popular as they allow more control, are easy to use, lightweight, and suitable for working inside.

The precision of the best HVLP spray gun for cabinets can help you achieve the kind of finesse that one can only expect from experts.

Therefore adding an HVLP spray gun to your gadgets and toolkit can be a great decision that will significantly make your life easy.

Top 10 HVLP Spray Gun for Cabinets

HVLP spray guns have been in the market for quite some time; you will find a wide variety of brands and models available, which can make choosing between the options one hectic task.

I’ve picked out the top-performing HVLP spray guns that are ideal for painting cabinets along with their pros and cons so that you can find what you’re looking for.

1. Wagner FLEXiO 590 Handheld HVLP Paint Sprayer

Your home renovation is incomplete without this paint sprayer that doesn’t just limit itself to painting cabinets.

If you’re looking for an option that is multipurpose and isn’t a one-time use the only tool, this just might be the tool for you.

Not only is it fast thanks to X-boost technology, but it comes with interchangeable nozzles that can be used for both narrow or wide surfaces, each with a different pattern.

Since it’s a handheld option, it’s comfortable and easy to use.

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  • Easy to clean
  • Versatile
  • Fast


  • Short power cord
  • The nozzle can clog up at times

2. REXBETI HVLP Electric Spray Gun

The reasons why you should invest in a paint sprayer for your cabinets are simple; it’s, fast and you can get a finish that looks like the work of experts.

With a flow rate of 750ml/min, Rexbeti ultimate-750 can help you achieve a flawless finish in a small portion of the time.

It’s simple to use, lightweight, and comes with three different nozzles making it functional for almost any painting job—no complications, No overspray, just a high-performing quiet handheld sprayer.

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  • Multi-purpose
  • Compact
  • Ergonomic design


  • May clog if not frequently cleaned
  • Splatters at times

3. Wagner 0518050 HVLP Paint Sprayer

Wagner spray tech 0518050 is so comfortable and simple to use; you don’t even need to be an expert.

Its simple point and shoot mechanism that complements its handheld design can even get beginners to learn quickly.

The HVLP paint sprayer is specifically for wooden surfaces, so one can judge that it would be perfect for redoing your cabinets.

It has three spray patterns, two cups and can be used both indoors and outdoors, making it an overall complete package that has everything you need.

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  • Comfortable to use
  • Multi-purpose
  • Paint indoors and outdoors


  • Clogs up from time to time
  • Can’t be used with thick paints

4. HomeRight C800971 Paint Sprayer

Why waste money to get your cabinets repainted when HomeRight C800971 Paint Sprayer can help you get the same results in a much more cost-efficient way.

This paint sprayer comes with a 40-ounce cup, two interchangeable nozzles, and six different spray options that will help you control how you want to paint your cabinets without having to frequently refill paint.

You don’t have to worry about cleaning up afterward either because it doesn’t take much time or effort.

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  • Durable
  • Good capacity
  • Ease of use


  • Frequent cleanup needed
  • Not for large surfaces

5. Graco 16Y385 Paint Sprayer

You no longer have to worry about brush strokes being visible no matter on your cabinet surfaces with this 360 paint sprayer that lets you paint in all directions without any spillage.

The result is a smooth, flawless finish that you can achieve quickly and problem-free, as even if your tip gets clogged along the way, all you need is to reverse it to continue working.

Its overall compact design makes it easy to use, and storage is no problem because it comes with a case.

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  • Interchangeable tip
  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable to use


  • The fan pattern is relatively smaller.
  • New tips for replacement are difficult to find

6. TCP Global HVLP Spray Gun

One can only imagine how convenient painting down cabinets can be with this spray gun set.

It comes with three different spray guns for three different purposes.

Now you can have a spray gun that specializes in priming, a separate gun for the topcoat, and finally, a mini touch-up spray gone that smoothen up any flaws.

You also get an air pressure regulator that is precise and easy to read for more control.

Instead of cleaning out the spray gun each time you need to work with a different component, you can switch to a different gun.

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  • Comes with an inline filter
  • Multi-functional
  • Smooth finish


  • Leaks
  • The filter is difficult to fit inside.

7. VonHaus Electric HVLP Spray Gun

This HVLP spray gun makes painting down cabinets a no-hassle task with minimal effort. You can get your cabinets looking neat and fresh in no time as it’s quick and gets amazing results.

The adjustment nozzle is a great help since you can change your flow with a simple readjustment mechanism.

The triple painting pattern allows for maneuverability and full coverage. The overall comfortable to use and easy to figure out design makes assembly foolproof.

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  • Simple to use
  • Compact design
  • Good cup size


  • Limited hose length
  • Bad quality cleaning brush

8. Fuji 2202 Semi-PRO 2 Paint Sprayer

This adjustable HVLP spray gun is professional-grade that comes with no-bleed technology, so don’t worry about overspray or leakage and wasting your compound.

It doesn’t matter whether your cabinets are made of thick or thin materials as you can control the amount sprayed with the help of a simple button.

