12 Best Handheld Paint Sprayers Reviews 2021 | Easy To Use

The use of paint sprayers tends to spark a heated debate among users who either love or hate the tool. But there’s one truth that even critics can’t deny.

Best handheld paint sprayers are quicker despite the extra prep work and effort.

Large surface areas can be coated in paint in a matter of minutes, and the resulting finish is unmatched; no brush strokes are seen.

While hand brushed paints exaggerate imperfections on the working surface.

Cracks, bumps, or gaps are not a problem you need to worry about if you have a handheld paint sprayer.

Despite the possibility of a handheld paint sprayer utilizing more paint, the results suggest that you will be able to paint the same surface area with a fewer number of coats and a finish that looks professional; the option is worth considering.

Top 12 Handheld Paint Sprayers

Handheld paint sprayers are great and can be used for a variety of projects.

They are small, which makes them easy to use, clean, and store. You can also take them along in almost any project.

Here’s a list of the best handheld paint sprayers available in the market so you can weigh out which option is perfect for you:

1. REXBETI Ultimate-750 Paint Sprayer

Become a pro at painting surfaces with this handheld home electric spray paint gun as it’s powerful, compact, and has excellent performance.

The build and design are catered for easy usage, so you don’t need to be an expert to assemble the tool. Its light in weight is quite versatile as it comes with three separate tips.

So whether it’s varnish or latex paint, you can use this tool without any hurdles.

Its power cord is also extra-long, so if you tend to work in your workshop and don’t like using extension cords, it can be a super convenient option.

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  • Easy to use
  • Lightweight
  • Versatile


  • Small paint cup for big projects
  • Heats up on continuous usage

2. Sun Joe 24V-PS1 Cordless Handheld Paint Sprayer

This option deserves a place on the list because of its portability.

While handheld paint sprayers tend to be compact and easy to travel with, this paint sprayer is battery-operated.

You don’t have to worry about using it outdoors if there isn’t a power outlet present on location. Its battery life is also sufficient to get around 3.2 gallons of paint in a single charge.

It’s kind of perfect for small intricate layered work surfaces as the paint will reach all those difficult spots in one go.

You can also choose between three different patterns as it comes with separate nozzles and can be more controlled with the paint job.

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  • Lightweight
  • Easy to use
  • Portable


  • Need to use a thinner with thicker paints
  • Not ideal for large projects

3. Wagner Spraytech 0518080

The manufacturer of this model is among the pioneers of the industry, so you know that you will be getting a good deal.

It offers a flow rate of 7 gallons per hour, which is not ideal for big-scale projects but perfect for small or medium-sized work.

I liked the variability in cup size as it provides two different cups; a 32oz metal cup and a 45 oz plastic cup.

So if weight is a problem, you can switch between the two without causing much muscle strain.

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  • Adjustable Air pressure
  • Variable cup size
  • Durable Design


  • Overheating
  • Best for outdoor usage only

4. HomeRight C800971 HVLP Paint Sprayer

It doesn’t matter if you’re not an expert in painting because this handheld paint sprayer will provide you with a finish that you can’t refuse.

Its silky smooth finish makes one wonder why painting felt like a difficult task in the first place. Not only are the results at a professional level, but so is the quality of this tool.

The brass tips are unmatched compared to plastic nozzles that most handheld spray guns come with.

Get an overall superior performance with this tool on a variety of materials so you can get all the worth of your money spent.

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  • Multi-purpose
  • Adjustable settings
  • Three brass spray tips


  • Not suitable for painting on ceilings
  • Thick paints need to be thinned out.

5. Graco 17D889 TrueCoat 360 Handheld Paint Sprayer

This product is easy to fall in love with. The cleanup is easy thanks to the liner bags, the design is compact, and the cup size is bigger than most, so you don’t have to keep adding more paint frequently.

Thanks to this tool, you even have the convenience of using it for both thick and thin paints as it comes with two replaceable tips, plus you can just flip them over if they get clogged during work.

No leaks, just wholesome full coverage thanks to the design technology. The variable speed control is very convenient for users, so they can adjust the settings according to the type of finish they want.

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  • Ergonomic design
  • No leakage
  • Reversible tips


  • Over sprays from time to time
  • May consume more paint than normal.

6. Wagner Spraytech 0529010 Handheld HVLP Paint Sprayer

You are bound to ditch using a brush and roller for painting once you get your hands on this handheld paint sprayer.

Don’t worry about thinning out thick paint with this sprayer that is light in weight and has an uncomplicated operation.

Not only is it simple to use, but it also takes no time at all to get it assembled and start your work. The highlight for me is the completely adjustable speed control that can go up to 10.

Hence it’s much easier to figure out the speed and adjust accordingly. You get good coverage on variable types of surface materials, so one really can’t complain.

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  • Fast performance
  • Completely adjustable speed control
  • Easy to use


  • Heavy to carry around with a full cup of paint
  • Might need extension cords

7. Graco TC Pro Corded Handheld Airless Sprayer

Another handheld paint sprayer manufactured by Graco makes the cut for being among the top-performing paint guns, which just proves how Graco continues to innovate for the ease of its users.

This compact paint gun is beautifully designed to make operation by hand comfortable for the user.

You might need to pour the paint out of the bucket into the paint can, but the rest of your job becomes so convenient that it doesn’t feel like a problem at all.

This product is fast, reliable, and consistent.

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  • Easy operation
  • Comfortable to use
  • Portable


  • Small cable
  • Loud

8. Wagner 0529015 Handheld Paint Sprayer

If you are looking for a handheld sprayer primarily for staining, this tool is just right.