The bottom-feed cup is made of durable materials, so this will last you longer than you would expect from an average spray gun. I love the amount of mobility it has to offer, thanks to the extra-long hose.

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  • Long hose
  • Durable
  • No bleeding


  • Single air cap
  • Difficult to clean

9. Earlex 0HV6003PUS Spray Port 6003

You no longer have to stick with a simple finish when it comes to your cabinets; instead, you can have fun painting however you want with this expert level spray gun.

The design is unique, which is lightweight, and durable.

A hose, however, is the highlight for me as it’s long and flexible, so you can get a lot of movement and maneuverability while you’re working,

Especially if you frequently complete projects around your workshop.

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  • Durable
  • Professional finishing
  • Superior adjustability


  • Problems with thick paint
  • Difficult to adjust the viscosity of paint according to the gun

10. Wagner 0525027 Airless Paint Sprayer

Wagner, as a brand, is an expert when it comes to manufacturing paint sprayers, and even with this model, you can understand why so many professionals and DIYer’s rely on their products.

This paint sprayer provides an unconventional dual tip technology that will ensure your cabinets get wholesome coverage.

The advantage of EZ tilt allows you to paint in any direction want, and you can tilt the gun without the fear of leakage.

It’s super convenient that each past can be disassembled to clean it properly.

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  • Good maneuverability
  • Easy maintenance
  • Optimal coverage


  • Heavy with a full cup
  • Short power cord

Buyer’s Guide

Don’t compromise on your home maintenance by getting a spray gun that is not fit for the job.

Instead, you should take a look at the following factors compiled in the buyer’s guide before going on a search for the right tool.

Keep these points in mind because they will help you find a suitable HVLP spray gun that is ideal for your needs.


One of the great advantages of using an HVLP paint spray gun is the amount of control it provides.

Make sure that your HVLP paint spray has adjustment knobs as this will help you regulate and alter the direction of the paint.

Look for options that have a simple pressure adjustability mechanism so that you can determine the flow and pattern of how the paint should be sprayed, as this factor plays a significant role in the finished look of your cabinets.

Cup Size and Capacity

The suitability of cup size and capacity of the HVLP spray gun can vary according to the type of project that you intend to use it on.

Capacity is the measure of how much paint the HVLP spray gun will be able to hold and can determine the number of frequent refills it might require.

So if you don’t want to be stuck, refilling paint with a paint sprayer with a larger capacity is preferable.

Keep in mind that a larger capacity can make the spray gun much heavier to hold.

For cabinets and projects that frequently require different patterns, a smaller cup size is recommended.

Availability of Filters

Filters prevent clogging of your paint gun and help in providing a smooth and neat result. They can also extend the lifetime of your sprayer.

However, depending on what brand or model of an HVLP spray gun you are using, a filter might not be provided with it.

So do check if you need to buy a separate filter for your HVLP spray paint gun and whether it’s easily available or not.

Type of Paint

While an HVLP spray gun is compatible with most types of paints used, especially for painting cabinets,

It’s always a good idea to check if the spray gun is suitable for using it with various compounds depending on the project.

If you are looking for a spray gun that you could later use with latex paint, you may need to rethink your choice.

Frequently asked questions

How do you paint cabinets with an HVLP sprayer?

After removing the knobs and handles of the cabinets, place them face down and start painting with your HVLP sprayer from the inside out.

As for the frame, it is best to spray the vertical sides first, followed by horizontal pieces and, lastly, the face sides.

Do professional painters use sprayers?

Yes, depending on each project, they may or may not choose to use sprayers.

How do you estimate painting kitchen cabinets?

You can do that by taking into account the material you will be using as well as the layout of the cabinets and then accordingly calculate how much it would cost you.

What does HVLP stand for?

High volume, low pressure

What is better, HVLP, or LVLP?

Both kinds of spray guns have their benefits; hence the answer can vary depending on the kind of project you’re working on.

How much pressure does an HVLP gun need?

While the Psi requirement will be mentioned on your spray gun, most tend to work within the range of 40-60 Psi.

How many CFM does an HVLP gun need?

Most HVLP spray paint guns need a range of 10-14 cfm.

What is the difference between RP and HVLP?

Rp stands for reduced pressure, whereas HVLP stands for high volume, low pressure.

Are HVLP spray gun tips interchangeable?

Yes, depending on the brand and model of the spray gun.

Is airless or HVLP better?

Again, it depends on the project; however, airless paint sprayers are better for high-volume jobs.

Do you have to thin paint for an HVLP sprayer?

As latex paint is thicker in consistency, you may need to use a thinner.

Can you use latex paint with HVLP?

It is not recommended to use quality latex paint with an HVLP spray gun as it has a heavier base.

What paint to use on HVLP?

Some of the types of paint that can be used with an HVLP paint sprayer include Primer, vinyl, alkyd, enamel, acrylic, etc.


I hope you found the review list and buyer’s guide helpful.

Keep in mind that you have to set your expectations realistically and always test out the spray gun before using it for great results.

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