Whether it’s indoor usage or you’re working in the outdoors, you will find that this paint sprayer isn’t noisy and gets each stroke just right with a pristine finish.

You can maneuver it around in all directions with minuscule splatter. The manual flow control is helpful because you can get a thin or thick coverage according to your preference.

It is ideal for home-based users who are new to the game as it’s fairly simple to use.

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  • Work Indoors and outdoors.
  • Quick
  • Adjustable pattern


  • Overspray
  • The paint cup gets stuck.

9. Graco Ultra Corded Handheld Paint Sprayer

This product is made to be used by beginners but gives a professional quality performance. If you value productivity, then I assure you this tool will save you a lot of time.

No thinning needed; instead, you get a perfect airless finish. The manufacturers paid attention to the design and made it so if any part malfunctions, you can quickly replace it and continue working.

This handheld paint sprayer specializes in small-scale projects dealing with exterior, interior, or specialty projects.

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  • Easy to use
  • Fast action
  • Powerful


  • Not suitable for bigger projects
  • Frequent paint pours out.

10. Graco Ultra 17M363 Handheld Paint Sprayer

Handheld paint sprayers are well worth the investment if you want a smooth final finish without having any brush or roller marks.

This product has all the specs that are a trademark of Graco paint sprayers: Repairable design, smooth finish, and powerful triple piston pump.

But it beats all its other cousins in portability. This tool is battery-operated, so you don’t need to worry about extension cords.

So you can take it anywhere you want; it can paint up to 1 gallon per charge, which is why I think it’s better for smaller jobs and might be too troublesome for bigger projects.

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  • Portable
  • Lightweight
  • Powerful


  • Small projects only
  • Residual speckling

11. Wagner 0531000 Handheld Sprayer

Don’t go on its small size for this paint sprayer may be super small, but it can handle medium-sized projects without a sweat.

The tip was a bit unconventional in design, but the performance did not disappoint.

Painting can require using the gun in different directions; the manufacturers considered that and designed this product with EZ tilt technology.

It’s simple to clean up after usage, and you can disassemble it conveniently. Remember, the quality of your finish can be enhanced with a great quality tool, and this product is exactly that.

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  • Comfortable to use
  • Ideal for small-medium projects
  • Efficient


  • Short cord
  • Heavy with filled can

12. PaintWIZ PW25150 Handheld Paint Sprayer

Relatively new to the market, this paint sprayer is the answer to the wishes of all home-based users.

Its functional provides a variety of patterns with minimum overspray. Don’t spend days painting your interior when you can finish the job in a matter of hours with this paint sprayer.

It doesn’t take much time to clean up. Investing in this paint gun can improve your efficiency, and you will have fun during the process thanks to its simple yet effective design.

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  • Compact
  • Easy to use
  • Fine finish


  • Unsuitable for thick paint
  • Recoats are needed for better coverage.

Buyer’s Guide

Optimal usage and high performance of a handheld paint sprayer go hand in hand with having sufficient knowledge about the tool so that you can make a wise buying decision.

Hence it is important to keep the following factors in mind as most people tend to overlook them and end up with a handheld paint sprayer that doesn’t suit their needs.

Gallons Per Minute

Gallons per minute are important when buying a handheld paint sprayer.

Smaller versions can spray up to 4.8 gallons a minute, whereas larger capacity units can spray 10 gallons a minute.

Depending on the project, this can be a major variable since the lower gallons per minute means longer work times over larger areas,

So if you’re painting a room or a house choosing higher gallons per minute sprayer can pay off in time savings.


One problem with handheld paint sprayers is that they get really heavy after a while since both paint and the sprayer have to be carried around, often weighing as heavy as 9-10 pounds;

However, the final results are worth the extra energy. But if the weight is an issue, you can go for smaller handheld options available.

Spray Tips

Each brand has its tip system; however, they are two main types: removable, replaceable tips, or built-in adjustable tips.

The adjustable tips provide the option to choose between a wide or narrow spray pattern for more control.

Interchangeable and replaceable tips, however, come in handy as they are readily available, making them convenient and inexpensive.

Speed Controls

Adjustable speed controls can help in fine-tuning your spray speed to get great one-coat coverage at whatever speed you want to paint.

Handheld paint sprayers often come with options that have either fully adjustable speed controls or only a high to low-speed control option, which can be tricky in figuring out the adjustments with your movement, but with some test and trial, you will be able to get the hang of it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is better, air or airless paint sprayer?

The performance of either option depends on what kind of paint you are using; airless paint sprayers show better results when used with thicker paint in comparison to an air paint sprayer.

What are the benefits of handheld paint sprayers?

  • Faster working speed
  • Less number of multiple coats
  • Compact
  • Smooth finish even on textured, angled surfaces

Is it better to paint a house with a brush or spray?

Houses vary in structure and the material used; hence which option is better is contingent on what kind of a paint job you want.

Usually, paint sprayers tend to be suitable options for large areas as they are much quicker and have a smoother finish.

Spraying can be cost-efficient as it requires less labor; however, a lot of preparation is needed even before you start working.

Do paint sprayers use more paint?

Yes, however, you need much fewer coats to get better results.

How do you make spray paint last longer?

The quality of paint used determines the durability of the paint job. However, doing prework on your work surface and using a primer may help.


I hope the buyer’s guide and list of products were able to help you in finding the right tool.

Handheld paint sprayers are easy to use with a little practice but be prepared because there is a learning curve. Make sure to test it out first before moving onto your final project.

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